Washington for Equal Rights!

Unbelievably, we are still considering whether or not to acknowledge, in legislation, that women have full and complete personhood. It should not be partisan, nor controversial, to declare in the law that equal protection, equal rights, and equal access to society for women should be enshrined in the US Constitution. As a Washingtonian, and graduate of Holy Names Academy (an all-girls high school in Seattle), I'm aware that there are a wide variety of views in WA about what *kind* of protections we should offer to women, specifically with respect to access to reproductive healthcare. Yet, as we are led by fantastic women at all levels in Washington, like Senators Murray and Cantwell, the legacy of Governor Gregoire, and dynamic congresspeople like my 8th district's own Dr. Shrier, I believe that our support for the ERA is essential. Washington leads the way in so many social and economic issues; there is no issue more fundamental than the equal rights of women. If support for the equal rights of women implies that we must make changes at the local, state, and national level, then the structures that need change *already* exist, and we should already feel called to change the structures that perpetuate inequality for women, especially women of color, in the United States. ERA Now! Proud Washington voter, living in Paris.