Paris Secretary; Immediate Past France National Chair (DPCA)

  • published Leadership Board Candidate Faith Gary in News 2017-04-24 21:27:04 -0400

    Leadership Board Candidate Faith Gary

    Interested in
    ExCom Positions: Director of IT and Communications
    At-Large Board Member: At-Large Member
    Based in: Shanghai

    I earned my degree in Public Relations and Communication, and I am currently an ICT teacher at an IB World School. I am a passionate Democrat who (thanks to my two daughters) is fully immersed in and familiar with various social media platforms and ways people have adapted with the changing of technology to spread awareness and knowledge about subjects. Having lived overseas for years, I've also experimented with different digital platforms for finding the easiest, most successful way to hold conversations across city and country lines. 

    During this Trump Era, I've realized spreading knowledge and awareness, coordinating with our fellow Democrats, and making a stand, will be the key to regaining the America I used to know. I was born during the Civil Rights Movement, and I have witnessed and experienced the different struggles over the decades in order for all Americans to be seen and heard by those in power. We cannot return back to those times. EMAIL

  • published Leadership Board Candidate James Flanagan in News 2017-04-24 21:22:28 -0400

    Leadership Board Candidate James Flanagan

    Interested in
    ExCom Officer Positions: Undeclared
    At-Large Board Member: Communications and Information Technology Adviser
    Based in: Beijing

    Hi everyone, I am James Flanagan and I am running for a non-Executive Committee leadership position for the Democrats Abroad in China while being based in Beijing. I am interested in advising the executive committee by hopefully taking on an official role as Adviser to the Communications and IT Director.

    IN SHORT: 10 years in Beijing+HK. Social entrepreneur for 5 year+, founder of TEDxBeijing, and WEF Global Shapers Beijing. Large amounts of volunteer management, event production, and sponsorship raising experience.

    LONGER: So far, I've had the opportunity to volunteer and plan voter registration in 3 presidential election cycles while in Beijing. Today, we all know the importance of being involved in our political system, and I feel compelled to help where I can. I would be proud to serve the board in the advising on this year's activities.

    Being supportive is important, especially for those of us who live overseas and can't participate enough at home. Although I vote in Florida, I have lived more than 20 years in Asia, including the past 10 years in Beijing and HK. I spent the rest of my time in Asia growing up in Singapore and attending the French school. Like many Americans I've had the opportunity to meet and work with, I am also a third culture kid. My French side has always been easy to add to my American side since the histories and cultures of both countries are so intertwined, including, of course, the formidable ideas that underpin both system. Cross cultural understanding, especially given the direction of global politics, is what I also hope to bring to my position.

    An additional important asset that I would like to bring to the position is my long experience building volunteer networks and activities. While in Beijing, I have had the honor to lead the development of the TEDx event series and the development of the youth community attached to the World Economic Forum. Combined, they represent more than 30 events and thousands of attendees.

    Beyond the professional understanding of brand management, event production, and community building, working on both of these initiatives have given me the insight of what is possible in China and Asia for foreign networks. My experiences range from working on communication and IT issues for both networks, following the development of nonprofit activities in China, and how to connect China based networks to the rest of the world. I would like to bring this experience and insight to the work that Democrats Abroad will need to take on while we engage in activities while we are far from home.

    If elected, I will look forward to working to serve our community and help us be engage with the important work that we need to undertake as so many aspects of our lives change, in America and around the world. I am happy to talk with anyone, and answer any questions.

    I look forward to helping us work together to meet the challenges ahead. EMAIL

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    Leadership Board Candidate Randi Miller

    Interested in
    ExCom Positions: Vice Chair, Legal Officer
    At-Large Board Member: Women's Caucus Lead; Progressive Caucus Lead; Chapter Liaison
    Based in: Beijing

    I am Randi Miller, I vote in NY, I am based in Beijing, and I am running for Legal Counsel (or Vice Chair or to be an At-Large Board Member).

    I am an experienced, NY licensed attorney and my strengths include critical and strategic thinking and analytical skills. I am also good at anticipating potential problems or obstacles to attaining a goal so that they can be avoided or solved in advance.

    In law school, I was involved in several projects involving women's issues, including an internship for which I wrote a policy paper advocating that states adopt comprehensive domestic violence legislation, an independent study paper on culture as a defense in domestic violence cases involving immigrants, and working as a research assistant for two professors in my school's Sex Discrimination Clinic.

