Third Bordeaux Chapter Politico-Cultural Chat

For our Chat N° 3 on February 10th, we’ll seek to understand the Trumpers while their Leader is still in shouting distance. 

Populism - what is it really? What is it's relation with Fascism and religious fanaticism?  What is the inner workings of the mind-set of Trumpers?

For this third session several films can be interesting reference points:

  • All the Kings Men, 1949, by Robert Rossen - a great classic, referring  to the dictator-like Huey Long of Louisiana, one of the best political films ever made in America (available on Amazon prime).
  • All the King’s Men, 1976, by Steven Zallian, a remake and possibly less good than the Rossen version (On Canal VOD). 
  • The Great Dictator, by Charles Chaplin, 1940, (on You Tube).
  • Fahrenheit 451, by Francois Truffaut, 1966 (on Netflix).
  • In literature, George Orwell’s Animal Farm, 1945.
  • In drama, there is Arturo Ui, by Bert Brecht, 1941 (La résistable ascension d’Arturo Ui).

Watching any one of the above could enrich the conversation.

And of course anything else you feel like bringing to the table.

Please RSVP below to receive the Zoom meeting link. 

See you soon and best to all,

Trudy Bolter, Politico-Cultural Chat coordinator

Treasurer, DAF Bordeaux Chapter

Professeur des universités émérite, Bordeaux University (Sciences Po, Bordeaux IV and Film Department, Bordeaux III)

February 10, 2021 at 5pm - 6pm Paris Time
via Zoom
Bordeaux 33000
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Trudy Bolter
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