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    DA Toronto - "Third Thursday" Social Hour

    Come get to know the new Board and fellow members for a casual hang out. Bring a cocktail or a dessert and let us know what issues you are concerned about and what you want to see on our agenda this year. 

    Can't make it? Not to worry. This will be our inaugural "Third Thursday" event.  

    April 22, 2021 at 7:30pm
    Online - RSVP to receive a link by email to join by Zoom
    Toronto, ON M5T 1R9
    Google map and directions
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    $2,503.48 raised
    GOAL: $5,306.00

    Fundraiser for Legislative Advocacy

    Help Reinstate New Jersey Law for Overseas Voters to Vote in State Elections

    🚨 Attention New Jersey Voters 🚨

    DONATE NOW to help us reach and mobilize New Jersey Democrats Abroad!

    New Jersey currently does not allow all overseas voters to vote in state elections, even though overseas voters could vote in state elections before Chris Christie pushed through a change in the law in 2017.

    Assemblywoman Joann Downey has introduced a bill, NJ A5306, to change the law back--and with your donation you can help get it passed!

    If you're from New Jersey, you can also directly help pass the bill for this campaign as a constituent. Contact Speaker Coughlin at 1-732-855-7441 and urge his staffers to put NJ A5306 on the schedule, which restores voting rights for NJ Overseas Voters. You can find a call script here!

    [Mobile device users, please scroll down to donate!]

    Your generosity makes sure we can keep working to make legislative change and help get out the vote for states that have elections this year!

    Donations are made to Democrats Abroad (Democratic Party Committee Abroad) and not to any candidate for Federal Office.

    Donations to Democrats Abroad are not tax-deductible.


  • Notice of Canada Annual General Meeting + Candidate Statements

    DemsAbroad Canada

    Democrats Abroad Canada
    Notice of 2020 Annual General Meeting


    The DA Canada Annual General Meeting and Elections are upon us!

    Join us at 2:00 PM EDT on Sunday, May 2, 2021 for the Democrats Abroad Canada AGM. We will be meeting online this year to celebrate the accomplishments of DemsAbroad Canada volunteers in 2020, announcing the results of our 2021-23 Board elections, and taking nominations from the floor for open positions, if any occur.

    Please CLICK HERE to view the Candidate Statements for the various Board member positions we will be electing.

    We don’t anticipate accepting nominations from the floor during the virtual AGM as there are no open positions at this time. 

    This year, voting will be taking place electronically, and the Nominations and Elections Committee will circulate ballots in advance of the AGM. Keep an eye out in your email for your Ballot, which will be sent out by April 11, 2021.

    Looking forward to seeing you at the AGM! And please be sure to vote when you receive your ballot.



    Best regards,

    DemsAbroad Canada Nominations & Elections Committee

    Larry Rousseau, Chair
    Heidi Burch
    Tim Ellis
    Devbani Raha
    Peter Tesche, Teller of Elections
    John Yee, Technical Advisor

    May 02, 2021 at 2pm
    Online via the WebEx platform
    300 City Centre Dr
    Mississauga, ON L5B 3C1
    Google map and directions
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  • New Leader Orientation 2021, Session 2 (Americas/EMEA-friendly time)

    2021 New Leader Orientation (Session 2)

    (photo from the 2019 EMEA Regional Meeting in Athens)

    Saturday, 08 May 2021, 12:00-3:00 PM EDT (check your local time HERE)

    Newly-elected leaders are invited to attend a New Leader Orientation session, facilitated by the Asia Pacific and Europe, Middle East, and Africa regional teams.  Current leaders and volunteers are also welcome to join as a refresher, as are those who are candidates for local office where elections have not yet taken place.

    During this three-hour orientation, we will cover the following Democrats Abroad basics:

    • Our purpose, our organizational structure, and how we conduct business (45 minutes)
    • Our IT Team and key resources (30 minutes)
    • Our Comms Team and how we share our messages (20 minutes)
    • Our other teams and committees that support leaders and Country Committees (40 minutes)
    • Upcoming and regular regional and global meetings (20 minutes)

    There will also be a ten-minute break, along with Q&A opportunities.

    Please RSVP for the WebEx link.

    A second New Leader orientation session, covering the same topics, will also be held at an AP/EMEA-friendly time on Saturday, 24 April between 3:00-6:00 AM EDT.  To register for that session, please visit this event page to RSVP.

    May 08, 2021 at 12pm
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  • How is NOT acknowledging and protecting womens' equality still a thing?

    I was born to a working mom in 1957, and she raised me to believe I could do anything. When I applied (age 15, fully qualified ) to a traditionally all-male Ivy League university, the ancient alumnus interviewer had no interest in learning about me, only in telling me how inappropriate I was and how much of a burden "protecting me" from my older male classmates would be for the institution in loco parentis, and the possible legal exposure. They admitted half a dozen young men my age or younger to that class. I went to Bryn Mawr instead, with plenty of honors. My Ivy League law school? Two different professors let me know I was taking up space and wasting training that a man with a family to support needed, as I was a mere dabbler who would likely quit as soon as she married and had babies. First non-student job with the Federal government, Carter administration? One of 23 attorneys in the office, 4 of us female and under 30, carrying the same workload as Mad Men-era male colleagues, at least with the same pay, but not with the same mentoring and opportunity for professional advancement. Etcetera. Fast forward 40 years, skipping over dozens of other experiences with institutionalized sex discrimination, and I still believe I can do anything. Include VOTE and PAY TAXES. Why doesn't my country acknowledge me and accord me equal status in all things? Canada/Pennsylvania

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