2021 Youth Caucus Election Candidates


The nominations and call for candidates period for the 2021 DA France Youth Caucus Elections has now closed. Please find below statements for the candidates standing for election for the four officer positions -- Co-Chair, Communications, Events, and Political Engagement. As announced, there will be 2 officers elected for each officer position. In the case of Co-Chair, gender balance applies, meaning that the two Chairs must be of different sex or gender, per the DA France Bylaws.

The DA France Youth Caucus Election will take place via Zoom on Saturday March 13 at 4PM - RSVP here. All members of the DA France Youth Caucus will receive an email containing a link to the ballot, which may be used to early vote. Those who attend the Election and Meeting will have the chance to hear from the candidates before voting. Results will be tabulated and announced during the meeting.

New members are welcome to join and vote — please do so by March 12. You must be a U.S. citizen living overseas and at least 18 years old at the time of the next federal election to join Democrats Abroad, and be living in France to vote in this election (join here: https://www.democratsabroad.org/join), and also be a youth member (35 and younger) of the Global Youth Caucus (join here: https://www.democratsabroad.org/yc). Questions? Contact the Youth Caucus Election Board at [email protected].

If you are a member of the Youth Caucus and do not receive a link to the online ballot but would like one, please contact the Youth Caucus Election Board at [email protected].



My name is Ricky J. Marc, and I wish to become a Co-Chair of the Youth Caucus for this coming term. I am a Ph.D. Candidate at the American Graduate School in Paris, keeping me here for at  least three more years. You can read more about me at my website http://rickyjmarc.com

I believe that leadership is not solely a top-down, inside-out exercise, where we are all assigned a specific set of roles in the grand scheme of progress. I believe in leadership as a tool of group  empowerment, where we all maximize the things that we are good at, for the good of the whole. 

I would like to be a Co-Chair of DAF’s Youth Caucus so I may serve as a capable liaison not just between the Youth Caucus and the Greater DAF Community, but many other caucuses. As we  begin a new era under President Joe Biden, I look forward to working to widening the lines of  communication and engagement between our organization and Americans residing abroad. 

I look forward to working with this organization this term, as well as answering any and all  questions about my candidacy between now and Election Day. 



I am 22 year old Franco-American and have spent the majority of my life in Paris. I recently graduated from Tufts University with a B.A. in political science and have served as a Youth Caucus steering committee member since October 2020. I am enthusiastic, detail-oriented, and committed to building a more just and equitable world. As Co-Chair, I believe I could play an important role in growing networks among young democrats in France. Over the summer, I participated in DA’s phone-banking efforts for the 2020 election. In the fall, I responded to voter assistance calls and worked alongside our current Co-Chairs, Nicholas and Victoria, in efforts to register young Americans to vote and assist them in filling out and sending their ballots.

As we approach the midterm elections, I am excited by the prospect of engaging more young Americans in the electoral process and activating the immense potential of the youth voting bloc. We can grow the youth caucus’ online communities and create more opportunities for young voters to engage in their political process. Only 4.9% of eligible Americans in France voted in the 2018 midterms. Let’s work to create lasting engagement in US politics, particularly among young Americans.



I'm Kit, I'm 23, and I'm standing for Co-Chair of your Youth Caucus Steering Committee. As a committed Democrat back home in New Hampshire and a Youth Caucus member during my studies in the UK, I’m excited to see the energy present in the progressive youth movement here in France – it’s amazing to see what the previous committee and DAF members have been able to accomplish. I intend to carry on their work of building membership through canvassing and exciting events, and to bring the spirit that defeated Trump into a new administration, where there’s so much potential for positive change.
Having served for several years on the youth executive committee of my church’s national governing body, including as co-chair, I hope I can bring passion and experience in institutional organizing to this role. What matters most to me is building and maintaining a friendly, fun, and open community where we can share the Democratic message and organize our movement. We have the opportunity to change how America is run – I look forward to working with you to build youth engagement and to make young voices heard, here in France and in the Democratic Party as a whole.



I propose myself as a candidate for communications officer in the steering committee of Democrats Abroad’s Youth Caucus. As a theatre artist and photographer I have accumulated a wide variety of skills that are immediately applicable to this position. Through my work in the theatre and film, I have practiced and taught elocution and physical awareness techniques which help to communicate information in a clear and captivating way. As a photographer, I create attention-grabbing images with a knowledge of highlighting my subject. I seek to create content that is captivating, informative, and current and have experience creating high-quality images for individuals, associations, and businesses. 

I am eager to be more actively engaged in the democratic process. Since arriving in Paris in 2015, I have often felt detached from politics feeling that I lack the tools to make a larger impact. I hope that by collaborating on the steering committee I would have the opportunity to connect with other driven and passionate Americans and to stay engaged in United States politics while helping other young students and expatriates do the same.



Hello, my name is Kevin Robles. My statement follows that I found this group due to confusion on how to vote from abroad. I am happy about the election outcome; and I believe our president deserves our attention. I’m an analyst at work, my hobby is fashion, New York City is my town, growing up I faced the question, who else should join the conversation? I think we are in a position where we should discuss our issues, we have plenty and our country is as big as the European Union. I believe perspective is paramount to that effect, and I have always liked the word democratic to that effect. I would want to open themes to vote on social media to discuss our party. More than a party this is currently a discussion of our future, we have an election to win in 2024 for the safety and future of our country. Today, we must discuss and debate more than ever. As mundane as our news is, let’s wake up and consider our vision as Americans. Why am I running for this position? It is part of the healing I need, and I think meeting people will help. 



