James"Jim" Moss -- Delegate Candidate for Joe Biden

As I think Joe Biden is the best Democrat to defeat President Trump, I, James A. "Jim" Moss, am running as a candidate for Joe Biden in the Global Democrats Abroad Convention. I am a life-long democrat and a Democrat Abroad for many years. In 2008 I was home in Santa Fe, NM and did door-to-door for my Senator Tom Udall as well as my President Barrack Obama and my VP Joe. In 2018, I was home in my "second city" Tucson, AZ and did door-to-door for Senator Kyrsten Sinema and Representative Ann Kirkpatrick. For the last year I have been the Chair for the Veterans and Military Families Caucus in Democrats Abroad Germany. I am an Army "brat" and a Vietnam veteran and an officer in the American Legion where I live in Kaiserslautern, Germany. In addition to supporting the usual suspects of