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  • published Where you at Democracy? in Poet Laureate Circle 2021-01-18 10:05:36 -0500

    Where you at Democracy?



    Seein‘ folks storm through the capitol halls
    Wonderin’ if they got any sense at all
    Carryin’ signs of indignant hate
    Is this democracy’s future fate?
    Online malignity is a booming industry
    Spreadin’ false news while lyin’ miserably
    Police gettin’ knocked down and beat
    Puttin’ their feet up on Pelosi’s seat!
    Weapons carried to the front door
    But what is really at this here core?
    What is the sudden hidden fear?
    To lose all we hold so dear?
    Is it Martin’s dream that scares us so?
    Selfish citizens who want more?
    Inauguration is on its way
    Biden working hard to save the day
    The nation has never been so split
    I’m troubled too I must admit
    So democracy I ask of you
    What the hell are we gonna do?


    Copyright@ All rights reserved
    Camille Elaine Thomas
    January 18, 2021


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  • published This Is Not My Dream in Poet Laureate Circle 2021-01-13 17:03:48 -0500

    This Is Not My Dream


    “Show me thy Rituals and I will show thee thy Heart”.
              - Paul S Hickman


    My mother call me “Martin”. Not just my name, but
      A strong spiritual tone in her voice. Seemingly, the
         Same as all the others at play. But, mine was
                          Different than theirs.

       Not even I could understand that hallow feeling
     Burning in the center of my chest. Swiftly, time was
         Passing through roads of life mine was unlike
          The others- too. As it seems like living in a
               Strange world. Peering, out into the
               Outer world. This is not my Dream.

         And, far beyond my reach, but the end was
     Not in my sight. There is much more to do more
                   To do. This is not my Dream.

          Tears, rolling down my cheeks. People of
          All cultures embracing each other giving
      Love for a great loss. Marching, as one culture.
        I saw in my dream that BLM as the epitome
                            Of my dreams.

       Then, came the culture of the vile deed doers.
      As with me, the invisible battle rages on. Hearts
      filled with hatred, despair and fear of that which
          will come -violent. This is Not my Dream.

       Whose hand is this! Lord is that you? Martin!
     Your job is done time to come home. It has been a
     Long, but short journey with so much more to do.
        Wiping the paths of wrongness with care and
        Thoughtfulness. Sure, there were good times
                            Beyond the pale.

      Maybe, I can watch them from here as my soul
             Sails around until the end of eternity.
             I have a Dream! I have a Dream...!


    © 2021 “THIS IS NOT MY DREAM”-Paul S Hickman-All Rights Reserved


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  • proDA Book Club: Black Reconstruction in America - W.E.B. Du Bois

    Date:Monday, February 22, 2021
    Time: 12pm - 1:30pm ET (Washington DC time)
    Book: Black Reconstruction in America - W.E.B. Du Bois

    Book Discussion

    For February, the Pro DA Book Club will honor Black History month and replace the planned book The Force of NonViolence: An ethico-political bind, Judith Butler, 2020 with 3 chapters from W.E.B. Du Bois’s Black Reconstruction in America. (Chapter I: The Black Worker; Chapter XVI: Back Toward Slavery; Chapter XVII: The Propaganda of History).

    All are welcome to attend the February proDA Book Club meeting on February 22, 2021, 12-1:30pm Washington DC (ET) time.  Join us!  

    “This book is a history of the Reconstruction era first published in 1935. It marked a significant break with the standard academic view of Reconstruction at the time which contended that the period was a failure and downplayed the contributions of African Americans. Du Bois argued directly against these accounts, emphasizing the role and agency of blacks during the Civil War and Reconstruction and framing it as a period that held promise for a worker-ruled democracy to replace a slavery-based plantation economy.”

    Participants need to know that if there are access, affordability, etc. problems for a book/books, they should contact co-leaders, John Esteban Rodriguez and Betsy Ettorre ( who will help them with the listed books.

    Learn more about the proDA Book Club.

    February 22, 2021 at 12pm
    Zoom - ONLINE
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  • BHM - John Lewis: Good Trouble Film Screening



    21 February is John Lewis' birthday. In his honor, we will be screening the documentary John Lewis: Good Trouble. After the film will have a discussion.


    Watch the trailer


    RSVP to receive the Zoom link.


