Paris Chapter Officer; Immediate Past France National Chair (DPCA)

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    2021 Candidates for Avignon Chapter Elections

    The Avignon Election Board is pleased to announce the candidates for Avignon Chapter Chair and Vice Chair. All members of DA France living in the the Avignon Chapter area will receive a ballot by email -- voting will end on March 6 at 2PM. For questions please contact the Avignon Election Board Catherine Tate (Chair), Elaine Garcin, Ellen Pumo, and Charles Jarworski at [email protected]

    Candidate for Avignon Chapter Chair


    I have been Chair of the DA-Avignon chapter for two momentous years, and would like to go on for another  term. Why? I want to continue the push for a ‘Blue Wave’ ´discover’ and enroll Americans abroad,  ensure they are informed, and to encourage them to vote.  

    In so many contests absentee ballots, many from DA members, make the difference.  During these last two years Democrats secured the WH and slim majorities in Congress. And while results  are mixed at State & Local levels, we made progress. But we need to do more. As a former HR Executive  with international experience, I believe I have the insight and experience to get things done. I’ve lived  nearly 40 years in Europe: Holland, Switzerland, and now retired in France. I’ve learned much and I want  to contribute.  

    So, while safety concerns have constrained our ability to gather (nearly all activities are online) it has not  eliminated the need to connect. We will meet again. I ask for your support to continue as DA Chair of the  Avignon Chapter.  

    Candidate for Avignon Chapter Secretary  


    I have eight years of chapter leadership experience: two consecutive terms (2012-16) as chair and two  terms (2016-20) as vice-chair. I first became a member of the Avignon chapter when it first started in 2004.  I’ve resided in Avignon for more than 30 years, enjoying the cuisine, sun, and cycling.  

    Professionally I’m a physicist for the environment and worked for NASA (Skylab Mission) and taught  physics at the university level. Here in France, I continue to give presentations at universities and schools 

    on green living and renewable energy. I am also an Ambassador for Enercoop, France’s best-rated  renewable energy utility.  

    During my tenures, our membership tripled through monthly events, and during the presidential and  congressional campaigns our ballot arrivals scored an 80 percent success rate, a high point for DAF. Our  4-step process for this success is now standard practice for DA chapters worldwide. Another first was  getting a local cinema to advertise our chapter on-screen at low cost. Two years ago, I helped start a new  DA chapter in Montpellier, where there are now 154 members and growing. I ask for your vote. 

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    2021 Brittany Call for Candidacies


    DAF's Brittany Chapter will conduct its Leadership Election on March 20, 2021 at 3PM via Zoom. RSVP HERE.

    The nominations period for candidates is now open, and the deadline is February 20, 2021. Candidates are sought for the following positions: 

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  • Democrats Abroad France Elections Calendar Spring 2021

    Following are the National, Caucus and Chapter elections taking place this Spring 2021 across Democrats Abroad France. Public election notices with details will go out to every Chapter and Caucus member as well as Nationally. (Updated March 6)

    National Caucus Annual General Meeting & Elections

    Chapter Elections

    Democrats Abroad France National Annual General Meeting & Elections

    • DA France National Officer & Voting Representative Elections - Sat. April 17, 2021 - RSVP
    • Interested in running for office? Find out more here, or join a public information session. Nominations close March 18, 2021.
      • Public Information Session #1 - Sun. March 14, 2021 - RSVP
      • Public Information Session #2 - Mon. March 15, 2021 - RSVP

    Democrats Abroad Global Annual General Meeting & Elections

    • Democrats Abroad Global Meeting & Elections - Sat. - Sun. May 15-16, 2021 - Save the Date! Details TBA
      Voting Members of the Democratic Party Committee Abroad, or DPCA, vote on matters such as Resolutions, Charter Amendments, and other business at the DA Global Meeting, as well as the Global Executive Committee Elections. The DPCA Voting members of France will be the newly elected Chair, Vice Chair, Second Vice Chair, and nine Voting Representatives.

