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Pacific Islander Caucus

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    The Democrats Abroad Global Asian American and Pacific Islander Caucus (AAPI) advocates on issues important to Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders both in the United States of America and living abroad.

    The AAPI Caucus focuses on reaching out to AAPI voters living abroad, increasing engagement in civic and political life, and advocating for laws, policies, and programs that improve the lives of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.

    We are also committed to highlighting AAPI history, culture, and the role of AAPI communities in fighting against racism, structural discrimination, and oppression. All Democrats Abroad members are welcome to join the AAPI Caucus.

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    If you'd like to start an AAPI caucus in your Democrats Abroad country committee or chapter, we've put together a guide to forming your own local AAPI caucus.

    Get involved in the AAPI Caucus! You can volunteer at the local, national, or global level with our different working groups and projects.

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    What is the AAPI Caucus?

    • A forum for all Democrats Abroad members to understand the issues and concerns facing the AAPI community.
    • A platform to engage with AAPI voters living abroad to ensure their needs are met.
    • A vehicle to help eliminate unconscious bias towards AAPI among Americans and Democrats Abroad members.
    • An advocate for policies and reforms important to the AAPI community, especially AAPI Democrats Abroad.
    • A champion for AAPI history and culture to promote intercultural understanding.

    Learn more about the AAPI caucus and read the caucus founding document, the Terms of Reference. To contact the co-chairs of the Democrats Abroad Global AAPI Caucus, send an email to [email protected].

    DA Global AAPI Caucus Leadership:

    Emily Lines
    | Vice Chair, Germany; Global Co-Chair, AAPI Caucus
    Powen Shiah
    | Global AAPI Caucus Steering Committee; Treasurer & DPCA Representative, Germany
    Anya Leonhard
    | DA Global AAPI Caucus Steering Committee; Press Coordinator, Germany; DPCA Voting Rep, Germany; Communications and Press Officer, Saxony
    Cory Lemke
    | Chair, DAROK ; Global Co-Chair, AAPI Caucus; Diversity and Inclusion Committee Member
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    Upcoming Events

    Wednesday, June 16, 2021 at 07:00 PM Berlin Time · 5 rsvps

    Teatime in June with the AAPI Caucus in EMEA & The Americas

    AAPI Networking

    We’re holding our next community event for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders living abroad, with a focus this month on LGBTQ* and AAPI communities.

    Come get acquainted, swap stories, and find your community! 

    We’ll be doing short introductions, a question of the day, and a few rounds of meet-and-greets!  If there’s anything you want to do, achieve, or find - let us know, or bring it up in the meeting.

    Don’t forget your snacks, your beverage of choice, and of course, your microphone.

    RSVP below to get the Zoom link!

    Vancouver, CA 10:00 am
    Toronto, CA 1:00 pm
    London, UK 6:00 pm
    Berlin, DE 7:00 pm
    Abu Dhabi, UAE 10:00 pm

    Note: We're organizing Teatimes for members living all around the world. This one is a friendlier time for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, but anyone is welcome to attend! Check our event listings for options that may fit better for you if you live in Asia/Pacific and the Americas.

    Thursday, June 24, 2021 at 09:00 AM Eastern Time (US & Canada) · 15 rsvps

    Seen & Unseen

    Seen and Unseen is the first-ever exhibit focused on Nikkei (Japanese Americans) who were involved in intimate same-sex relationships or defied gender roles in the early 20th century. The exhibition is hosted by J-Sei, a multi-generational and multi-cultural organisation with its roots in Nikkei values and culture.

    The exhibition explores how queer Nikkei might have felt being simultaneously queer, immigrant, and Asian in America. It reminds us that queer Japanese Americans continue to be seen and unseen today (from Seen and Unseen Exhibition).  The exhibition covers three periods - Queer Traditions in a New World 1890-1918; Queer Kinship in the Interwar Years 1918-1941; and Queerness under Duress 1941-1945.  It also explores white representation of Japanese queer sexualities and how it diverged significantly from how Japanese saw and depicted themselves.

    View the exhibition here:

    Then join us for a Discussion with the Curators about the development of the exhibition and its role in addressing the past and present struggles of queer and gender non-conforming Japanese Americans.

    RSVP Below to receive the Zoom link! 

    Thursday - June 24, 2021
    9.00 am         Washington DC
    3:00 pm         Berlin
    7:30 pm         Mumbai
    9:00 pm         Perth / Hong Kong
    10:00 pm       Seoul/Tokyo
    11:00 pm       Sydney

     About the Curators

    Sueyoshi.pngAmy Sueyoshi is Dean of the College of Ethnic Studies with a joint faculty appointment in Race and Resistance Studies and Sexuality Studies at San Francisco State University.  She has received numerous awards for her scholarship in queer history and for her community engagement and advocacy.

    Stan Yogi is an award winning author of several books and his essays have appeared in newspapers and academic journals. He has co-curated traveling exhibits on civil liberties.  He is Co-Chair of Okaeri, a Nikkei LGBTIQ+ Community based in Los Angeles.