Hugh Aaron Ambeau

I am a lifelong Democrat from Louisiana, where I still vote. After 18 years living together in Louisiana, my French husband and I decided to move permanently to France last year. I come from a politically active family, as my grandfather was our parish tax assessor. Campaigning and waiting for telephone calls from the boxes around the parish are some of my fondest memories. It helps that my grandfather never lost an election and was elected for seven terms. Eventually, my uncle was an elected judge for 24 years and my aunt served as tax assessor for 10 years. As an adult, I chose to be in a profession that has a long history of being associated with progressive policies. Social work is a profession that came of age in the Progressive Era and continues to stand with the most vulnerable in its fight for access to services and self-determination. In addition, I am a proud union member (AGMA). So, siding with the progressive wing of our party, and voting for Senator Sanders, has been congruent with my core personal and professional values. As soon as I found out about Democrats Abroad – earlier this year – I knew I needed to become involved in your work. I am not doing this as a stepping-stone to other activities back home, but because I have always been a Democrat (even in Republican-heavy Louisiana, voting outside my party never occurred to me) and because I am now, for the rest of my life, going to be a Democrat Abroad.