April 24, 2017

Leadership Board Candidate Samantha Wong

Interested in
ExCom Positions: Chair, Vice Chair
At-Large Board Member: Member At-Large
Based in: Shanghai

Being raised on the South-side of Chicago, I found myself surrounded by diversity, progressiveness, and predominantly liberal-minded people. Growing up in the same neighborhood as Obama's adopted Chicago home, I felt the energy and momentum in 2008 leading up to the election and as a high school student I was inspired to get involved. I served as an election judge during the primaries and general election and this is where my dedication to the democratic party began, but it did not end there. 

From September to November 2016, as the main organizer for Shanghai during the General Election, I volunteered over 100 hours registering people to vote and organizing other volunteers. Shanghai was able to directly register over 200 people for the general election and my party enthusiasm went beyond getting out the vote. I also organized the debate re-broadcasting events, the Trumpland viewing event, and the DA election results watch. While the results were an upset and the current political climate is filled with disappointment and dismay, I continue to move forward. I have facilitated, and helped others facilitate, post-election events from post-card writing to call storming. Since the General Election I have also served on the Steering Committee leading the formation of the DA China Country Committee.

If elected Vice-Chair, I will continue my passion and dedication to fulfilling one of our major goals - getting out the vote. My duties will not stop there. I have a sincere desire and vision to expand DA China's presence beyond the major cities of Beijing and Shanghai. I am willing to travel to cities outside of Shanghai to meet fellow party members, ensure they feel part of this organization, and to help them establish and engage their community in our grassroots movement. While I personally believe in, and support, a democratically progressive platform, I realize the necessity and importance of uniting all shades of blue within our party and will make it my goal to represent all democrats in China.  

Thank you for your consideration. EMAIL