    I have studied in 3 countries and volunteered in 3 countries. After volunteering with orphans and girls rescued from slavery in Nepal for 2 months, I served for 5 years on the Board of Advisors for a non-profit that operates an orphanage in Kathmandu. During this time, I created and was the first editor of a newsletter that raises money and keeps volunteers connected when they return home.

    In 2009, during a mid-career break, I went to Beijing to work as an intern at an English language magazine. This was my first time in China and I arrived alone, as a middle-aged woman, without being able to speak Mandarin, without knowing anything about the culture, without a network or any kind of support system, and without a plan beyond the 2 months of my internship. I ended up staying in Beijing and have been involved in a number of different business activities since that time. I have a consulting company and I am now launching a company that will help Chinese businesses enter markets outside of China and/or invest overseas and US businesses enter the China market.

    As a strong thinker/problem solver with a legal background, I will be able to make valuable contributions to DACN not only as a legal advisor, but also with respect to consideration of various issues with which the Board will have to grapple and navigating the many challenges and opportunities that are ahead of us as we build a new organization. I also intend to support other Board members in their efforts to build membership, encourage member engagement, and organize activities and events, because I want to have a cohesive team that will be successful and ensure that our Country Committee makes an impact. EMAIL

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    Leadership Board Candidate Phong Quan

    Interested in
    ExCom Positions: Legal Officer
    At-Large Board Member: At-Large Member
    Based in: Beijing

    I'm a corporate attorney at a US law firm and currently based in Beijing. I'm running for the Legal Officer position. I last worked in and voted in New York for Hillary one long night a lifetime ago, right by her campaign headquarters at the Javitz center in Manhattan.

    I also previously worked in Vietnam and helped DA Vietnam organize fundraisers and absentee ballot collections for the first Obama campaign. I also interned for a Democratic congresswoman in D.C. and worked on Democratic campaigns in California. I learned a lot about organizing from these experiences and hope to be able to put some of that knowledge to use for us here in DA China.

    As a lawyer, I hope to be able to use my legal experience working with corporate clients in New York to help the leadership team operate in compliance with DA China's bylaws and navigate any legal issues DA China may come across. 

    As a liberal and a Democrat though, my main passion is to do everything I can to help us build up our membership and organize/engage us in the Resistance back home. I firmly believe that should be DA China's primary goal right now and think we should be a big-tent platform for organizing Americans of all stripes for this most important of fights.  

    If any of the above connects with you, I hope you will give me your support. And if not, I still look forward to doing everything I can to help us continue the good fight here in China, whether as part of the DA China leadership team or not. EMAIL

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    Leadership Board Candidate Soren Bergeson

    Interested in
    ExCom Positions: Undeclared
    At-Large Board Member: Progressive Caucus Lead
    Based in: Beijing

    The direction America is taking under Trump and the Republican Party is terrifying. Sitting passively on the sidelines is no longer an option.

    I am an educator teaching in Beijing"my wife and I moved here with our son and daughter in 2015. I have been involved in Democratic and progressive politics before, and I was a volunteer in the 2004 and 2008 Presidential and Senate campaigns"collecting thousands of signatures, recruiting volunteers for phone banking, and working with local Democratic organizations in New York City. My home, in New Paltz, New York is the center of a newly invigorated activism that is trying to put pressure on John Faso (R), the 19th District's Congressional Representative. Waiting around until 2020 to become politically active is not an option. Special elections, midterms, town halls, and pressuring Members of Congress"action should be ongoing and immediate.

    My background also includes decades of educating, protesting, and civil disobedience around issues including mass incarceration, the Iraq war, climate change, Black Lives Matter, unions and labor rights, antiracism, the minimum wage, and financial regulation. As a teacher, school administrator, and professional development director, I have experience coordinating, running, and presenting at workshops for parents, teachers, administrators, and Boards of Trustees.

    I also have a long history and interest in China, "first visiting in 1989 and visiting or studying here many times in the past 28 years. My Mandarin Chinese proficiency would be a useful tool for my work serving DA China.

    At a time when the world seems perched at the brink of disaster because of the political dysfunction at home in the US, it is invigorating to know that the Democratic Party is unbelievably energized. Every day brings a new list of reasons to rise up and resist, and I want to lend my hand in the fight. Many of the causes progressives have been fighting for are overwhelmingly popular"Medicare for all, raising the minimum wage, reducing gun violence, etc. etc. Getting people to feel empowered instead of helpless"to lend our voices to these causes"can lead not just to defeating the Trump and GOP agenda" it can lead to building a better world for all of us. I am happy to support DA China in any way or role that would be helpful. EMAIL 

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    Leadership Board Candidate Angie Bergeson

    Interested in
    ExCom Positions: Chair, Vice Chair
    At-Large Board Member Positions: Women's Caucus Lead
    Based in: Beijing

    This is a time in American history when the organization and mobilization of citizens concerned about health care, human rights, and democratic values are vital. Resisting and rejecting the Trump agenda is imperative. The level of enthusiasm and energy on the left throughout the country and the world is at an all time high and I want to do my part while living abroad.