    Event Start Time by Location

    Vancouver, Canada 08:00 PST
    Washington DC, USA 11:00 EST
    London, United Kingdom 16:00 GMT
    Frankfurt, Germany 17:00 CET
    Athens, Greece 18:00 EET
    Dubai, United Arab Emirates 20:00 GST
    Bangkok, Thailand 23:00 ICT







    February 21, 2021 at 5pm
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  • rsvped for GBC Cafe - Jan 2021 2021-01-10 16:51:57 -0500

    GBC Cafe - Jan 2021

    This Cafe's Topic: We will discuss:

    The Georgia runoff election on Jan. 5th
    The Congressional certification of the Biden/Harris victory on Jan. 6th that was disrupted by a violent coup attempt orchestrated by lame duck President Trump
    Impeachment of Trump
    President Biden and Vice President Harris taking office on Jan. 20th
    What will happen next?

    This is an online event. You will receive the connection information in an email after your RSVP.


    Location   Local Time
    Vancouver, Canada  Pacific Standard Time 10:30 am - 1:30 pm
    Washington DC   Eastern Standard Time 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm
    London, UK GMT 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm
    Paris, France  Central European Standard Time 7:30 pm - 10:30 pm
    Athens, Greece Eastern European Standard Time 8:30 pm - 11:30 pm
    Nairobi, Kenya  (GMT+3) 9:30 pm - 12:30 am
    UAE (GMT+4) 10:30 pm - 1:30 am
    Fiji (GMT+12) 6:30 am - 9:30 am

    We look forward to talking with you about this difficult subject.

    January 26, 2021 at 7:30pm
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  • rsvped for GBC Cafe Reads Frederick Douglass 2021-01-10 15:36:18 -0500

    GBC Cafe Reads Frederick Douglass



    For the second GBC Cafe of the year, we will read and discuss the book Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass: An American Slave by Frederick Douglass. The book is a dramatic autobiography and a powerful firsthand account of slavery, written by America’s most influential abolitionist. The book is short and very poignant.  Please read the book prior to the discussion.

    The book is available in many formats. You can obtain a copy of the book at no or low cost from any of the sources below and more:




    Audible: It's available for free if you have an Audible Plus membership or higher.

    Amazon: The book is available in various formats including Kindle and audiobook.

    Free online book/pdf:



    Ibibilio PDF

    UNC-CH digitization project, Documenting the American South



    Event start time by time zone:

    Vancouver, Canada 10:30 PST
    Washington DC, USA 13:30 EST
    London, United Kingdom 18:30 GMT
    Paris, France 19:30 CET
    Nairobi, Kenya 21:30 EAT
    Dubai, United Arab Emirates 22:30 GST

    RSVP to receive the link to connect to the GBC Cafe.





    February 23, 2021 at 7:30pm
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  • published Stand Tall in Poet Laureate Circle 2021-01-10 15:27:50 -0500

    Stand Tall



       Tried to instill the inheritance from
    The Ancient Africans-powering past the
           Objectives of the naysayers.

     Tooling the intelligentsia handed down
        Into viable workmanship of useful
             Growth into one of a doer.

    (C)2021 “Stand Tall” -Paul S Hickman-All Rights Reserved


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  • published Aw Shucks in Poet Laureate Circle 2021-01-10 15:02:40 -0500

    Aw Shucks



      Aw Shucks! Ya think it is over. How great are the
          Final remnants of the MAGA false tales. As
      The Sun sets over the gleaming white structures
            And the seams of destruction collapse.

        The seditious activity screaming up the stairs
       Into the hollow chambers so secreted even the
           Good citizenry cannot penetrate its doors.

        Aw shucks! The villainous souls came. Bursting
    Through the windows- the doors dancing in the open
       Areas of the protectors as they trekked through
      The hallow hall into the secret rooms of the deed
          Doers. As though they were in the confines
                             of their Homes.

      Aw Shucks! Ya think it is over. How great are the
           Final remnants of the MAGA false tales. As
      The sun sets over the gleaming white structures
             And the seams of destruction collapse.
                  Wait until the sun comes up...!


    (C)2021 “AW SHUCKS”-Paul S Hickman-ll Rights Reserved


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  • published No Bullets Prize in Poet Laureate Circle 2021-01-06 12:50:05 -0500

    No Bullets Prize



    I am not a Bullets Prize
    If you see me on the street...
    Mindin’ my own business
    Just tryin’ to live my struggles
    Don’t eye me as a victim
    Don’t faze out into paranoia
    My wings have already been clipped
    My vision wears contact lenses
    There are burlap bags of refuge
    Invisibly clinging to my dusky back
    I don’t wear a bullet proof vest
    Superman doesn’t live in my breast
    If you see me on the street
    Tryin’ to make some time
    Going on my merry way
    Why stop my innocent travels?
    Is the word enemy written
    Tattooed on my forehead
    Does my presence threaten
    Offend your noble sensibilities
    Are you frightened by my appearance
    Does it awaken disgust or despair
    Is my present life of no value
    Or do you not even care
    If you see me on the street
    Just remember this
    My mother didn’t raise me to be no bullets prize.


