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Democrats Abroad Switzerland is a volunteer organization that relies on donations to be able to provide outreach, voter education, and voter registration services. Your financial support allows us to provide events (social, political, and of interest to expats), voter outreach and education, and activism opportunities. Whether you choose to make a one time donation or become a sustaining donor, your contribution allows us to purchase advertising, provide voter registration, and rent venues (as needed).

  • Are you interested in becoming a sustaining donor? We are looking for members who can donate between CHF 2 and CHF 50 a month! Request that your bank do a "Standing Order," or "Dauerauftrag."
    Account Name: Democrats Abroad Switzerland
    Address: Holbeinstrasse 13, 4051 Basel
    IBAN: CH74 0029 2292 1665 7940 Q

  • We can accept donations via Twint!
    Simply open your Twint app, scan this QR code, and enter the donation amount you wish to send! Because Twint payments are anonymous, we ask that you send an email to [email protected] to let us know about your Twint donation so that we can thank you!

  • We can accept donations via PayPal!

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Donation Declaration

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