April 24, 2017

Leadership Board Candidate Randi Miller

Interested in
ExCom Positions: Vice Chair, Legal Officer
At-Large Board Member: Women's Caucus Lead; Progressive Caucus Lead; Chapter Liaison
Based in: Beijing

I am Randi Miller, I vote in NY, I am based in Beijing, and I am running for Legal Counsel (or Vice Chair or to be an At-Large Board Member).

I am an experienced, NY licensed attorney and my strengths include critical and strategic thinking and analytical skills. I am also good at anticipating potential problems or obstacles to attaining a goal so that they can be avoided or solved in advance.

In law school, I was involved in several projects involving women's issues, including an internship for which I wrote a policy paper advocating that states adopt comprehensive domestic violence legislation, an independent study paper on culture as a defense in domestic violence cases involving immigrants, and working as a research assistant for two professors in my school's Sex Discrimination Clinic.

I have studied in 3 countries and volunteered in 3 countries. After volunteering with orphans and girls rescued from slavery in Nepal for 2 months, I served for 5 years on the Board of Advisors for a non-profit that operates an orphanage in Kathmandu. During this time, I created and was the first editor of a newsletter that raises money and keeps volunteers connected when they return home.

In 2009, during a mid-career break, I went to Beijing to work as an intern at an English language magazine. This was my first time in China and I arrived alone, as a middle-aged woman, without being able to speak Mandarin, without knowing anything about the culture, without a network or any kind of support system, and without a plan beyond the 2 months of my internship. I ended up staying in Beijing and have been involved in a number of different business activities since that time. I have a consulting company and I am now launching a company that will help Chinese businesses enter markets outside of China and/or invest overseas and US businesses enter the China market.

As a strong thinker/problem solver with a legal background, I will be able to make valuable contributions to DACN not only as a legal advisor, but also with respect to consideration of various issues with which the Board will have to grapple and navigating the many challenges and opportunities that are ahead of us as we build a new organization. I also intend to support other Board members in their efforts to build membership, encourage member engagement, and organize activities and events, because I want to have a cohesive team that will be successful and ensure that our Country Committee makes an impact. EMAIL