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    DA China Bylaws Draft

    As of April 6, 2017:
    As of April 28, 2017:

    Comments period is now open and closes May 4th, 2017.
    Please email Bylaws comments or questions to [email protected].

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    Last updated Wed May 3, 2017.

    Day and Date Registration will be accepted for the AGM. Please join DA China before coming to register and bring your DA member/account number with you.
    Optional Early Voting E-Ballot link can be used by new members who missed the email that went out earlier this week. Their new DA China Member/Account ID is required. Vote before the end of day, May 4th. (details below). DA CHINA EARLY VOTE E-BALLOT:

    UPDATE: With Location and RSVP Details 
    UPDATE: Nominations closed on April 19, 2017. We have 18 Candidates for Leadership Board! Check them out here!

    RSVP TO ATTEND THE AGM IN PERSON, click here to email us: [email protected]
    RSVP TO ATTEND THE AGM BY WEBEX or phone, click here to email us: [email protected]

    All US citizens who are registered members of Democrats Abroad, residing in China, and of voting age by the next general federal election (Nov 6, 2018) are eligible to participate in the DA China Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Saturday May 6th, in person in Beijing and Shanghai, or via remote videoconference (WebEx).

    As announced April 6th, we will pass Bylaws and Elect Leadership at the AGM, necessary steps towards making China an official country committee of Democrats Abroad. Our country committee application will then be ratified at the Democrats Abroad Global Meeting in Washington DC, May 12-15.

    DA CHINA BYLAWS: To view the current Bylaws Draft, click here: Bylaws.
    The comment period is now open and will close May 4th.
    To send questions or comments on the Bylaws draft, please click here: [email protected]

    We will elect the DA China Leadership Board and then ExCom Officers in two rounds.

    Round One: Leadership Board Elections. 18 Candidates are running for 11 positions on the Leadership Board. To read Candidate statements, please click here.  For this part of the elections only, there will be an early e-voting option for those who cannot attend the meeting. See details below.

    Round Two: Executive Committee Officer Elections. Once we have elected a Leadership Board, out of their number we will then elect six Officers who comprise the Executive Committee (ExCom); they shall be the Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Legal Officer and Director of Communications and IT. The Chair and Vice Chair must be of opposite genders. To read about ExCom Positions, scroll down. 

    Note that only those who have been successfully elected to the Board in Round One can be then nominated and run for Officer positions in Round Two. When voting, please also take into consideration regional balance and other factors to ensure we have a diverse and dynamic leadership team representative of DA China as a whole.

    If you are not able to attend the AGM, as a DA Member in China you will have the option to Early Vote by e-ballot for Round One: Leadership Board Elections. DA Members in China received an email from the Nominations and Elections Committee of DA China on April 30, 2017 containing the link and instructions for Early Voting. (Subject line: IMPORTANT - DA China Early Vote E-Ballot - Vote Now) NOTE that if you elect to Early Vote, you may not vote again or change your vote at the Leadership Board elections at the AGM -- attempting to vote more than once will disqualify you. (There is no early vote option for ExCom Officer elections, you must participate in the AGM on May 6th either in person or via WebEx to vote that round.) If you need assistance, please email [email protected].


    * * For those eligible and interested who have not yet joined DA in China, they can join now at
    Day and date new member registrations will be accepted to participate and vote at the AGM. Bring your new DA China member/account number after joining. See below to RSVP.

    * * *  MAY 6th AGM MEETING LOCATIONS: Beijing and Shanghai

    DATE: Sat. May 6th, 2017
    REGISTRATION: 12PM. Free Pizza for early registrants. Come meet our Leadership Candidates.
    Snacks and light refreshment will be available.

