DA Montreal is a chapter of DA Canada, the official country committee for US Democrats living in Canada. The new executive board has been very busy doing outreach to our members and we are blown away by the overwhelming response from our members. We don’t know where you have been hibernating the last few years, but it’s great to see you and hear from you!

We have a few important goals set for our chapter:

· Find as many US Democrats as we can to register to vote in November 2020.

· Provide as much information and support as possible to all Democrats in the Greater Montreal area. This can include tax seminars, emails, social meetings.

· Communicate with members about the larger DA organization – DA Canada and DA Global and offer members the opportunity to make a difference in the Democratic Party on a larger scale.

· And lastly, but not the least important, to offer a social network to all the Democrats living in Montreal. A chance to connect with like-minded US citizens.

As chairperson of the Montreal Chapter, I have been emailing and calling members in an effort to reach out to those who might live a distance from the downtown core and may not always be able to join in for those events scheduled in town. If you are located a distance from the city, please do contact me at the email below and I will work with you to schedule events closer to where you live. The “meet and greets” I have had so far confirm my belief that in-person meetings with members are the best way for me to communicate my enthusiasm for the GET OUT THE VOTE initiative. All US Dems in Montreal should be registered to vote by fall 2020 and have filled in and returned their absentee ballots by their state’s deadline.

The Montreal Chapter executive is working hard to support all of our members. Let us know what would be helpful to YOU and we will try our best to support you. We look forward to hearing from you.

Randi Weitzner
Chair, Democrats Abroad Montréal


DA Montreal Leadership:

Randi Weitzner
| Chapter Chair, Montreal
Gib Primeau
| Chapter Vice Chair, Montreal
Deb Lazar
| Secretary, Montreal Chapter
Brent Jamsa
| Treasurer, Montreal Chapter
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    As part of my initiative to go to where our members live, I am headed out to Sainte Adele to visit with DA members living in the Laurentians.  If you know of DA members who live near that area that might be interested, please pass this information along.  For those DA members living north, south, east or west of the downtown core who would like to consider helping me set up a meet and greet in your area, please contact me to let me know.  

    I have had meetings in the Sainte Anne de Bellevue area,Pointe Claire and Laval I know members in those areas are interested in getting involved.  Please reach out to me with your ideas for creating events in your community so that other DA members who are close by can get together.  You can always check the website for new items and event listings to see what is happening in Montreal.

    As we cross the threshold into 2020, we are going to need to ramp up our efforts to inform all Democrats in Montreal that they need to request their absentee ballot for 2020 and then remind them to send them in closer to election time.  DA Canada is also involved in many activities to promote Democratic candidates all over the US and can use our help to do phone banking.

    Get involved.  Make a difference.  The time for watching from the sidelines is long gone.  Trump is ruining the country many of us used to call home and a lot of us still do.  Let make sure that America shows him the door in November 2020  - au revoir Donald.

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    We have had pretty good attendance at our debate watch events and members have been very interested in talking with each other at these events (actually talking more to each other than listening to the debates!).  So we have scheduled a DEMS & DRINKS event August 13at                                                                L’Amère à Boire, 2049 Rue Saint-Denis, Montreal, QC H2X 3K8

    I know that many members don’t live in the downtown area, but if you are even a little bit close by, maybe talk with other Democrats about carpooling in and join us for a fun evening of drinks and politics.

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