DAJ Annual General Meeting + Elections Announcement!

Members of Democrats Abroad Japan,

Thank you for all your hard work in the general election and in Georgia. Together with our allies in Asia Pacific and around the world, we really were able to make a big difference in the senate election and presidential election. Really, thank you. It took every vote we had to get through this year, and leaders in the Democratic Party are finally taking more notice of Democrats Abroad and its value. However, our terms are coming to an end in just under three short months.

So today, we'd like to announce the final Annual General Meeting (AGM) of our terms, taking place online on WebEx. It is important that at least 20 members attend, and while we had nearly 50 last year, turnout is usually lower in midterm years. If you are reading, please come to the annual meeting for an overview of everything we did and what to look for in candidates next term!

Date: Sunday, April 18th
Time: 2pm-4pm with 5pm extension if necessary. The meeting room opens from 1:30pm.
Place/Link: WebEx https://democratsabroad.webex.com/democratsabroad/e.php?MTID=mb74ebe20a5350b9802e91e0fe7dcf180
Password: dems
RSVP here: https://www.democratsabroad.org/annacostello/daj_annual_general_meeting_2021

Per our bylaws, we are including a link to the AGM minutes from our meeting last year: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_j7P1PVoTTZ1710Na8QyV149-kdL7Six_Wz2oPJJLb4/edit?usp=sharing

We'd also like to announce that the Nominations and Elections Committee (NEC) has been appointed and confirmed by the Executive Committee. The key deciding factors were expressed interest and follow-up on the documents/materials, and familiarity with the organization.

Its members will be:

Kiyoko Ayukawa
Anna Costello
Gregorio Gagnon

Jenise Treuting

We will have more correspondence about our elections once the NEC requests dissemination of information regarding our election schedule and other materials.

John A. Baumlin
National Chair | AP 2020 DNC Delegate
Democrats Abroad Japan

Anna Costello
National Secretary
Democrats Abroad Japan