Brandon Porter, 35, Panama, (Prospective Sanders Delegate)

My background was first in environmental sciences (M.S.) and I am passionate to foster change to help us deal with climate change, and in general, the lack of science literacy in much of the population - one of the main reasons I am wishing to enter politics. I am currently a 4th - grade teacher who's married to a Latina, and we have two amazing kids who are 5 and 3. I am working on a teaching certificate to teach secondary science and continue my learning of Spanish. I am also a proud member of the Howling Wolf Band, Kentucky Cherokee Alliance and from the challenges we have experienced being in the minority, I recognize our serious need for diverse representation. I am also very passionate about animal welfare and I have many rescues. For these reasons, I hope you consider electing me to be the change we desperately need. Saludos.