Anita Lang - Delegate (Biden) - EMEA (UK)

Why is this so late? I am a teacher and union leader and my students, their families, and my educators have needed me! In my union capacity, I lobby Congress at least four times per year, In person. I have lobbied on education related issues like racial and social justice, gun reform, school funding, fair pay, child nutrition, and mounting college debts. have dedicated much of my time and money to support anti-voter suppression campaigns and getting out the vote from 1st time voters. I will represent you and staunchly support the DA platform. I am a staunch advocate for military families, veterans, and women but continue to learn and push an anti-racist agenda. My photo, a hedgehog, represents cute and cuddly until you get in my way, then the spikes come out! I don’t shy away from a fight! Anita Lang