How to Vote for the US Midterm Elections 2018 from Abroad for Americans Overseas

We work to advance the principles of our Party by spreading the Democratic message to Americans in the Philippines and encouraging them to vote for Democratic candidates back home. ~ Democrats Abroad Philippines, 2018

1. Request Your Ballot

Go to and click the Request Ballot tab, which brings you to the Register to Vote/Absentee Ballot Request page. Note: when filling in your Voter Information, for US citizens living outside the country who intend to return, choosing the first option “I am a U.S. citizen living outside the country, and my return is uncertain” may be the safest answer to ensure you receive your absentee ballot if you will be abroad for some time. Follow the instructions on the website and ask for your blank ballots to be delivered to you electronically by email if possible. The website will tell you if your state allows the return of your request electronically or if you must submit a paper copy with original signature.

2. Receive and Complete Your Ballot

If you are set to receive your electronic ballot by email, keep an eye out for an email with the subject line: 2018 General Election Official Ballot. It will include instructions on how to vote and return the ballot. Note: perhaps best to print your blank electronic ballot, fill it up, hand sign it, and scan.

3. Return Your Completed Ballot

If you received your electronic ballot by email, follow the instructions in the email on how to return it. If you must mail a paper ballot from the Philippines, we suggest using the Philippine Post Office and send it using registered mail which only costs about PhP200 (US$4).

For Further Information

If you have any questions about registering to vote overseas from the Philippines, please contact Democrats Abroad Philippines at email or call +63.917.892.2989.

Remember, your vote counts! Be absent but accounted for! VOTE NOW! DON’ T WAIT!!

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