The Global Black Caucus (GBC) invites you to participate in our documentary "The Impact of Martin Luther King."  We are putting together a documentation about what MLK means to the members of Democrats Abroad and how he has affected their lives. How has MLK affected you? Perhaps you attended some of MLK's speeches, civil rights marches or protests in the 50s or 60s, or maybe you saw him on TV or on video. Even if you  were born after 1960, MLK had an effect on your life and we would like to hear from you.

What we’re looking for is a video sharing how MLK impacted your life. You can use the questions below to help stimulate your thoughts and dialog in the video. You are not limited to the questions below. Please tell us whatever you want to share. 

Here are some of the topics you could talk about in the video:

  • What does MLK mean to you?
  • When did you first become aware of MLK?     
  • How did you feel about MLK and the civil rights movement?
  • How were things in the past?      
  • How are things different now?  
  • Do you think MLK and the civil rights movement did any good?    
  • Did you participate in marches or see him in person?      
  • Do you remember when he was killed? How did you feel?


You can have someone interview you or just record the video on your own. Videos can be made with most smartphones, digital cameras, and webcams. It would be helpful if all the videos were recorded in landscape, but if that’s not the case we'll work with it.

Videos should be no longer than 30 minutes. If we need to do any substantial editing, we'll send the finished clip to you to approve before adding it to the documentary.

You can send your videos no later than January 5, 2018 to via (it’s free) or other file sharing service. If you have any questions, you can send them to address.