Tales of Humanity and Heroism from Trump’s Manufactured Border Crisis

"Tales of Humanity and Heroism from Trump’s Manufactured Border Crisis"

Award-winning US expatriate author, human rights witness, and migration scholar, Sarah Towle, joins us to illustrate how Trump & Co’s immigration agenda includes much more than family separations and a boondoggle border wall. From Chiquita Bananas to ”kids in cages” to $36K per person deportations, Sarah weaves together the many strands of their ongoing "War on Immigrants" to reveal the crimes against humanity now being committed in our names and with our tax dollars.

Sarah celebrates the humanitarians tirelessly flying the tattered flag of American values in THE FIRST SOLUTION, “so that we may all see ourselves in them and be moved to act ourselves." We invite you to meet her heroes before the webinar -- read a chapter, any chapter, and bring along your questions and/or impressions -- here: https://medium.com/the-first-solution  

Unfortunately, while it would be satisfying to blame Trump & Co alone, the stage had long been set for them to exact their cruelty. Sarah concludes the webinar, therefore, with insights on what a Biden administration must do not just to roll back the abuses of the last four years, but to course-correct decades of ill-conceived US immigration policies.

October 14, 2020 at 7pm - 8pm Paris Time
via Zoom
Paris 75015
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