Global Asian American &
Pacific Islander Caucus

  • The Democrats Abroad Global Asian American and Pacific Islander Caucus (AAPI) advocates on issues important to Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders both in the United States of America and living abroad.

    The AAPI Caucus focuses on reaching out to AAPI voters living abroad, increasing engagement in civic and political life, and advocating for laws, policies, and programs that improve the lives of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.

    We are also committed to highlighting AAPI history, culture, and the role of AAPI communities in fighting against racism, structural discrimination, and oppression. All Democrats Abroad members are welcome to join the AAPI Caucus.

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    Get involved in the AAPI Caucus! You can volunteer at the local, national, or global level with our different working groups and projects.

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    What is the AAPI Caucus?

    • A forum for all Democrats Abroad members to understand the issues and concerns facing the AAPI community.
    • A platform to engage with AAPI voters living abroad to ensure their needs are met.
    • A vehicle to help eliminate unconscious bias towards AAPI among Americans and Democrats Abroad members.
    • An advocate for policies and reforms important to the AAPI community, especially AAPI Democrats Abroad.
    • A champion for AAPI history and culture to promote intercultural understanding.

    Learn more about the AAPI caucus and read the caucus founding document, the Terms of Reference. To contact the co-chairs of the Democrats Abroad Global AAPI Caucus, send an email to [email protected].

    DA Global AAPI Caucus Leadership:

    Emily Lines
    | Vice Chair, Germany; Global Co-Chair, AAPI Caucus
    Powen Shiah
    | Global AAPI Caucus Steering Committee; Treasurer & DPCA Representative, Germany
    Anya Leonhard
    | DA Global AAPI Caucus Steering Committee; Press Coordinator, Germany; DPCA Voting Rep, Germany; Communications and Press Officer, Saxony
    Cory Lemke
    | Chair, DAROK ; International Treasurer
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    July News: Recharging for the Work Ahead

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    June News: Continuing to Fight and Celebrating Pride Month

    The news from the U.S. Supreme Court is shocking, but also not unexpected. Like many of you, I am enraged and very concerned about what the future for women looks like. Many of you may be feeling defeated and helpless, but we must vote in November. We cannot let more Republicans take control of our legislatures and continue to chip away at our rights. Make sure that you have requested your ballot today by visiting our newly-redesigned website, so we can keep and grow our majority in the U.S. Senate and House.

    We hope that everyone has had time to celebrate Pride this month. The tragic shooting in Oslo, Norway and the ongoing attempts by U.S. state legislatures to take away the rights of trans youth make it clear that we must do what we can to protect them and the entire LGTBQ+ community. We cannot say it enough: Request your ballot today and tell everyone you know to do the same. And check out the Democrats Abroad LGBTQ+ Caucus event page to see what events they have planned for Pride.

    Before we head into a summer break, join us on July 14th to hear from APIAVote's Kyle Van Fleet. Kyle will be speaking about mis- and disinformation and its impact on voters, particularly AAPI voters.

    As always, if you are looking for ways to get involved, please send us an email at [email protected]. One way to help get out the vote is to phonebank. Learn more about how you can help us call our members by visiting our website with training materials. You can also make a donation to Democrats Abroad on behalf of the AAPI Caucus here. Your financial support to our all-volunteer organization will help pay for voter outreach, improvements to our website, and more.

    Best wishes,

    Emily Lines
    Chair, AAPI Caucus

    Recap of AAPI Heritage Month

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    Upcoming Events

    Sunday, August 14, 2022 at 03:00 AM through November 12, 2022 Eastern Time (US & Canada)
    Video launch via YouTube

    American Women Need Your Help Now!


    The GWC Reproductive Justice Team is launching a project to promote voter registration under the theme Reproductive Justice for ALL.

    As you certainly know, the rights of all women to choose when and if to start a family are being taken away with over 26 States prohibiting or restricting the right to abortion during the first trimester of pregnancy even in the cases of rape, incest and the mother’s and/or the  fetus’ health. Texas has empowered vigilantes to sue everyone and anyone aiding and abetting abortion once the fetal heartbeat can be heard (eg at approximately 6 weeks and before most women know they are pregnant).

    We cannot allow this to continue particularly with Roe v Wade in peril and the Women’s Health Protection Act stuck in the Senate.

    Our project is a video launch via YouTube. We are asking all DA members to make a short (60 sec) video explaining why the right to abortion is absolutely necessary. If you come from a State where it is practically impossible to obtain an abortion, you can speak about the discrimination against minority and poor women whose lives are in jeopardy and who cannot travel. If you come from “good States” such as MA, CA, NY for example, you can speak to the injustice of access depending upon where you live. Make sure you mention in the video for expat voter registration and for non expat voter registration.

