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  • Virgin Islanders Choose Encouraging Prospects, The Volunteer State Also Moves One Blue Step Forward

    Compared to mid-term primary elections of recent years, Tennesseans came out to cast their ballots and support their candidates this past week. I’m especially loving the remarks below from a recent article on Hamilton County:

    Lenward Brackin Jr. said he usually votes early but didn’t ahead of Thursday’s election.

    “I was coming no matter what — I’ve got umbrellas in the car,” he said… “I refuse to be mute on things that are important to me and the community.”

    When it comes to Hamilton County Democrats, early voting turnout was a dismal 5,655 in 2014 but this year’s early voting tally shows a huge 65-percent jump to 9,338.

    Meanwhile, over in the Caribbean our fellow U.S. citizens are obviously doing something right as can be seen below:

    Despite a few minor issues, voters in the U.S. Virgin Islands managed to get through the primary without any challenges too difficult to overcome.

    With the U.S. Virgin Islands and Tennessee now having completed their primaries, please take a look below to see who the Democrats Abroad Hispanic Caucus endorses for November’s General Election.



    Karl Dean (challenger to open seat)

    U.S. Senate
    Phil Bredesen (challenger to open seat) ←This would be a major Democratic victory

    U.S. House of Representatives
    TN-1:  Marty Olsen (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Phil “I voted against stimulus funding, but when the money showed up I was there smiling and kissing babies” Roe)
    TN-2:  Renee Hoyos (challenger to open seat)
    TN-3:  Danielle Mitchell (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Chuck “My Constituents Love Me” Fleischmann)
    TN-4:  Mariah Phillips (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Scott “I have a 100% pro-life voting record, but -shhh!- we’ve had abortions, too” DesJarlais)
    TN-5:  Jim Cooper (INCUMBENT)
    TN-6:  Dawn Barlow (challenger to open seat)
    TN-7:  Justin Kanew (challenger to open seat)
    TN-8:  Erika Pearson (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. David “Helping Puerto Rico Isn’t Important To Me” Kustoff)
    TN-9:  Steve Cohen (INCUMBENT)



    Albert Bryan (challenger to Independent incumbent Gov. Kenneth Mapp)

    U.S. Delegate to Congress
    Stacey Plaskett (INCUMBENT)


    Why is a Blue Wave needed for this November? Republicans are destroying the American values we all cherish. Immigration: even our Founding Fathers and the Statue of Liberty herself are immigrants to the U.S.; yet, Dreamers’ fates remain uncertain while families are ripped apart at the border. And don’t forget about how “Mexico is going to pay for the wall” – remember that? Science: a noted climate and science denier was nominated and confirmed to be in charge of NASA out of all places. Voting rights: suppression efforts are well underway across the U.S., from pro-gerrymandering court decisions to closing polling locations to not having non-English voting instructions available to having “the right kind of identification” at the polls. The list goes on and on.

    So do we rectify this?

    Step 1: Make sure you are eligible to vote, then request your ballot, and then actually vote! For Democrats! You can easily request your ballot at VoteFromAbroad.org.

    Step 2: Talk to every stateside and overseas American you know and tell them to do the same things mentioned in Step 1.

    Step 3: Jump on the phones and help us get out the vote by calling fellow Democrats Abroad members and reminding them to vote!

    -Michael Ramos
    DA Hispanic Caucus

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  • Solicitando la legislación sensible de armas


    Democrats Abroad [Los demócratas en el extranjero] apoya firmemente la legislación razonable de armas. Deploramos la la renuencia del Congreso para promulgar leyes que protegerían a los ciudadanos de los Estados Unidos Americanos

    Julia Bryan, Presidenta Internacional de Democrats Abroad dice: "Legislación sensible de armas es la norma en casi todos los demás países desarrollados, donde los líderes no son deudos con organizaciones como la NRA para financiar su próxima campaña política. En Japón, muerte por arma de fuego es tan infrecuente como la muerte por relámpago. En los Estados Unidos, arma de fuego mata a nuestros amigos y familiares tan frecuentemente como un accidente de coche. Aceptar esta realidad como las consecuencias inevitables de proteger la segunda enmienda es negar los derechos en que nuestro país fue fundada - que todas las personas son iguales y están dotadas de ciertos derechos inalienables: vida, libertad y la búsqueda de la felicidad. "

    Nuestros miembros marcharán en eventos en el mes de marzo - para más información sobre un evento cerca de usted, visite la página de su Comité local.

    Para obtener más información acerca de donde Democrats Abroad se encuentra en control de armas, hemos extraído el tablón de la plataforma de 2016 a continuación

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  • Why I Vote - Carlos Colao

    Votar representa la consagración de nuestra libertad sobre cuyo derecho se constituye y plasma la máxima manifestación democrática de nuestra Sociedad, y sobre la que erige y levanta nuestra Constitución americana como norma suprema en la que poder someter la corrupción, la avaricia y la maldad encarnada en los pecados más amargos del poder.

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  • Why I Vote - Felipe Manteiga

    As a 73-year-old immigrant, I have been captivated by America.  A great people extended a sorely-needed helping hand to me and many other Cuban immigrants. Crucial subsidies once provided me with ample opportunities to experience the American Dream and empowered me to a point where I could make a modest contribution in facing our nemesis: the Soviet Union and global communism. In doing so, and being nurtured by democratic ideals from my childhood, I was able to support democracy and freedom and oppose dictatorships from all politically extremist views. Equally important, I was able to actively collaborate in empowering those powerful dictators and corrupt institutions had disenfranchised.

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    Why I Vote - Nick Buffie

    Hola, me llamo Nick Buffie. Tengo 25 años y por ahora estoy viviendo en Bogotá, Colombia.

    Más que nada, yo voto porque quiero que todos los estadounidenses tengan acceso al cuidado médico. Cuando tenía 16 años, el padre de uno de mis amigos murió de un tumor cerebral curable. Y la historia de este padre es así: cuando mi amigo era chico, su padre tocaba música con su banda en un parque en Bloomington, Indiana. (Soy de esa ciudad.) Durante la función, el padre – quien tocaba la batería – sufrió una convulsión. Fue al médico y el médico le dijo que tenía un tumor cerebral benigno. Pero, aunque el tumor no era canceroso, era muy grande, y su tamaño mismo era un problema. Lo que es más, el tumor estaba creciendo – y el médico le dijo al padre que si éste se hacía más grande, él podría morir.

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  • Why I Vote - Nelleke A. Bruyn

    I am Nelleke Bruyn, a naturalized United States citizen, and I now live in Costa Rica.  My parents immigrated to the USA from Holland when I was 13 years old and I became a USA citizen when I was 24 years old.  It is the duty of all USA citizens to vote. The USA is one of the most powerful countries in the world.  When the USA sneezes, the rest of the world catches a cold.  It is the duty of all USA citizens to vote.  The fate of the world depends on it.   Thank you

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  • Why I Vote - Greg Dolezal

    As an American who has lived abroad for over ten years, I understand the impact that our politics has on the rest of the world. Everyone is watching us and although they are familiar with our issues and affected by them they cannot participate. Being able to vote is a privilege that I have as a citizen that I don't take lightly.

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Latina feminist. American expat in Prague, Czechia. Chair, Democrats Abroad Hispanic Caucus.