    During high school, in Indiana, I served as a page for a local representative from my hometown. This was in 1983. Since then, I have continually found ways to be informed and involved in political movements and organizations. Prior to moving to Beijing last year, I was living, teaching, and voting in New York City for 25 years. During this time, I co-founded, and was the Head, of a K-8 inclusion school. I was directly involved with every aspect of the Board of Trustees and was a close partner with the Board Chairs that served throughout the 10-year timeframe I was in this position. Currently, I am also Board member of a new public school that launched last year in the South Bronx.

    In addition to experience with Boards, I have a significant volunteer background in the Democratic party. I became a member of the Upper West Side Democrats and served as a delegate, appearing on the ballot, for the 2004 elections. I canvassed for signatures, organized events, attended fundraisers for the candidate, and made several trips to DC on the behalf of the group.

    Now, I am working at Keystone Academy in Beijing, and looking for ways to stay involved politically. I have a long history with China, dating back to my first visit in 2001, and am committed to raising my children here for several years. I strive to build bridges between our cultures and nations in my work with my students and have a great respect for the history and culture of China. I was very happy to learn I could join Democrats Abroad to build a bridge back home too.

    Given my background in leadership, my involvement with several Boards, and my experience with political organizations, I am seeking to serve on the Leadership Board of DA China, in whatever capacity is needed by the new leadership team, but I would lend whatever support is needed in whatever capacity I am able.

    I would hope to help register, inform, and involve as many democrats as possible, focusing initially on upcoming mid-term elections and ways to build momentum for change. The time is now and there is much to be done. Democrats Abroad in China is at an important developmental stage directly due to the passion, patience, and thoughtful actions of its current leaders and members. It would be an honor to partner with a team of Democrats in China to continue to shape and drive the mission, create short and long-term strategic plans, and take the Board to the next phase. If nominated, I will serve with integrity and inclusivity. EMAIL

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    Leadership Board Candidate Brad Janzen

    Interested in
    ExCom Positions: Undeclared
    At-Large Board Member Positions: Progressive Caucus Lead
    Based in: Beijing

    My name is Brad Janzen. I vote in Dallas, Texas. (Incidentally, Beto O'Rourke versus Ted Cruz in Texas for Senate is critical to admittedly long-shot hopes of winning the Senate for Democrats in a very difficult map in 2018, but he is about as strong of a candidate as we can expect in Texas). I have lived in Beijing for nearly six years. I have been active in Democratic and progressive politics since high school (I am 41 years old). I have participated in various mobilizations, including immigrants' rights, LGBTQ rights, and anti-war activism. I was a union organizer with Service Employees International Union, and with Texas State Employees Union (CWA). I was a proud member of Alliance/AFT (American Federation of Teachers) in Dallas. I have canvassed for numerous Democratic candidates. I caucused for Barack Obama in Dallas in 2008. While I was indeed a Bernie Sanders supporter in the primary, I immediately came on board for the Hillary Clinton ticket when the primary was over, and made over 800 phone calls to swing states for that campaign. I am running because I want to see a strong and united Democratic party, I want to be a part of a leadership team here in China to paint America blue as best we can. I am so happy and thankful that we have a means of remaining connected to Democratic activism from China, and equally happy that we are on the verge of becoming an official national committee of Democrats Abroad. I hope you will consider me for leadership in DA China. EMAIL

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    Leadership Board Candidate Samantha Wong

    Interested in
    ExCom Positions: Chair, Vice Chair
    At-Large Board Member: Member At-Large
    Based in: Shanghai

    Being raised on the South-side of Chicago, I found myself surrounded by diversity, progressiveness, and predominantly liberal-minded people. Growing up in the same neighborhood as Obama's adopted Chicago home, I felt the energy and momentum in 2008 leading up to the election and as a high school student I was inspired to get involved. I served as an election judge during the primaries and general election and this is where my dedication to the democratic party began, but it did not end there. 