    We believe that many of our voters will be motivated to register when we roll out the videos.

    Here are a few subjects that you could choose for your video:

    • If you live/vote in a country that has “good” reproductive freedom laws, you could refer to the country and the liberal law(s) and how lucky you are to be in that country and how unfair it is for American women LIVING IN THE US who can’t benefit from such laws
    • If you live/vote in a US State that has good reproductive freedom laws, see above. And you can say that living in a “bad” State is  discriminatory since women in “good “US States have rights that you are denied.
    • You can share a personal experience. You don’t have to use your name or even mention where you live. The videos will be anonymous unless you do give details.
    • You can make a statement about women should have the right to control their bodies. Period. There is no justification for the government to decide when, how  or even if women should have children.

    If you can’t think of anything to say but still want to make a video, feel free to contact Salli at [email protected]. She will set up a call and walk you through some ideas and we can help you make the video.

    Here is a link on how to make a video:

    For more information, visit our blog space here:

    All videos should be sent to Salli Swartz at [email protected]


    Disclaimer: By submitting your video, you grant to Democrats Abroad a nonexclusive rights to use your video and your image only for the 2022 GWC Reproductive Justice Get Out the Vote video project. 

    You therefore hereby waive all rights to any claims arising out of or in connection with Democrats Abroad GWC’s use of your video  and image in connection with the 2022 Reproductive Justice video project.


    Thursday, September 22, 2022 at 09:00 AM Eastern Time (US & Canada)

    Shifting Tides - Reaching Asian American and Latino Voters

    Asian Americans and Latinos are the fastest growing populations in the U.S., with Latinos as the largest ethnic or racial minority group, and Asian Americans as the fastest growing electorate as seen in the last election. The 2020 election and subsequent elections at the state and local levels have seen a swing away from the Democratic Party by some Asian American and Latinx voters. Both groups have a large number of first generation immigrants, and while both have seen racial profiling and misinformation by Republicans, many are concerned that the Democrats are too left leaning.

    A better understanding of these diverse communities and the issues related to their voting, or in many cases not voting at all, is needed. Some of these issues apply across all, but there are clear differences in the various sub-groups that need to be acknowledged and addressed if we are to move forward. 

    Join the Democrats Abroad Global Asian American & Pacific Islander Caucus, Global Hispanic Caucus, and the California State Team as they hear from Rudy Espinoza Murray, President of the San Mateo County Latinx Dems and former chair of Redwood City’s Redistricting Commission, and Kathay Feng, National Redistricting Director of Common Cause, to discuss voting behavior among these communities. We will also discuss how we can prevent voter drift to the Republican party and how we ensure that these communities are heard.


    Meet the Speakers

    Rudy Espinoza Murray has held executive, board, and founding member positions in multiple organizations. He has a strong background in grassroots organizing - most recently co-founding a large coalition of progressive groups to support federal, state, and local races. Through strong partnerships, his field office was responsible for more than 10 million calls to voters in key states, including Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Iowa, and California during the 2020 election cycle. In 2021, following the 2020 Census, Rudy was appointed to serve on the San Mateo County Redistricting Commission, and was also appointed to serve on the Redwood City Redistricting Commission where his fellow commissioners voted him as chair.

    During the day, Rudy works for a leading tech company as a Sr Product Marketing Manager. Rudy and his husband have a daughter, Avery Elena, and their cat, Leia.


    Kathay Feng is Common Cause’s National Redistricting Director. Feng has led Common Cause’s work to challenge partisan and incumbent gerrymandering, through litigation, state-based organizing around ballot initiatives and legislation and creating new platforms for community-based redistricting. As Executive Director of California Common Cause, she championed and won election and redistricting reforms, stronger government sunshine and accountability laws, campaign finance reforms, stronger net neutrality laws, and the voting rights of traditionally disenfranchised communities. She also led efforts that secured passage of California laws bringing online voter registration and same day registration (called conditional voter registration) to the state.

    Before joining Common Cause in 2005, she headed the Voting Rights and Anti-Discrimination Unit at the Asian Pacific American Legal Center. She serves, or has served, on numerous boards including the California Secretary of State’s Advisory Committee on Voter Participation and Outreach, the LA County Human Relations Commission, and the Asian Pacific Policy and Planning Council. She is a graduate of Cornell University, and holds a law degree from UCLA School of Law.


    Los Angeles, CA 6:00am
    Washington, D.C. 9:00am
    London, United Kingdom 2:00pm
    Berlin, Germany 3:00pm
    Perth, Australia 9:00pm
    Seoul, South Korea 10:00pm
    Sydney, Australia 11:00pm