Black History Month - "The Amazing Grace" Watch Party

Join us online to watch the film "The Amazing Grace" by Jeta Amata, a Nigerian filmmaker, released in 2006. This film is not available on streaming. After we watch the film there will be a discussion.












About the film:

The film is a feature film (not a documentary) about British slave trading in Nigeria in the mid-1700s. It shows the capture of local people, imprisonment, and conditions on the slave ships from a Nigerian perspective. Parts of the film are in native Nigerian languages with English subtitles.

The song "Amazing Grace" comes originally from Nigeria. Some say the melody came from the Calabar region in Nigeria and was sung by the Ibibio and Eket people.
John Newton, a British slave trader, heard the song in Nigeria and later added English texts to the melody.

The film is part of the Nigerian "Nollywood" film industry, which has made thousands of films and is one of the biggest film industries in the world today.
Nollywood films are often very emotional, and "The Amazing Grace" is no exception. No holds barred.

Watch the trailer:


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February 02, 2020 at 3pm - 6pm Berlin Time
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