    From September to November 2016, as the main organizer for Shanghai during the General Election, I volunteered over 100 hours registering people to vote and organizing other volunteers. Shanghai was able to directly register over 200 people for the general election and my party enthusiasm went beyond getting out the vote. I also organized the debate re-broadcasting events, the Trumpland viewing event, and the DA election results watch. While the results were an upset and the current political climate is filled with disappointment and dismay, I continue to move forward. I have facilitated, and helped others facilitate, post-election events from post-card writing to call storming. Since the General Election I have also served on the Steering Committee leading the formation of the DA China Country Committee.

    If elected Vice-Chair, I will continue my passion and dedication to fulfilling one of our major goals - getting out the vote. My duties will not stop there. I have a sincere desire and vision to expand DA China's presence beyond the major cities of Beijing and Shanghai. I am willing to travel to cities outside of Shanghai to meet fellow party members, ensure they feel part of this organization, and to help them establish and engage their community in our grassroots movement. While I personally believe in, and support, a democratically progressive platform, I realize the necessity and importance of uniting all shades of blue within our party and will make it my goal to represent all democrats in China.  

    Thank you for your consideration. EMAIL


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    Leadership Board Candidate Patrick Cranley

    Interested in
    ExCom Positions: Undeclared
    At-Large Board Member: Advisor, At-Large Member
    Based in: Shanghai

    I have been active in "get-out-the-expat-vote" activities here in Shanghai for nearly two decades, and have also organized voter registration and platform development events  in years past.  As the involvement of Dems Abroad in the DNC's activities have increased -- and as the political situation in the U.S. has deteriorated -- I have become more motivated to become involved in DA China. The establishment of the DA China Board of Directors is a welcome development and I hope to put my leadership experience in business and social organizations to work to ensure that the voices of Americans in China are heard loud and clear in the halls of power.

    I first came to China as a graduate student (MA/MBA U Mich) in 1986 and returned as an executive with CIGNA, a Fortune 100 financial services company, in 1995. After two years in Beijing, I moved with my family to Shanghai and became involved in the leadership of the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, serving as a board member, Treasurer, Vice Chair, Chairman and head of the Nominations and Elections Committee. During my time on the AmCham Shanghai board, we quadrupled membership, professionalized management and raised the profile of the organization in Shanghai and Washington, D.C.

    In 2001, my wife Tina and I established AsiaMedia, a marketing and communications firm that assists companies large and small in developing their market strategies, branding and public relations capabilities. Our networks in China business and media circles are broad and deep, and I'd like to activate these networks in the interests of Democrats Abroad and Americans everywhere.

    Tina and I also founded and continue to lead Historic Shanghai, dedicated to raising awareness of the value of the city's unique historic, cultural and built heritage. This project has helped us to learn how to create, build and sustain a public interest organization; to attract, train and motivate volunteers; and to evaluate and navigate complex political environments.

    I'd like to put my experience in organizational leadership, issues management and multi-channel communication to work for Democrats Abroad China. Thanks in advance for your encouragement and support. EMAIL

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    Leadership Board Candidate Nathan Peterson

    Interested in
    ExCom Positions: Treasurer 
    At-Large Board Member: Advocacy for Persons with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
    Based in: Beijing

    I earned a doctorate in Art History and a second master's degree in Chinese Language and Literature from the University of Iowa. My dissertation takes an interdisciplinary approach to discuss contemporary Chinese art and culture. For ten years I have studied, research, and taught in China. In 2012, I met Ambassador Gary Locke and contributed a photo essay for the embassy’s publication New Communication.

    During graduate school, I successfully wrote grants proposals for symposia held by my department. I also assisted an artist in Iowa City to draft a grant proposal for which she awarded a grant in 2007. For my own research, I wrote proposals for several grants and fellowships that facilitated my research.

    I have canvassed across Iowa for the Democratic Party since the general election in 2004 covering areas of divergent socioeconomic conditions and political beliefs. I have participated in the Iowa Caucus whenever residing in Iowa and voted in primaries with Democrats Abroad while overseas. In 2014, I canvassed for the Iowa Democratic Party in Johnson County. My coordinator called me a 'rock star canvasser’ then for my ability to sign up people for early voting and then collect their ballots.

    Aside from academics and politics, I have been an advocate for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities since I was a teenager: volunteering at Mosaic Bethphage Mission near my hometown in rural Nebraska, helping with the Special Olympics as an undergraduate at Creighton University, and then as a full-time advocate at the Arc of Southeast Iowa while I defended my dissertation. Last year, I spent ten months teaching in a school district outside of Tokyo that had a disproportionate number of students facing the challenges of such disabilities.

