• Thursday, July 04, 2019 at 06:30 PM · 2 rsvps
    MOUNT ROYAL PARK - BEAVER LAKE in Montreal,, QC, Canada


    Please join us for a Fourth of July celebration in Mount Royal Park.  We will meet at the parking lot near Beaver Lake and then set up some picnic tables.  Bring the whole family and any US gear you might have - flags, hats, shirts, etc.  Please bring whatever food and drink you want.  If we are having food, then we are allowed alcoholic beverages.  If anyone has table clothes they can bring, that might be nice.

    IMPORTANT: There is NO rain date.  If it IS raining or rain is IMMINENT,  we will not go ahead with the event.  You can email me at if there is any question. 

    I look forward to seeing lots of members (and any friends or family) there to celebrate.

  • Sunday, August 18, 2019 at 02:15 PM · 4 rsvps
    GAY PRIDE PARADE in Montreal, QC, Canada


    This has become an annual event for DA Montreal and we invite all members to gather at the parade site to show our support.  We will be marching as a group of individuals, not as DA reps, but we still need to register individually. Please go to their website and complete your individual registration.

    Deadline is July 6: