Chair, Germany

Born and raised in Central Pennsylvania, Ms. Kerestan has lived in Germany permanently since 2014. She first found Democrats Abroad in 2015 and served as a regional leader in the Cologne-Bonn area from 2016 to 2019. In February 2019, she was elected as Country Chair of DA Germany. Her role focuses on finding Americans in Germany, educating them about the process of voting from abroad, and getting Democrats elected. She leads an extensive team of volunteers in over 35+ German cities to do just this.

Ms. Kerestan holds a BA in Politics and German from Juniata College and a MA in Politikwissenschaften from the University of Bonn. In addition to her volunteer role with Democrats Abroad, Ms. Kerestan is an academic editor and German-English translator at the University of Bonn. She is also pursuing her PhD there with a dissertation focused on overseas absentee voting policy.

Ms. Kerestan is currently based in Munich.

  • Heidelberg February Meeting and Chapter Elections !

    The main event of this February meeting is our Chapter elections. We will be voting for Chapter Chair and Vice Chair. DA Germany has created a Chapter Nominations and Election Committee (CNEC) as a neutral facilitator of the election, so please contact this committee if you would like to run for either position. An email from them is going out to chapter members with more details, so look for that. Otherwise, if you are not running, please join us to vote for candidates. Voting is open to all Heidelberg Chapter members.

    February 05, 2021 at 7pm
    Online Meeting via WebEx
    Heidelberg Zentrum
    Google map and directions
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  • rsvped for Politics in a Post-Truth World 2021-01-19 16:31:44 -0500

    Politics in a Post-Truth World

    Democrats Abroad Switzerland is very excited to welcome back Alexandra Cirone, PhD, to speak to us about the state of US politics in a post-truth world!

    What are we to do in a political environment where objective facts are ignored in favor of appeals to emotional or personal beliefs? Where fear trumps fact? Who can we trust in a world where partisanship has become so strong that facts are sacrificed to political expediency and the media has sacrificed truth in favor of balance?

    If these questions trouble you, then please join us via Zoom on Thursday, January 28th at 7 PM.

    All are welcome to attend, but DA Switzerland would gladly accept donations from American citizens in attendance in support of this event and our voter outreach and activism efforts.

    About the speaker: Dr. Cirone received her BA in political science from the University of Chicago, MA and M.Phil in political science from Columbia University, and successfully defended her PhD in political science at Columbia University in June 2017. Her focus was Comparative Politics and Quantitative Methods. Prior to pursuing her PhD, she served as Research Manager at Harvard Kennedy School's Evidence for Policy Design. She served as a pre- and post-doc Research Fellow at the London School of Economics in their Political Economy Group. Dr. Cirone is currently an assistant professor and Himan Brown Faculty Fellow in the Government department at Cornell University and a Faculty Fellow at the new Institute of Politics and Global Affairs in NYC. You can read more about her on her website.

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    January 28, 2021 at 7pm
    Zoom Meeting
    Basel, BS
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  • proDA Book Club: The Deficit Myth: Modern Monetary Theory and the Birth of the People's Economy by Stephanie Kelton

    populist-cover.jpgDate:Monday, January 25, 2021
    Time: 12pm - 1:30pm ET (Washington DC time)
    Book:  The Deficit Myth: Modern Monetary Theory and the Birth of the People's Economy by Stephanie Kelton, 2020

    Book Discussion

    All are welcome to attend the January proDA Book Club meeting on January 25, 2021, 12-1:30pm Washington DC (ET) time.  Join us! 

    As an advocate of modern monetary theory, Kelton in The Deficit Myth: Modern Monetary Theory and the Birth of the People's Economy offers a radically different, bold, new understanding for how to build a just and prosperous society. This promises to be a lively meeting as the author shifts the terrain from narrow budgetary questions to one of broader economic and social issues and benefits.

    Participants need to know that if there are access, affordability, etc. problems for a book/books, they should contact co-leaders, John Esteban Rodriguez and Betsy Ettorre ( who will help them with the listed books.

    Learn more about the proDA Book Club.

    January 25, 2021 at 12pm
    Zoom - ONLINE
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  • BHM - John Lewis: Good Trouble Film Screening



    21 February is John Lewis' birthday. In his honor, we will be screening the documentary John Lewis: Good Trouble. After the film will have a discussion.

    Watch the trailer:

    RSVP to receive the Zoom link.

