September 26, 2022

BREAKING NEWS! Time to Send Your Ballot Back! DHL Discount to Send your Ballot Back to the US + Live Voter Help 3x a week!

DHL COURIER DISCOUNT AVAILABLE!  For those who want to send back your ballot via courier, it is not inexpensive, but there is a discount to help!  When you go to the DHL location, use code USA20 to get a 20% discount.  Valid at in person locations only, and not usable online.  If you don't want to make an investment in postage there is still time to use other less expensive means of ballot transmissions - and each state has its own rules.  Need help?  Check out state information on or get one on one help with your ballot every Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday at our Vote From Abroad Virtual Voter Help Desk!  CLICK HERE for Voter Help Desk Live Link!