    RSVP TO ATTEND THE AGM IN PERSON, click here to contact us: [email protected]

    In Beijing: Beijing United Family Hospital
    Building 2, Fifth Floor, 2 Jiangtai Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
    北京和睦家医院2号楼5层会议室 北京朝阳区将台路2号
    Many thanks to Roberta L., Carolyn W., Josh K., and Alan K. and the BJUFH IT team for their support.

    In Shanghai: The Market
    280 Ao'men Road, Near Changhua Road. Upstairs, first office right hand side.
    THE MARKET上海普陀区澳门路280号, 近昌化路
    Many thanks to Brent B., Chris C. and The Market IT team for their support. 

    DATE: Sat. May 6th, 2017
    REGISTRATION: Please RSVP to register, and we suggest setting up 10 minutes beforehand.

    RSVP TO ATTEND THE AGM BY WEBEX or phone, click here to contact us: [email protected]

    Open to all DA China members who are not able to attend in Beijing and Shanghai in person. We will be using WebEx, an online video conference service that you use with your computer and a web interface. (

    A local call-in number will also be provided if you wish to participate instead by phone (voice only). 


    The Chair shall be the chief executive officer of the organization, shall call and preside at all meetings of members and of the Executive Committee, and shall have responsibility for all activities approved by the organization. The Chair shall sit ex-officio on all committees of the organization including Standing Committees, with full voting privileges.

    In the absence of the Chair, the Vice Chair shall call and preside at meetings of members and of the Executive Committee. The Vice Chair shall have such other duties as the Chair shall define. The Vice Chair shall be the opposite gender of the Chair.

    The Secretary shall maintain a current list of verified members of the organization; individual members may review and revise their own member record, otherwise the secretary shall be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of membership list names and contact details. The secretary shall also maintain minutes of all meetings, and all files and administrative records of the organization and make them reasonably available for membership review.

    The Treasurer shall manage the finances of the organization, maintain its financial reports to members, and make and maintain such financial reports as may be required by US law, particularly but not limited to those related to election campaign finance. All such records shall be open for inspection by members.

    The Legal Officer shall advise the Committee or its officers on legal and procedural questions relating to DACN.

    The Director of Communications and IT (“Communications Director”) shall direct and coordinate the efforts of the Committee to communicate with the membership, coordinate relations with the Press, and advise the Committee on appropriate and effective channels of communication, in particular use of social media and digital meeting platforms.

    FIVE AT-LARGE LEADERSHIP BOARD POSITIONS: The roles and responsibilities of non-ExCom At-Large Board Members shall be defined by the Board as a whole.

    Questions? Please email us [email protected]

    Nominations and Elections Committee (NEC)

    Ada Shen
    Rich Welch
    Radha Chaddah


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    Leadership Board Candidate Joshua Lally

    Interested in
    ExCom Positions: Chair; Vice Chair
    At-Large Board Member: At-Large Member
    Based in: Beijing

    My name is Joshua Lally, I'm a lifelong Democrat (dyed in the wool) who votes in Nevada's 1st Congressional District. I've been in Beijing, China now for over 12 years and I'm the Director of Food and Beverage for multiple popular restaurant brands in Beijing that have not only thrived, but have expanded to multiple locations around the city. I can also read and write Chinese, which can be a big asset here in China.

    I mention my time in Beijing and experience in F&B because it relates to an understanding of how to create systems and structures that last the test of time, as well as how to navigate the unique challenges in this country that we call our adopted (or even temporary) home. I've studied and worked with really fantastic management and strategy methods and would love to apply that background to growing DA China. My passion in running for Chair or Vice Chair lies in helping the country committee to create a lasting structure that will focus on three essential goals: to build the membership for Democrats Abroad China, to sustain the enthusiasm of our members through various events and engagement, and through that engaged membership, activate them in times of need to assist the greater goals of the Democratic Party. To that end, I have also participated on the DA China Steering Committee in considering the organizational growth and direction of our new country committee.

