This is your time! Committee slots open!

The newly elected Executive Committee for 2019-2021 would like to thank you for entrusting us to the enormity of the tasks that lie ahead in the upcoming term. Your newly elected Executive Committee consists of the following members:

    National Chair: John Baumlin

    National Vice Chair: Kiyoko Ayukawa

    National Secretary: Anna Costello

    National Treasurer: Dave Brauer

As the Executive Committee of DAJ, we represent the voice and ambitions of all Democrats living abroad in Japan. All English teachers and all salaried workers. All spouses and children. All refugees and students abroad for the first time. And we want you to join us in our endeavors.

The goals of our organization are to provide you the tools and means by which you can make yourself heard, even halfway across the world from America. This is how we plan to serve you this term:

  • Increase membership in DAJ to facilitate stronger representation in the Democratic Party.

  • Increase membership participation to raise awareness of Democratic Platform issues and to give members the means to take action.

  • Keep open communication and transparency between leadership and general membership.

  • Host meetings for membership for members to give feedback and input to leadership to promote said open communications.

  • Fundraise to reach more voters, host workshops, and run community events.

  • Engage in voter outreach to ensure Americans everywhere know they have voting rights and how to act upon them.

  • Run our primaries to inform voters about the goals of each candidate running for President.

  • Work to elect new leadership in 2020!

We would also like to note some recent changes to our bylaws as of our last general meeting on June 9, 2019. We encourage you to read the updated bylaws here. It is the constitution that guides us overseas.

With that, we would like to open a call on our membership to sign up and volunteer. We have several different committees with open positions and we would love your support on any of them. The committee openings are as follows:

  • Communications Committee – Drafting announcements, working on messaging, promoting our causes on social media sites (FB, Twitter, etc.) and helping to write articles on the DAJ website.

  • Events Committee – Helping to organize and plan nation-wide events.

  • Fundraising Committee – Helping to raise the funds needed to reach more voters and get the results you want.

  • Outreach Committee – Expand the DAJ membership into new areas and interface with our international committee!

  • Get Out The Vote – Directly Help Americans abroad get registered to vote and request their absentee ballots. Votes are what count the most.

If anyone is interested in volunteering, please contact [email protected] and join us on Slack - our dedicated organization hub.

We look forward to serving as your Executive Committee! Let’s work together and restore the meaning of liberty for all in this challenging era of politics.