    Event Start Time by Location

    Vancouver, Canada 08:00 PST
    Washington DC, USA 11:00 EST
    London, United Kingdom 16:00 GMT
    Frankfurt, Germany 17:00 CET
    Athens, Greece 18:00 EET
    Dubai, United Arab Emirates 20:00 GST
    Bangkok, Thailand 23:00 ICT


    February 21, 2021 at 5pm
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  • rsvped for Solidarity Sundays 39: Americans Divided 2021-01-13 14:08:24 -0500

    Solidarity Sundays 39: Americans Divided

    Our 2021 Fixing Democracy Projects starts with an examination of our political divide: Who voted for Trump? Why? And how do we interact with them? Or not?
    Many of us want to initiate collaborative, empathetic conversations with Republicans to cultivate solidarity. We‘ll explore some ideas.


    January 31, 2021 at 4pm
    Stephansplatz 1
    Vienna 1010
    Google map and directions
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  • rsvped for Munich Chapter Election 2021-01-13 12:42:55 -0500

    Munich Chapter Election

    With the arrival of COVID, our election by-laws have had to be rewritten so we may have a virtual election. On February 20, 2021 we are holding the Munich Chapter Officer elections. We vote every two years for new officers, naturally in the odd years, so our elections do not coincide with our American elections. We will be voting on a Chair, Vice Chair, GOTV Coordinator, Press Coordinator and Secretary. This is a commitment of two years. If you are interested, please contact Emily Froemel standing Munich Chapter Chair HERE. Per COVID regulations, we are still meeting on Zoom. This election is open to all members. Please RSVP and come. Let’s see if we can have a 70% vote in Munich as well…

    The German Chairmanship will send out an email that explains the voting process with all the new by-laws and people you can contact.

    February 20, 2021 at 7pm
    Google map and directions
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  • rsvped for Tea Time 2020-12-18 15:57:50 -0500

    Tea Time

    AAPI Networking

    We’re holding our first ever networking event for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders living overseas.  Come get acquainted, swap stories, and find your community!

    We’ll be doing short introductions, a question of the day, and a speed round of meet and greet!  If there’s anything you want to do, achieve, or find - let us know, or bring it up in the meeting.

    Don’t forget your snacks, your beverage of choice, and of course, your microphone.

    And if you need some inspiration for your tea choices, check out these new tea based cocktails from Saveur.

    RSVP below to get the Zoom link!

    Vancouver, CA 8:00 am
    Toronto, CA 11:00 am
    London, UK 18:00
    Berlin, DE 19:00
    Abu Dhabi, UAE 22:00


    January 28, 2021 at 7pm
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  • Statement on Tina Chittom's Racist Remarks on Markus Lanz (de/en)

    Democrats Abroad Germany ist zutiefst empört über die hasserfüllten und rassistischen Kommentare, die Tina Chittom von Republicans Overseas Germany wiederholt im Rahmen der gestern ausgestrahlten Talkshow mit Markus Lanz getätigt hat. Denkweisen, die die Menschenwürde in irgendeiner Form missachten und fremdenfeindlichen Verschwörungstheorien dienen, lehnen wir strikt ab.

    Leider sind solche Denkweisen innerhalb der Republicans Overseas Germany weit verbreitet. Schon eine kurze Onlinerecherche der Organisation macht deutlich, dass diese nicht nur als Fundraising Super-PAC für Donald Trump fungiert, sondern auch, dass verschiedene Mitglieder der Gruppe nicht davor zurückschrecken, Minderheiten bewusst zu erniedrigen und menschenfeindliche eugenische Theorien zu verbreiten, indem sie beispielsweise Afro-AmerikanerInnen wiederholt als Kriminelle sowie Drogenabhängige diffamieren. Diese Tatsache hätte den ZDF-Redakteuren bewusst sein müssen, bevor sie sich dazu entschieden haben, Frau Chittom als Gast einzuladen.

    In diesem Zusammenhang müssen wir ebenfalls unsere Enttäuschung darüber ausdrücken, dass zahlreiche deutsche Medien den Republicans Overseas Germany trotz derartiger Ausfälle immer wieder eine Plattform bieten, um ihre abstoßenden Denkweisen zu verbreiten – und das häufig ohne VertreterInnen der Demokratischen Partei als argumentatives Gegenüber einzuladen. 

    Wir betrachten es als höchst inakzeptabel, Diskussionsrunden über Themen wie Rassismus in den Vereinigten Staaten zusammenzustellen, ohne dabei auf eine ausgewogene Gästeliste zu achten, die vor allem den Perspektiven von betroffenen Personengruppen Rechnung trägt. Als offizielles Organ der U.S.-Demokratischen Partei im Ausland vertritt Democrats Abroad Germany mehr als 16.000 U.S.-BürgerInnen in der Bundesrepublik, darunter viele deutschsprachige People of Color, die gerne bereit wären, über die politische Lage in den USA vor der Wahl zu diskutieren.

