DPCA Elections 2017: Candidates

You can find the list of verified and confirmed candidates below.   There is a link to a candidate page to see their photo, candidate statement and endorsements for every candidate that provided that information.  The names in red have a link.

The first of the Meet Your Candidate video interviews are now available.  We will be posting these by office between April 13-April 21.  You can find the videos by candidate by clicking here.  These are also available on the individual candidate's page.  

Click on any of the officers to find the list of candidates:

International Chair

International Vice-Chair

International Treasurer

International Secretary

International Counsel

International Chair

Julia Bryan (F, Czech Republic)

Sarala Morusupalli (F, India)

International Vice-Chair

Alex Montgomery (M, Hong Kong)

Sarala Morusupalli (F, India) - WITHDREW

Art Schankler (M, Serbia)

International Treasurer

Kari Hiepko-Odermann (India)

Michael Trainor(Spain) - WITHDREW

Lissette Wright (Canada)

International Secretary

Jeffrey Cheng (Sweden)

Janet Day-Strehlow (Germany)

Gina Senduka (Greece) - WITHDREW

International Legal Counsel

Kirk Samson (Germany)

Tom Schmid (Japan)

Marc Seltzer (Canada)

Salli Swartz (France)

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