AZ Voting Information

How to Vote in AZ from Abroad

Election Day - November 8, 2022

Request your ballot at: 


Ballot request deadline for Arizonans abroad:

  • November 8 at 7pm MT

Voter registration deadline for Arizonans abroad:

  • November 8 at 7pm MT

Ballot return deadline:

  • November 8 at 7pm MT 


We recommend you:

  • Submit your ballot request by email
  • Ask that your ballot be sent to you by email
  • Return you voted ballot by online upload or email



How can AZ voters send in an overseas ballot request (FPCA*) form?   

  • By email, fax or mail.
  • All US voters abroad can receive their blank ballots by email, if they so request (on the FPCA).

How can AZ voters send in their voted ballot?    

  • By online upload, email, fax or mail.

Do all AZ voters abroad get a full ballot (which includes federal, state, county and local elections)?

  • No. If you check “intend to return” on your FPCA ballot request, you will get a full ballot. 
  • If you check “return is uncertain” on your FPCA, you will get a ballot for only federal races: in 2022 midterms, that’s the US Senate and your US House race.


For detailed voting information, go here: and click on the AZ state flag.


*FPCA = Federal Post Card Application - it’s the federal form that can be used by any eligible US citizen living outside the US to request their ballot or register to vote from abroad.