    Democrats Abroad Germany is disgusted by the hateful and racist comments that Tina Chittom of Republicans Overseas Germany repeatedly made during yesterday's talk show with Markus Lanz. We strictly reject ways of thinking that disregard human dignity in any form and advance xenophobic conspiracy theories.

    Unfortunately, such ideologies are widespread within Republicans Overseas Germany. A quick online search of the organization reveals that it not only functions as a fundraising Super PAC for Donald Trump, but that many members of the group do not shy away from consciously humiliating minorities and spreading hostile eugenic theories, for example by repeatedly defaming African Americans as criminals and drug addicts. It is unlikely that ZDF researchers and producers missed this before they decided to invite Ms. Chittom as a guest.

    In this context, we must also express our disappointment that, despite openly embracing such offensive views, numerous German news outlets continue to provide Republicans Overseas Germany with a platform to spread their repulsive ways of thinking – often without inviting representatives of the Democratic Party as an argumentative counterpart.

    We consider it highly unacceptable to host discussion panels on topics such as racism in the United States without paying attention to a balanced guest list – one that includes the perspectives of the people affected. As the official organ of the U.S. Democratic Party for Americans living overseas, Democrats Abroad Germany represents more than 16,000 U.S. citizens in the Federal Republic, including many German-speaking People of Color who would be willing to discuss the political situation in the United States before the election.


  • published Donate to DA Germany in News 2020-09-02 15:30:31 -0400

    Donate to DA Germany

    We are 100% volunteer-run — we have no paid staff or consultants and no offices. Our mission is to find and mobilize the more than 120,000 Americans living in Germany to vote. In 2016, it is estimated that only 17% of Americans in Germany actually voted. In that election year, we calculated that every Euro spent resulted in 3 new members/voters. Awareness of DA Germany and our mission is key!

    The 2020 US elections are a pivotal moment in our nation’s history that will have long-lasting impacts, not just in the United States, but globally. We are mobilizing to win back the White House, and to take back the Senate as well - so we can stop the craven policies of the Trump Administration. While we have little overhead, we do have costs for activities like mailings, phone banking, advertising, software, etc.

    Please join us and donate to turn out the American vote in Germany for Democrats!


    Become a Sustaining Monthly Donor

    For as little as €5.00 per month, you can ensure that DA Germany has the foundation we need to stay focused on our mission instead of spending our time fundraising to pay our bills. To schedule a direct deposit donation, please set up a “Dauerauftrag” from your German bank account using our account information below. We gladly accept donations in greater amounts - for example €20.20/month!

    Make a One-Time Donation

    To make a one-time donation, please use our bank information (Euros) or mailing address (US Dollars) below to do so. If you are donating to a specific campaign (for example, Dialing for Democracy), please indicate that under "Verwendungszweck".

    Donate for Merchandise

    We have swag! Our merchandise program also helps fund our voter outreach and education programs.

    Account Name: Democrats Abroad Germany
    IBAN: DE04 5405 0220 0140 2702 99

    Thank you for your support!

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  • published Dialing for Democracy Recap in News 2020-06-30 01:15:33 -0400

    Dialing for Democracy Recap

    On Flag Day, DA Germany phonebankers, along with volunteers from 11 other countries, came together to participate in Dialing for Democracy, a one-day call-a-thon and fundraiser. Our goal was to reach as many overseas voters as possible to remind them to request their absentee ballots for November, something you can do right now at So how did it go?!

    Excellent! Our fantastic phonebankers, who were on the phone from 9am to 9pm, accomplished the following:

    • 8,316 calls were made worldwide
    • 1,171 voters were reached in Germany
    • $18,500 was raised from phonebankers’ generous family and friends who sponsored their calls

    Our top three callers in Germany included Nina T. (319 calls), Renee J. (219 calls), and Bartley G. (213 calls). Here's a picture of two volunteers, Saehee C. (left) and Beverly S. (right), making calls during Dialing for Democracy:


    We rounded off the event with a live session on Facebook, which can be viewed here:

    We were excited that this event struck the perfect combination of activism and fundraising needed for an election year like 2020! To all of our callers and donors, we say THANK YOU! Your efforts are what will keep us going strong through November!

    If you’d like to learn how to phonebank, please visit this page to sign up for upcoming training sessions: If you’d like to make a financial contribution to Dialing for Democracy, you can do so here:

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