April 05, 2017

2017: New Committee, Meeting, and Take Our Survey!

Friends -- 

Democrats Abroad Ireland, the official arm of the Democratic Party in Ireland, elected a new Executive Committee at their Annual General Meeting held on March 25.

The incoming committee is responsible for the leadership of DA Ireland in upholding and supporting the work of the Democratic Party committee abroad and for advocating for Americans living overseas within the party in the United States. Please take our short survey so we can do our best to plan events that meet your interests! 

DA Ireland announces the following newly elected members:

Chair – Greg Johnson
Vice-Chair – Dawn Palmer
Secretary – Patti McCann
Treasurer –  John Kelly
Members-At-Large – Richie Cunningham, France Stephen, Nmeli Nnoromele, Carija Ihus

As American politics has come to the forefront of global concern with the Trump administration, DA Ireland aims to be the point of contact for Americans living in Ireland to more actively connect with government and civic engagement back home.

“We are happy to announce the election results of DA Ireland’s Executive Committee,” says Greg, incoming Chair of Democrats Abroad Ireland. “We have witnessed an outpouring of concern and activity of Americans living in Ireland following the general election last year. Our goal is to outreach to other Americans and to provide even greater opportunities for our members to learn about and engage with what is happening politically back in the U.S. via our events, teach-ins, meet-ups, voter registration drives, or other activities.”

The elections are one facet of an ongoing program of activities for DA Ireland. 

Don't forget, please take our survey so we can do our best to plan events that meet your interests! We will use the survey results at our first event to help us plan specific goals, actions, and events.

Also, mark your calendars: the first event organized by the new committee is 29 April at 3pm (2pm if you wish to attend the executive committee meeting) at Sinatra's Bar at The Arlington Hotel in Dublin. This marks the 100th day of Donald Trump's presidency. We will send out more details about the meeting shortly after the Easter holidays. 

Feel free to view our minutes from the Annual General Meeting

Want to do something now? Activism and recommended reads:

  • Action: Oppose unconstitutional religious discrimination. Call: The White House comment line202-456-1111.

    Script: Freedom of religion is a core principle of our Constitution. I oppose the laptop ban and extreme vetting of Muslim immigrants. America is a better place when it welcomes immigrants. I will remember these actions and other recent bans at the next election and vote accordingly.
    • Action: Respond to EPA cuts by going local. Our friends at Wall-of-Us offer a creative solution to take our control back. Visit: wall-of-us.org.

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