Rep. Don Beyer (D-VA08) asks IRS to make CARES Act aid tools accessible to Americans abroad

Democrats Abroad thanks Rep. Don Beyer (D-VA08) for writing to the IRS on behalf of the Americans abroad community asking for changes to be made to the IRS' online CARES Act aid tools - Non-Filers-Enter Information Here and Get My Payment - in order to make the accessible to Americans abroad.  Click here to download the letter.

The letter asks the IRS to add a field to the online tools for Americans abroad to submit the numbers for their accounts in their non-US banks and and a field for non-US phone number.

The Get My Payment tool went on online on Wednesday 15 April and anecdotal evidence suggests it has some sort of a glitch that results in many users - both in the U.S. and living abroad - getting a "Cannot Determine Your Eligibility" message.  We expect the system is being overwhelmed.  If you received such a response please try the tool again in a day or so.

Democrats Abroad Taxation Task Force