    Copyright@ All rights reserved
    Camille Elaine Thomas, 2016, 2021


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  • published New Year's poem 2021 in Poet Laureate Circle 2020-12-31 09:09:36 -0500

  • Paul Hickman Bio

    Paul S. Hickman was born in Tullahassee, Oklahoma -a small rural African-American
    township. He attended a rural elementary school and graduated from the academic Manual
    Training High School in Muskogee, Oklahoma.

    During his 26 years of military service he completed four college degrees; a postgraduate
    degree with Vanderbilt University-a graduate degree with Claremont Graduate University-a
    graduate degree with Golden Gate and a bachelor with La Verne University in the disciplines
    of Human Development and Counseling-Executive Management-Public Administration and
    Economics. In addition- he chaired two Military “Black History Month” Celebrations with an
    academic scholar from Oxford University and US Embassy Staff in attendance in the UK and

    After his retirement from the military he moved to Kifisia, Greece and was hired by
    Southeastern College in Kifisia, Greece. He was an adjunct Lecturer for Embry-Riddle
    Aeronautical University-The City Colleges of Chicago and the University of La Verne.

    Because of his commitment to bridge cultural gaps-he was inducted into the American-
    Hellenic Economic Progressive Association [AHEPA] HJ1in Greece where he was
    instrumental in arranging a social function for the 1984 American Olympic delegation to
    Greece with the Honorable Mayor Thomas Bradley-the Mayor of Los Angeles.

    After returning to the United States- he penned and submitted a poem entitled “Spirit Eagle
    to the North American Open Poetry contest. His poem was selected for publication by the
    National Library of Poetry.

    Golden Apple Press published his poem “Simple Things” as the Editors Choice in their
    publication entitled “Little Poems-Big Thoughts”. He was selected by the National Library of
    Poetry to submit any one his poems for their collection of new poems in their “The Best
    Poets” entitled Best Poems publication. The International Society of Poets rendered him a
    free membership in their society as well as an invitation to become a Distinguished Member
    of the Society.

    He was requested to pen a poem entitled “To God-I Give My Soul” for a WWII Posthumous
    Medal of Honor Recipient- Reuben Rivers- ceremony by the Military Officers Association of
    Foreign Wars attended by the Governor of Oklahoma and the Senator Inhoff and other

    He has penned several poems [upon requests] that were presented to retiring and departing
    personnel of governmental and corporate organizations. All of which were gratefully

    He has a self-published book of poetry entitled “Days Gone By”.


  • Paul Hickman joins the 2020 GBC Poet Laureate Circle

    Please welcome Paul Hickman to the GBC Poet Laureate Circle!
    Paul is an active, experienced poet who has published works that delve into the depths of society.
    We are looking forward to Paul's participation in the Poet Laureate Circle.
    You can read/hear the poem, "Get Up -Do Something", by Paul Hickman here.

    Paul Hickman from Greece - Read Paul's Bio


    The other diligent members of our 2020 Poet Laureate Circle are:

    Jasmine Cochran from China - Read Jasmine's Bio

    Elaine Thomas from Germany - Read Elaine's Bio

    Nadine Pinede from Belgium - Read Nadine's Bio


    You can register to vote and request a ballot for the 2020 elections at The sooner you do it, the better. 

  • published GET UP -DO SOMETHING in Poet Laureate Circle 2020-12-18 19:30:36 -0500




           The way God brings injustice to the surface.
           As the virus swirls into the core of the world.
                        We huddle in our homes.

    Reviewing the martyring of one-before our very eyes.
     Seeing for ourselves the vile deed doers of America.

       Now-to cleanse the disease from the ranks of the
     American Culture. While some shudder at the fear of
       Their ending of a place Not destined to be theirs.

        Out into the streets into the mist of the virus of
     disease and hatred. Under the Protection of God-moving
                        The time past 400+ years.

     Into a clear meadow of Spirituality and Brotherly love.
                        Get up-Do something!

         Away! Away! You vile deed doers Away! Away!