    It's as simple as that for me. I'm passionate about getting people involved to support the Democratic Party and push to take back all three branches of government. I want to get as many Democrat voters registered and involved with DA China as possible and see an engaged electorate working for change back home. We've seen such an amazing turnout and revitalized interest in American politics from this election and I want to help to build the organization that will serve these newly engaged minds in meaningful activities and involvement, hopefully putting them and the greater Democratic Party on a brighter and more successful path for the future. EMAIL


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    Leadership Board Candidate Kira Leinonen

    Interested in
    ExCom Position: Vice Chair, Secretary, Legal, Director of Communications and Information Technology
    At-Large Board Member: Women's Caucus Lead; Progressive Caucus Lead; Issues Advocacy; Rapid Response Team
    Based in: Beijing

    My name is Kira Leinonen, registered Maine voter. I would like you to support me for a role as an At-Large Board Member, working on Issues Advocacy.

    I am an independent film and documentary producer living and working in China since 2008. I believe that Americans living outside of the US need more effective engagement in US politics to be better represented, and to be better heard. I believe that as Americans overseas we offer an invaluable perspective on some the most pressing issues facing our nation and our planet, and the future for all. As a Board Member, I feel that my experience in communications and media would help DA China mobilize around issues that matter to large cross-sections of Americans abroad, such as climate change and specific US foreign policies, and communicate them effectively to our representatives in Washington. I hope to offer my experience as a communications and creative professional managing complex teams in in identifying, articulating and moving toward specific goals can be of service to the incoming Leadership Board, in better engaging voters and connecting with the issues relevant to our political system back home on both local and national levels.

    Whether working on regional and global campaigns, or feature films and commercials, my production work has reinforced the importance of clear communication within and between teams, and the importance of understanding audience and the appropriate tones and channels through which to reach them. As the video producer at Greenpeace East Asia for several years, I collaborated with mixed teams of local and international activists, journalists, and media professionals. As an editor of a documentary series about China's environment, in collaboration with state media, I had the responsibility of distinguishing key elements of sensitive grassroots activism in order to shape their stories for broad domestic and international audiences. I believe the ability to gather, understand, and distill diverse issues and the opinions surrounding them into coherent narratives would be an asset to DA China in the effort of relaying our concerns and priorities to our representatives and allies in the US. As a delegate of Global Power Shift, the international movement that laid the groundwork for events such as the 2014 and upcoming 2016 People's Climate March, and through volunteer work for US unions and civil rights organizations, I have been able to apply my communications and advocacy skills to translating international concerns into US-based movements. I would like to continue building this momentum with DA China to impact US politics from abroad.

    I am delighted to have the opportunity to contribute to this country committee leadership effort, and I thank you for your consideration. If you have any questions please contact me. EMAIL

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    Leadership Board Candidate Chris Zombik

    Interested in
    ExCom Positions: Director of Communications and Information Technology
    At-Large Board Member: At-Large Member
    Based in: Shanghai

    My name is Chris Zombik. I live in Shanghai and vote in Massachusetts. I am running for DA China leadership because I want this committee to be the best it can possibly be when it comes to connecting American expats in China and getting them involved in our democracy. I was also one of the main organizers for the DA China Global Presidential Primary in Shanghai.

    I am running for Director of Communications and IT, with the general goal of fostering and strengthening the DA identity in China and around the world. I hope to achieve this through two main areas of effort.

    First, I am well-prepared to handle the basic Comms/IT responsibilities: managing DA China's digital presence through social media and email activities, interfacing with press and other outside entities on behalf of the Executive Committee, and making sure that our communications systems are the best they can be for our needs as a geographically spread-out membership group.

    Second, I will work hard to use the Comms/IT position as a creative, high-impact platform for new forms of outreach and engagement. I will explore the potential of digital platforms such as blogs, newsletters, and podcasts for telling stories about DA's amazing work, not just in China but around the world. I believe that by hearing about the struggles and successes of our counterparts here and in other countries, we will build a leaner, meaner, more engaged and effective membership. Storytelling is key: by getting the word out about what DA members worldwide are up to, Comms/IT can inspire unexpected connections and grassroots initiative. Importantly, these stories can easily be shared with other country committees to help them build engagement, too.

