February 22, 2023

WisDems statement

This is what we're up against in April, as per WisDems

Dan Kelly is a fatally flawed and ethically compromised MAGA extremist who promises a future for Wisconsin in which patients are unable to access basic reproductive health care, doctors are at risk of prosecution, and the very integrity of our democracy is called into question.

“In his previous tenure on the Wisconsin Supreme Court, extremist Dan Kelly repeatedly twisted our Constitution and our laws to the benefit of right-wing special interests, and in the years since his 2020 defeat, Kelly has cashed paychecks from these same special interests. Dan Kelly has shamefully compared Social Security to slavery, and has fully embraced extremist groups campaigning to fully enforce Wisconsin’s draconian 1849 criminal abortion ban."

Not a good look for our beloved home state. Please fill out your Backup Ballot (or FWAB) and get it in the mail ASAP!