    Moreover, I lived in the tsunami disaster zone for a year after the Great East Japan earthquake of 2011. I volunteered, taught English in schools that served as temporary shelters, and researched the effects of the disaster on the spiritual lives of people during the recovery phase. My research was published in a scholarly anthology in 2013.

    I am also the secretary of my family's farm and have a keen interest in financial and commodities markets. I am honored to have these experiences, and I hope to complement the executive leadership of Democrats Abroad China. Thank you for considering my candidacy. EMAIL

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    Leadership Board Candidate Dallas Tokash

    Interested in:
    ExCom Positions: Vice Chair; Treasurer
    At-Large Board Member: LGBT Caucus Lead; Member-At-Large
    Based in: Beijing

    My name is Dallas Tokash. Democrats Abroad China is very close to my heart. I have been in Beijing for more than 6 years, I am an intern at a local hospital and will start a pediatric program next fall. I plan to stay in China for many years. I lived in Milan, for 3 years where I first got into DA and helped get Obama elected. I have also lived in Rome, where I marched against the Iraq war and in Taiwan. I have leadership experience in academics and my spiritual community. I have volunteered in our party and DA in the past and now I would like your support for a position on the leadership board, where I would like to work on GOtV and membership engagement on the issues. The example given by those who have led us before is the inspiration for why I want to be one of the next generation of leaders who are ready to create a platform for all Democrats and future Democrats to focus on one task, changing red to BLUE. I met so many amazing people phone banking in 2016. Working together with these people showed me what our party was about and how it worked; they showed me the way, they showed me how to make calls, how to talk to the voters with hope and love, not fear and anger. Get Out the Vote is where I was able to get to work and I love it. I was initially in it for our candidate and then for our issues. During my breaks, I would do two things, talk to other volunteers listening to what they were passionate about and I would also listen to others on their phone calls, so that I could learn what worked. I heard that everyone has issues that are close to their heart, mine are gun control, electing female candidates, and as a future doctor I know how important women's health is. Every person should have access to healthcare and a healthy life, including a clean and healthy planet. I am thankful to Black Lives Matter for waking a lot of people up. I have marched for LGBT issues all my life, I never dreamed that LOVE would win, then it did. It was at my first pride parade where I saw the power of positive politics and power in numbers. I have been active in our party since my first vote for Bill Clinton. It was then in 2016, I realized I had been complacent, letting others do the work. I am proud of this party and I am ready to focus on our top priority, electing democrats up and down the ticket. I have experience leading groups and am familiar with Roberts Rules which provide the chance for all voices to be heard. I am here to show my gratitude to those who led the way for me. As a country committee of a country the size of China, there is another goal that I think is also important, letting every voice be heard. My hope that the leadership will be the lowest position in the country committee being led by the voters, and serving as the organizers. Technology and good leadership organization will help everyone in this vast country have the chance to participate. Let me know where you need me. EMAIL

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    Leadership Board Candidate Jim Spear

    Interested in:
    ExCom Positions: Treasurer
    At-Large Board Member: Advisor, Member At-Large
    Based in: Beijing

    My name is Jim Spear, 萨洋 in Chinese. I'm a designer and sustainable tourism business person based in Mutianyu Village near the Great Wall who has lived in China since 1986. Before coming to China I earned degrees at UC Berkeley and served in the U.S. Army. I have been married to Liang Tang for 35 years and we have two adult daughters, Lauren and Emily, who now live in New York. I am a registered voter in Arizona. Democrats Abroad is working toward a more inclusive society that respects and protects the rights and interests of the vast majority of American citizens and residents. This includes supporting diversity. Our party also believes in stewarding our home, this planet Earth, with policies that protect the environment and limit human-caused climate change. I feel that participation in an organized political party with these decent principles is a way I can help make a difference. I would be honored to have the chance to serve as a member of the Leadership Board here in China and if elected I will do my best to be accessible, to keep an open mind, and to be active. Because of my business experience I think I could also make a contribution on the Executive Committee in the role of Treasurer. I am proud to be a Democrat and I ask you to support me for the Board. Thank you. EMAIL

  • published Leadership Board Candidate Aaron Kruse in News 2017-04-24 04:31:52 -0400

    Leadership Board Candidate Aaron Kruse

    Interested in:
    ExCom Positions: Chair; Vice Chair; Director of Communications and Information Technology
    At-Large Board Member: Events
    Based in: Beijing

    I have been involved in political organizing for the past eight years, and I have extensive experience working in China. As the Content Manger of Marketing and Communications at the American Chamber of Commerce in China, I am also backed by a network of experienced professionals that can help DA China overcome the numerous challenges that beset all new organizations and set upon a course for stability.

