Antar Keith

Global Reparations Task Force Chair; Germany DPCA Voting Rep; Saxony Chapter Chair

The cause of Black Lives Matter is a rallying point for Social Justice, but also provides something more. It ultimately opens up an opportunity for solidarity, aligning of progressive & Black politics, and healing for both a nation and a democratic system under threat. Reparations is central to this mission. DA's support for reparative justice at the local, state, and federal-level, thus, is critical to our overall work. In order to march to a better future we must, as a nation, reconcile with our past--and we can do that by working together in solidarity, hope, and compassion.

As a Bronx, NY-born working-class African-American Muslim and educator of 10 years, with work experience stretching across Germany, I enjoy fostering stronger transnational ties between US and German youth and working professionals.
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