    My background is well-suited to this role. My day job is helping Chinese kids apply for American colleges, so I am basically a communications and storytelling coach. In my free time, I'm an aspiring novelist and internet junkie. Running for Communications Director seems like the ideal way to combine my skills and interests in order to bolster expat political involvement in China and beyond. EMAIL

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    Leadership Board Candidate Faith Gary

    Interested in
    ExCom Positions: Director of IT and Communications
    At-Large Board Member: At-Large Member
    Based in: Shanghai

    I earned my degree in Public Relations and Communication, and I am currently an ICT teacher at an IB World School. I am a passionate Democrat who (thanks to my two daughters) is fully immersed in and familiar with various social media platforms and ways people have adapted with the changing of technology to spread awareness and knowledge about subjects. Having lived overseas for years, I've also experimented with different digital platforms for finding the easiest, most successful way to hold conversations across city and country lines. 

    During this Trump Era, I've realized spreading knowledge and awareness, coordinating with our fellow Democrats, and making a stand, will be the key to regaining the America I used to know. I was born during the Civil Rights Movement, and I have witnessed and experienced the different struggles over the decades in order for all Americans to be seen and heard by those in power. We cannot return back to those times. EMAIL

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    Leadership Board Candidate James Flanagan

    Interested in
    ExCom Officer Positions: Undeclared
    At-Large Board Member: Communications and Information Technology Adviser
    Based in: Beijing

    Hi everyone, I am James Flanagan and I am running for a non-Executive Committee leadership position for the Democrats Abroad in China while being based in Beijing. I am interested in advising the executive committee by hopefully taking on an official role as Adviser to the Communications and IT Director.

    IN SHORT: 10 years in Beijing+HK. Social entrepreneur for 5 year+, founder of TEDxBeijing, and WEF Global Shapers Beijing. Large amounts of volunteer management, event production, and sponsorship raising experience.

    LONGER: So far, I've had the opportunity to volunteer and plan voter registration in 3 presidential election cycles while in Beijing. Today, we all know the importance of being involved in our political system, and I feel compelled to help where I can. I would be proud to serve the board in the advising on this year's activities.

    Being supportive is important, especially for those of us who live overseas and can't participate enough at home. Although I vote in Florida, I have lived more than 20 years in Asia, including the past 10 years in Beijing and HK. I spent the rest of my time in Asia growing up in Singapore and attending the French school. Like many Americans I've had the opportunity to meet and work with, I am also a third culture kid. My French side has always been easy to add to my American side since the histories and cultures of both countries are so intertwined, including, of course, the formidable ideas that underpin both system. Cross cultural understanding, especially given the direction of global politics, is what I also hope to bring to my position.

    An additional important asset that I would like to bring to the position is my long experience building volunteer networks and activities. While in Beijing, I have had the honor to lead the development of the TEDx event series and the development of the youth community attached to the World Economic Forum. Combined, they represent more than 30 events and thousands of attendees.

    Beyond the professional understanding of brand management, event production, and community building, working on both of these initiatives have given me the insight of what is possible in China and Asia for foreign networks. My experiences range from working on communication and IT issues for both networks, following the development of nonprofit activities in China, and how to connect China based networks to the rest of the world. I would like to bring this experience and insight to the work that Democrats Abroad will need to take on while we engage in activities while we are far from home.

    If elected, I will look forward to working to serve our community and help us be engage with the important work that we need to undertake as so many aspects of our lives change, in America and around the world. I am happy to talk with anyone, and answer any questions.

    I look forward to helping us work together to meet the challenges ahead. EMAIL

Paris Chapter Officer; Immediate Past France National Chair; Founding organizer DA China (2007-2017). DA member since 2007. I live in Paris, I vote in Orange County, CA.