    As a founding member and 2-term Vice President of the Political Science Graduate Student Association at Missouri State University, I was also elected to serve two terms on the Graduate Student Senate and oversaw a budget of more than $250,000 and was responsible for programs that benefitted more than 26,000 students. My academic work in political mobilization, voter communication strategy, and emotional framing also position me to uniquely contribute to the establishment of Democrats Abroad.

    If elected, my goals would be to:

    • Organize resources and activates for Democrats across every part of China, including monthly activities in active cities for members and virtual meetings for the leadership team.

    • Recruit Democrats in China to our organization by developing specific communication strategies to recruit different based on the different profiles of members most likely to get involved.

    • Advocate for DA China with the experience and backing of the professional organizers and Democrats that have organized for DA in Asia and for the Democratic Party in the US.

    I ask for your vote so that I can bring my passion and experience to bear on the task of organizing Democrats Abroad in China. EMAIL

  • published Leadership Board Candidate Elizabeth Jenkins in News 2017-04-24 04:26:41 -0400

    Leadership Board Candidate Elizabeth Jenkins

    Interested in:
    ExCom Positions: Chair; Vice Chair; Secretary; Director of Communications and Information Technology
    At-Large Board Member: Women's Caucus Lead; Progressive Caucus Lead; GOTV Lead
    Based in: Beijing

    I am a registered Democrat in Michigan, where I was born, and a University of Michigan alumna. I first traveled to China in 1999 and started studying Chinese in Kunming at Yunnan Shifan Daxue in 2006. Based in Beijing since October 2012, I worked as the Head of Analytics for Greenpeace East Asia and now take care of my 2-year-old daughter full time. I very much want to see DA China succeed in providing a meaningful way for members to stay actively engaged with the political process back home. I am a veteran of progressive politics and the labor movement, having worked in data and communications for organizations like Planned Parenthood and the Service Employees International Union. I want to offer my skills in technology and communication to strengthen our community and overcome the challenges we face in connecting members across China and in reaching out to long term residents and those who may stay in China for only a short time. I currently volunteer for the Indivisible Guide, helping moderate their online forum for group leaders. I have never run for office of any kind before, but I am motivated by these emerging leaders and feel an obligation to do more. In particular, I see the difference it makes to have techies and women step up to take the lead. I am ready to get to work and mobilize Democrats across China. EMAIL

  • published Leadership Board Candidate Joseph Good in News 2017-04-24 04:23:52 -0400

    Leadership Board Candidate Joseph Good

    Interested in:
    ExCom Positions: Undeclared
    At-Large Board Member Positions: LGBT Caucus Lead; Youth Caucus Lead
    Based in: Beijing


    Hi everybody! My name is Joe Good, and I'm a student in a post-grad program at Peking University. I'm originally from Southern California but pursued my undergraduate studies in Oregon, where I also worked for the Governor and then a State Senator for three years. As a Legislative Assistant, I worked on passing common-sense background check legislation for firearm sales and criminal justice reform. With the recent election of Donald Trump, I feel it absolutely necessary to engage and build a stronger Democratic Party. As a 22 year old member of the LGBT community, I feel I can best do so as either the LGBT Caucus Lead or the Youth Caucus Lead. Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions! EMAIL

  • published 2017 Candidates for DA China Leadership Board in News 2017-04-24 04:14:54 -0400

    2017 Candidates for DA China Leadership Board

    Eighteen Nominees for the first DA China Leadership Board

    In response to the DACN AGM announcement of April 6th, 2017, the following candidates have stepped forward to run for the Leadership Board of DA China, by the April 19th deadline. All have been vetted and qualified by the NEC.

    The Leadership Board election will be held on May 6th, 2017. Out of the 11 Member Leadership Board will then be elected the Executive Committee of DA China. For more information, please see here.

    For this first round of voting, all members of DA China are strongly encouraged to review each candidate and their accompanying statement beforehand, and to contact them with any questions you may have at the email link provided.

    Questions? Please contact the DA China Nominations and Elections Committee (NEC) at [email protected]

    Ada Shen
    Rich Welch
    Radha Chaddah

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Paris Secretary; Immediate Past France National Chair; Founder DA China. DA activist since 2007. I live in Paris, I vote in Orange County, CA.