CALL FOR CANDIDATES: National Officers and Voting Representatives


Democrats Abroad France will conduct its Annual General Meeting and National Leadership Election on April 17, 2021 (via Zoom). RSVP here.

The nominations period for candidates is closed -- see Candidate Statements here.

All members of Democrats Abroad France may stand for election. People from under-represented communities are encouraged to apply. Candidates are sought for the following positions, per the DA France Bylaws of March 2020:

The Chair

The Chair shall be the chief executive officer of Democrats Abroad France (DA France), shall call and preside at all meetings of members and of the Executive Committee, establish the agenda of such meetings, and shall be responsible for carrying out the programs, policies, and activities duly approved by the members and the Executive Committee. The Chair is also the primary Officer representing DA France in Democrats Abroad and shall attend Democrats Abroad Global and Regional meetings to the extent practical.

The Chair and First Vice-Chair with the advice of the other Officers may allocate between themselves the duties of the Chair. 

The Chair or any Officer delegated by the Chair to do so, shall be entitled to sit on all Standing and Ad Hoc Committees, with full voting privileges. Decisions or actions taken by the Chair may be overruled by a two-thirds (2/3) majority of the Executive Committee. The Chair is an ex-officio member of Democrats Abroad and should attend meetings to the extent practical.

First Vice-Chair

The First Vice-Chair shall assist and support the Chair in the execution of the Chair’s duties, and shall, in the absence of the Chair call and preside at meetings of members and of the Executive Committee. 

The First Vice-Chair shall be a member and represent DA France in Democrats Abroad at the Global and Regional level, should attend meetings of such bodies to the extent practical, and shall report monthly to the Executive Committee the current activities of the Democrats Abroad leadership. 

In addition to the shared responsibilities of the Chair allocated to the First Vice-Chair, if the office of Chair shall become vacant the First Vice-Chair shall assume the responsibilities of the Chair and the Vice-Chair-Chapter Liaison shall act as First Vice-Chair.

Second Vice-Chair (Chapter Liaison)

The Second Vice-Chair (Chapter Liaison) shall be charged with monitoring the activities of, and supporting the Chairs of the Chapters and Subchapters, and implementing the decisions of the Executive Committee and Officers insofar as they pertain to the Chapters and Subchapters.

The Second Vice-Chair (Chapter Liaison) shall upon election to the office of Second Vice-Chair be a Voting Representative and member of Democrats Abroad, and shall with the Chair and First Vice-Chair attend meetings of Democrats Abroad to the extent practical, and shall report monthly to the Chapter and Subchapter Chairs the current activities of the Executive Committee and Global and Regional Leadership of Democrats Abroad.


The Secretary shall take and archive minutes of Executive Committee meetings and all Annual General and Special Meetings of the members and maintain the current list of members of DA France in collaboration with the Database/IT Manager.

The Secretary shall maintain and safeguard all files and administrative records of DA France. The minutes of all meetings shall be made available to all DA France members without undue delay. The Secretary shall notify the members of the results of all national and Chapter and Subchapter and Caucus elections and of the admission or change in status of any Chapter, Subchapter or Caucus.

The Secretary shall be responsible for direct communication with members on matters that concern the entirety of DA France, in collaboration with the Communications Coordinator.


The Treasurer shall manage the finances of the organization, prepare a budget and cash flow forecast as required by the Chair for approval by the Executive Committee, request and receive financial periodic reports from the Chapters, maintain its financial reports to members, make and maintain such financial reports as may be required by law, and have joint signature authority with the Chair on all DA France bank accounts. All such records shall be available for review by the Executive Committee and by the International Treasurer of Democrats Abroad.

The Treasurer shall consult with the International Treasurer of Democrats Abroad from time to time on matters concerning the maintenance of financial records and financial reporting (notably to the United States Federal Election Commission).


The Counsel shall be available for consultation by the Executive Committee and the Chapters on legal and procedural questions relating to DA France and its activities. The Counsel shall consult with the International Counsel from time to time on relevant matters, including notably questions on voting issues and financial record keeping and compliance with the rules of the United States Federal Elections Commission (and any successor thereto) by DA France and its activities.

The Counsel with the Chair shall ensure the organization is in compliance with French laws and regulations.

National Membership Database/IT Manager

The National Membership Database/IT Manager will be responsible for maintaining the membership database and for maintaining the operation and integrity of the national organization’s and each Chapter’s website and other multimedia platforms such as Facebook and its successors. The Database/IT Manager will be familiar with and act as the administrator of the platform system or systems used by Democrats Abroad to maintain its membership. The Database/IT Manager will collaborate with the Membership Outreach Coordinator during the organization’s membership verification exercises. The Database/IT Manager will advise the Executive Committee on available measures to protect the security of the database and communications against data theft and malicious infiltration and corruption. The Database/IT Manager shall upon request provide data to members of the Executive Committee. 

