August 08, 2017

Resistance Summer: Will Hailer, Senior Advisor to DNC Chair Tom Perez speaks in Paris

Democrats Abroad - France was pleased to welcome Will Hailer, senior advisor to DNC Chair Tom Perez, who generously gave of his time while visiting Paris in late July while on a family trip. On the eve of the Senate’s vote on the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, DA-France came together to discuss the DNC’s platform and new slogan, diversity within the DNC and the Democratic base, voting rights for Americans abroad, FATCA/FBAR reform and strategies for communication both within the Democratic party and across party lines. Attendees shared their experiences with single payer healthcare in France, as well as their concerns for clear communication with all members of the Democratic party. Mr. Hailer spoke candidly on the challenges facing the DNC and Democrats Abroad, but encouraged Democrats Abroad -France with key insights into the lessons from the Georgia and Montana special elections and cheering news from New Hampshire. With gratitude to Mr. Hailer for his time and talent, Democrats Abroad - France looks forward to continued communication with the DNC as Resistance Summer transitions into a "rentrée à la resistance.” Vote from Abroad registration initiatives begin in September, but for now, bon été à tous!