Diversity and Inclusion Officer, DAROK

As Diversity and Inclusion Recruitment officer, I intend to connect left-leaning and progressive communities here in South Korea to increase DAROK membership. 

As someone who has been involved with immigrant communities in the USA and engaged with Korean adoptee communities in Korea, there are many overlapping issues that are influenced by how our elected officials vote on laws and policies. This reverberates to affect Americans both domestically and internationally as well.

I hope to play a role in connecting and building our communities to help others feel empowered to vote for candidates that support them and on the issues that matter to them.

If you have questions about joining, volunteering, and or working with DAROK please send me an e-mail here:

[email protected]

Interested in international adoption, immigration, migration and Asian American issues. BSW and MSW in social work. Currently residing in Seoul but from Minnesota.