The Database/IT Manager may be appointed by the Executive Committee and if so appointed will be a non-voting member of the Executive Committee. 

GOTV Officer

The GOTV Officer will be responsible for designing and supervising the execution of the organization’s national voter registration and GOTV strategy on multiple platforms including “on the ground” efforts and via social media. As such, this officer will liaise with both the Global GOTV committee and with the persons responsible for GOTV activities in each Chapter and Subchapter.

The GOTV Officer will be familiar with the relevant federal and state laws and regulations concerning absentee voting and voting from abroad (including the Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act) and be available to consult with members concerning voter registration requirements and deadlines in each State.

Communications Coordinator

The Communications Coordinator will be responsible for designing, implementing and coordinating the communications activities of the organization, including direct contact with members and interested persons via the international, national and local websites, use of social media, notably Facebook and Twitter and similar, French and English press communications, and a monthly newsletter to members.

The Communications Coordinator will collaborate with Officers and other members having appropriate skills and experience to assist in the implementation of a coordinated Communications strategy both on a national and Chapter level. The Communications Coordinator will report to the Chair monthly on activities undertaken and planned.

Issues, Programs and Events Coordinator

The Issues, Programs and Events Coordinator will design and coordinate the organization’s initiatives, including global and national town halls, debates and speaker events, to educate and advance discussion on contemporary U.S. political issues. The Coordinator will assist Chapters to plan and organize local events such as lunches, dinners, wine-tastings, holiday gatherings, venues for significant speakers, etc. for membership development and fund- raising, and shall help promote these events on the website and social media in collaboration with the Communications Coordinator and Database/IT Manager. The Coordinator at the close of each month will notify the Executive Committee of the result of any activities undertaken. 

Membership Outreach/Volunteer Coordinator

The Membership Outreach/Volunteer Coordinator designs and implements the strategy for developing the Chapters, Subchapters and member base and to recruit and organize volunteers to be involved in projects identified by the Executive Committee. The Coordinator will be responsible for contacts with American groups in France, including study abroad programs, and participate in networking activities with a view to developing new members. The Coordinator will collaborate with the Secretary and Database/IT Manager to assure that the membership of DA France is validated annually, and shall coordinate all volunteer outreach activities, including phone-banking. 

Voting Representative

The Charter of Democrats Abroad (Article 2 and Article 3) and the DNC provide for participation of DA France and other Country Committees in certain conventions, meetings and candidate and policy selection. Membership in Democrats Abroad and voting rights are allocated to the Chair, the First Vice-Chair and Voting Representatives elected by the members of DA France at the Annual General Meeting.

Voting Representatives are required under the Democrats Abroad Charter to be elected in accordance with the gender balance rules of Democrats Abroad.

[Note that a total of 9 Voting Representatives will be elected.]


Candidates should be members of Democrats Abroad France, US citizens 18 years or older, living in France from the time of their nomination, and be able to serve a full term of two years. Every eligible member with interest, ability, conviction and ideas is encouraged to run. Previous organizing experience is welcome but not necessary. Those from under-represented communities are encouraged to apply. To join Democrats abroad, go here:


Interested parties may self-nominate, or nominate someone by Thursday, March 25 to [email protected]

  • If you are self-nominating, please include your name and the position for which you are running. If you are nominating another person, please be sure to copy them on the email.
  • Candidates are asked to provide a candidacy statement not exceeding 200 words about who they are, and why they are running. Please also indicate your gender (male, female, or non-binary), and also whether you can be contacted by voters for questions about your candidacy. Final candidate statements should be submitted by March 25th. The information provided will be published on the DA France website, and providing this information to us affirms your consent for this use and purpose.
  • Optional endorsements are permitted. An endorsement should include the endorser’s name, title (if any), and an endorsement statement not exceeding 100 words. US citizens only please. Limit 3. Endorsements should also be submitted by March 25th.
  • Early voting will be made available via online ballot after Candidate Statements are published on Saturday, March 27.
  • *(UPDATED) Meet the Candidates” Mixer on Sunday, APRIL 11 @ 3PM for one hour via Zoom. Attendance is optional, but it is offered as an opportunity for voters and candidates to connect. RSVP here.
  • RSVP for the Election & AGM on April 17, 2021. Candidates should be prepared to attend the Leadership Elections and AGM and to speak for their candidacy (1-2 minutes). The Election Board will contact candidates to confirm the length of time allotted for speeches prior to Election Day, as this depends in part on the number of candidates participating. Results will be announced at the meeting after the close of voting, and time needed to tabulate results. RSVP here.


We are hosting two informational meetings to answer your questions about running for office. Please join us on Sunday, March 14th at 11am and/or Monday, March 15th via Zoom. (Updated March 17: These sessions have passed, but you can see the slide presentation here.) Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

The National Election Board for Democrats Abroad France

Kate Barrett (Chair)
Didier Moutou
Linda Martin
[email protected]