1 in 10 Women suffer with with #Endometriosis in the USA #DAresists #Medicare4all

My name is Karen McMahon. I'm from Los Angeles and have been in the UK for almost 17 years. Within a couple of years of living here, I was diagnosed with Endometriosis. Its a painful and crippling condition that is now recognized as disability in the UK. When I first started to feel the effects of endometriosis, I hadn't been here for very long and I didn't know how the NHS worked. So I suffered in silence. I then met a friend’s father who was a GP and he reassured me that if I was resident in the UK, then I was eligible for care regardless of what my needs were. That was it. I registered at my local doctor's office, saw a GP and I was never made to feel like I had to consider anything else than my health. Unfortunately it did mean that I had to have several operations, trying various medications during my care, but never once did I feel like I had to worry about anything other than my wellbeing. The surgeries were sometimes long and complicated, Involving several surgeons. I can't imagine the astronomical costs I would have incurred in the US. My care has always been excellent and I'm so very grateful for the NHS. I don't think some British people know how good they have it, but I do. I think everyone should be entitled to universal healthcare. My husband is also a haemophiliac and has been under the care of a doctor since he was a baby. The only time we ever worry about cost of healthcare is when we travel to the US on vacation and then we make sure we are well insured. Why should anyone ever have to worry about being sick? It’s not something I brought on myself. I'm happy to pay higher taxes and know that this is one thing I'll never have to worry about. Others will benefit when they're in need. Do on to others, right? #DAresists #Medicare4all