Copenhagen Tax Event

Many Americans living in Denmark have questions about their US taxes – do we really need to file? If so, when? What happens if we don’t file? What if we haven’t filed in a long time? The answers to these questions are not obvious, leaving many of us to simply not file even when we are legally required to.

Many DADK members have asked about their taxes, and expressed interest in a tax event so that they might become tax-compliant again. In answer to these questions, DADK has arranged an event with Klasfeld & Company, a tax firm based in Florida which is able to work with individual US taxpayers living abroad.

The event will take place on Monday, May 14th, starting at 6pm in Copenhagen (address to be sent to those who have registered to attend). There will be a presentation, and questions that members have can also be sent in advance to [email protected]

This event is free to attend for DADK members and others. Voluntary contributions of 50 DKK will be gladly accepted, but only from US citizens. Please register here in order to receive location information.

Disclaimer: This event is provided as an opportunity for the members of Democrats Abroad Denmark (“DADK”) to hear of an issue that affects the members. DADK does not endorse the company or individual(s) providing advice at the event, nor is DADK liable for any advice given by the company or individual(s) prior to, at, or subsequent to the event. Members should exercise caution when following the advice of any company or individual(s) providing financial, legal, or similar advice, and when engaging the services of any company or individual(s) to assist in personal, commercial, or other matters.

May 14, 2018 at 6:00pm - 8pm Copenhagen Time
To be sent upon registration
Copenhagen, Capital Region of Denmark
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