We all know what an important role community and connectedness played in getting through the past four years. As Events Officer, my goal would be to keep up that momentum!

As a recent college graduate, I worked for the NY State Democratic Party, where I organized events, including at the 2016 DNC in Philadelphia. After the 2016 elections, I spent two years working at a tech startup that specialized in large-scale online events. So I know what it takes to organize both in-person and virtual events, which will be important as we continue to navigate our way out of the pandemic.

On a personal note, Young Democrats events have a very special place in my heart. Not only have they helped keep me informed and in-tune, they're the very reason I moved to Paris in the first place, to join my partner whom I met at a Manhattan Young Democrats midterm election watch party in 2018. The opportunity to serve as Young Democrats Events Officer here in France would be a great way for me to give back, and keep building the connections that will be so vital to keeping the blue wave rolling through 2022, 2024 and beyond!




As a member of Democrats Abroad France for the past six years, I have been involved in the evolution of the youth caucus while serving as a member-at-large. During that period, I have helped organize a series of events aimed at young democrats to be aligned with their interests. Conferences, politics and pint nights, standing rallies, sit-down dinners, all of which were a success due to the skills and values that I helped bring forward. Planning and organizing events have been the center of my professional life, from a bachelors degree in Marketing & Event Management to a Masters degree in Events, PR & Media. As an events officer for the youth caucus, I will put forward and lay out all the acquired competencies to develop a strategy in both the operational and marketing functions of events that are designed to attract American citizens under the age of thirty five. Organizing events has always been a pleasure for me and I very much look forward to exercising that passion with a new team for the next couple of years. 



I'm Margaux Stroud, and I’m a 25-year-old Franco-American. I grew up in Toulouse, and I vote in Nashville, Tennessee. I studied in France, Canada and Belgium. My academic background is both clinical psychology and international Human Resource Management; therefore, people are my priority.  

I used to be a Girl Scout leader; I really enjoyed helping teenage girls grow through outdoor activities. 

As an intern at L’Oréal last year I worked as an international mobility officer. I took the initiative to organize events for the whole intern community as we were  all, unfortunately, isolated and working remotely. I managed to organize small gatherings outdoors #covid. 

I’m also an ambassador of my former Master’s degree program at Skema Business School. I have a referrer role in order to share my experience and to  advise potential students.  

I naturally bring people together, I like to share moments with all, whether I know people or not. 

I feel compelled to act through DA to make a difference in any possible way. I’d love to put my skills to good use as an Events Officer for the DA France Youth Caucus. 

Thank you for your attention; I hope to meet you soon!



I’m pleased to submit my candidacy for the position of DA Youth Caucus GOTV co-chair. During the 2020 election cycle, I worked on both the national level as well as with local, Paris-based GOTV operations. I coordinated and oversaw weekly Zoom voter registration drop-in sessions for DA France and DA Global. In addition to working directly with voters, this role also meant coordinating, activating and engaging volunteers across all DA countries. Additionally, I helped with training sessions and the development of voter assistance resources for GOTV volunteers.

In my professional life, I’m a co-founder and Director of New Business for a Paris-based advertising agency, and have strong experience in community engagement and partnership development. I’ve been living in France since 2013, received my Masters degree from Sciences Po Paris, and previously worked in the French public university system. I am familiar with the university system and young professional networks in France - a valuable asset that I would bring to further developing, enriching and expanding the GOTV Youth Caucus outreach strategy.

It would be an honor to serve on the Youth Caucus committee, and use the momentum of 2020 to ensure even stronger youth engagement in upcoming election cycles.



My name is Raphaël Laizeau, I am a 22 year old French-American student in Paris. I was an ecology candidate for mayor last year in the town of Épinal. After organizing climate marches, doing policy debates, and launching a petition against an environmentally unsound construction project in Épinal, I decided to run for mayor while still an art student. I learned a lot about the local politics, getting people together for political action, and the importance of communication. I was also very happy to volunteer to help get Americans to vote via Votefromabroad,org here in Paris last year.

Today, I seek your vote for Political Engagement Officer for the Youth Caucus of DA France, to support events and get information out about the Democratic Party. I am no longer involved with French party politics and I would enjoy helping getting the Youth Caucus more engaged on the issues. I am excited to have this chance to be more involved in US politics and the Democratic Party from France. I believe we can improve the profile of the Democratic Party among youth and student voters in France, and convince them that we are the party of all people. 

Thank you.



My name is Sarah Richardson and I have been involved with the Young Democrats for three short years since being introduced via the College Democrats. 
I have experience working as a Volunteer Coordinator in Santa Cruz, California and with various GOTV drives. Currently, I work as an HR Manager in Paris where I have been living for two years now. I do not have a big network in France but am passionate about helping folks navigate complex administrative procedures. My objective as a political engagement officer would be to make sure that voters abroad have the support they need in registering to vote absentee and that they are informed about the local elections and measures that they are voting on. The hardest part about voting should be deciding who to vote for; everything else from changing your address to ensuring you are registered with the right party can be made easy for you. 

I hope to make use of the learnings collected from the individuals that have built up the Democrats Abroad to make sure that we can maximize turnout in 2022 and beyond.