    (c) 2020 “GET UP -DO SOMETHING” by Paul S. Hickman - All Rights Reserved


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  • Ever seen a Catfish or a Carp



    Ever seen a catfish or a carp flopping on the water-less grass.
    Huffing and puffing for air for the water to be purified through
    Their gills into their lungs.

    Some men are like the catfish and the carp. Flopping in earthly zones
    Beyond their reach.

    Yet trying to lie on a fruitless surface made of stone and soil.
    Constricted by their own failure to swim in waters far from the snares
    Of the fisherman's hook.

    As the hook tears into their mouth and holding on tight with only two
    Ways to freedom. One by the hand of a gifted man. And the other by
    Tearing the flesh and breaking free with excruciating pain.

    Diving back into the water into freedom from the hook of man.
    But- so many end up in a place of not returning to their former life's
    Trail of their destiny.


    (c) 2020 “Ever Seen A Catfish or Carp” by Paul S. Hickman - All Rights Reserved


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  • published Biking Home in Poet Laureate Circle 2020-12-18 16:47:07 -0500

    Biking Home



    Worrisome days pass
    As do troublesome nights
    Like fallen autumn leaves
    And hungry birds in flight

    The ducks will always find
    A safe place to nest
    While shoppers with masks
    Rush on their way to rest

    The water flows gently
    The dike full of walkers
    That stumble along nimbly
    Amidst the cheerful talkers

    The north wind blows
    The ships all lie still
    Dusk falls with no warning
    As I slowly bike downhill

    I see an old man staring
    At some park’s gravestones
    Appearing somehow pensive
    Looking so all alone

    I think about the winter
    And remember last fall
    Another day almost over
    Yet I worry not at all

    Still glad to be alive
    To enjoy another day
    To reflect again the seasons
    And bike a new pathway


    Camille Elaine Thomas
    December 17, 2020


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  • rsvped for Black History Month Marathon 2020-12-16 19:59:31 -0500

    Black History Month Marathon



    The event is under construction but please feel free to RSVP. It's going to be a great event. Please RSVP to receive the Zoom link.


    February 06, 2021 at 9am
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  • rsvped for Martin Luther King Day Panel Discussion 2020-12-16 19:55:09 -0500

    Martin Luther King Day Panel Discussion


    We'll view speeches from important figures from the Civil Rights era and discuss where we have been, where we are now, and how we build the future.

    More information on who will be on the panel will be added in the upcoming days.


    RSVP to receive the Zoom link.


    January 18, 2021 at 7pm
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  • published GBC Power to the People Podcast in News 2020-11-23 19:22:45 -0500

    GBC Power to the People Podcast

    Global Black Caucus Power to the People Podcast

    By Democrats Abroad Global Black Caucus

    Democrats Abroad Global Black Caucus podcast is interviews and discussions about the issues of the day that are important to Americans at home and abroad and how you can help from wherever you are.
    Listen to podcasts about a wide range of issues, including:

    • Voters in Georgia
    • Voting for Biden/Harris
    • Malcolm Nance
    • Kwanzaa
    • Juneteenth
    • MLK and the Evangelicals
    • Women's History Month
    • Colin Kaepernick
    • James Baldwin
    • Black History Month


  • published For When We Win in Poet Laureate Circle 2020-11-08 11:20:17 -0500

    For When We Win


    I took a breath today.

    I realize I haven’t done that lately
    Not in quite the same way
    But today

    I took a breath.

    Today, hope replaced dread
    Anticipation replaced anxiety
    A sense of progress replaced the surety of the usual daily briefing
    of regression

    Today I breathed.

    I sighed relief for all the work we’ve all put in
    And thought with pride
    Of who all placed their skin
    In the game of democracy

                 We tried the system
                               We tested it
                                            And we won

    So I took a breath.

    And momentarily mourned
    All the relationships I lost
    Once truth became too much
    All the anger I’ve held in my back
    All the sorrow of friend after breathless friend
    Victims of hubris, of freedom that overstepped
    All the lines people crossed in their boldness
                  Lines in the sand
                               Lines water couldn’t wash clean
    And I sighed
    And welcomed back all that can start again
    Now that it’s over

    I’ll sit in this breath

    Just for a little while
    Before we inhale collectively
    And exhale through the labor of

    But not today

    Today I danced
    Today I smiled
    Today I laughed
    Today I pondered
    Today I reveled
    Today I rested

    I took a breath today.


    Jasmine Cochran

    November 7, 2020

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