Meet the Candidates: Focus on Africa

Democrats Abroad will elect a new International Chair and Regional Vice Chair on May 16th. Join your fellow members of DA in Africa for a conversation with the candidates and to learn more about how they will lead and how they plan to support and develop Democratic activities in Africa.

We’ll be discussing developing DA in Africa and representing African issues back to DA and the Democratic Party. With 54 countries on the continent, currently only South Africa has a fully functioning country committee. Other countries’ unofficial committees are mobilizing. How can we work together to get Americans living in Africa more involved and more connected?

Members who RSVP will receive a link to the videoconference and receive news as the program is developed. All the candidates running for these global and regional positions have been invited to participate.


Map of African diaspora courtesy wikipedia / Allice Hunter

May 04, 2021 at 6pm - 7:30pm West Central Africa Time
Richard Miller Kendra Borgen Adrianne George Jim Mercereau Georgina Kariuki Jeffrey Nadison Beth Landry Bilen Shimelis Ken Davies Weldon Kennedy Adam Vickers Kelsey Keech Robyn Emerson Matthew Goldman Truth Smith Dashanaba King Donna Claire Knapp Kenton Barnes Patti Denny Marek Ma Heather Stone Adelle Marie Sock Beverle Lax Idowu Oresanya Wilfred Owen Anita Vorlicek Melissa Johnson Rose Benchekroun Judson Welsh John James Ridah Sabouni ada shen Marnie Delaney Jennifer Rakow-Stepper Quaide Williams Marjorie Bernstein Orlando Vidal Chesney McKinley Severance Susan Fitoussi Art Schankler Kathryn Solon Sue Alksnis Angela Fobbs Brooke Burns Ahmed Nassef Candice Kerestan Carrie Mashek Elisabeth Myers

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