Global Runaway


“To be a Negro in this country and to be relatively conscious is to be in a rage almost all the time.” 

James Baldwin


Will a new wave of Black Americans explore creating a new life outside of the United States? 


Is Blaxit a thing?






Join the Global Black Caucus for a panel discussion on Black American migration past and present. We will have panelists from around the world discuss their personal motivations and experiences moving abroad as well as their thoughts on the current situation in the United States. Given its long and enduring history of inequality, is it time for more Black Americans to consider resettling out of the country?

From slavery to the present, Black Americans have used migration (primarily within the US) as a way to escape the systemic racism found throughout the United States. A multitude of factors including political and economic disenfranchisement, state-sanctioned violence, and discriminatory criminal justice systems have driven Black Americans to pull up their roots in order to build better lives in new places. Will the current political environment drive more Black Americans to consider living abroad?

Location Event Start Time
Washington DC, USA
08:00 EDT
London, United Kingdom
12:00 GMT
Paris, France
13:00 CET
Nairobi, Kenya
15:00 EAT
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
16:00 GST
Bangkok, Thailand
19:00 ICT
Beijing, China 20:00 CST
Melbourne, Australia 23:00 AEDT


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October 25, 2020 at 1:00pm - 3pm Berlin Time
Angela Fobbs ·
Dieudonne Kamga Katie Solon M Savit kathleen dameron Teresa Ritterhoff Adrienne Johnson Maya Buchanan Kass Thomas Marjorie Bernstein Wendy Johnson Taunya Renson-Martin Ann Steiner R Buck Abdullai Abass Ahmed Michele O'Brien Abdoul Karim Foumakoye Amanda von Koppenfels Timothy Wickland Shrena Fraser Johnson Joy Notoma Vermonja Alston Jayne De Ses Shiana Crosby richard e. allen Veronica Pollard Reed Kennedy Jake Lamar Tina Bui Pamela Wilkie Carole Crawford Rachelle Chapman Diana Scogna Susan Fitoussi Peter Gillespie Angela Shaw Erma Manoncourt Cuthbert Telesford Robyn T Emerson Anne-Marie O’Connor Mohulatsi Mokeyane, Ph.D Deandra Anderson Rosemary McCarthy

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