Cedric Sumo

I’m an American from Virginia who’s been living in Lausanne since 2014.
I’ve been a proud member of Democrats Abroad Switzerland since 2016 and I’ve participated in many voter registration campaigns since then.
The reason I decided to become a member of the executive committee of DA is because my intention is to help register as many citizens to vote in their local, state and federal elections while living abroad. I plan on convincing them to vote democrat.
There’s an important community of US expats living in Switzerland and as a member of the leadership of DA Switzerland, it is now my duty to inform others and remind some of the ideals, aspirations and nominees of the US Democratic Party.
The constructive sharing of ideas and opinions in a respectful and kind manner is what will help bring our divided country together.  Reason why I’m happy to hear from you about your political and social concerns and share with you how we can help.
No matter your political affiliation, if any at all, I and the leadership committee of DA Switzerland are happy to hear from you. As an American, no matter where you’re geographically located, you have the right to be heard.
Get in touch, get involved. It’s your country too!

You can email me at [email protected].