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  • DPCA Global Meeting - Vote on 2024 Delegate Selection Plan



    Calling All DPCA Officers... to Vote On 2024 Delegate Selection Plan


    We are excited to announce that the DPCA will be convening a Global Meeting on

    Saturday, April 22, 2023 at 08:00 AM EDT (14:00 CET // 20:00 HKT // 22:00 AEST)!

    ❖ Roll Call 07:30 AM EDT ❖

    The DPCA voting body will vote on the approval of the 2024 Delegate Selection Plan.

    This will be held online via WebEx and is open to all DA members.

    During this meeting we will also vote to confirm our 2023 Global Annual General Meeting dates and location

    (announced as June 9-11, 2023, in Washington, D.C.).

    RSVP below!

    Connection details will be emailed to all Democrats Abroad member RSVP's closer to the meeting date.

    Every four years, the Democratic Party begins designing the Delegate Selection Rules and a resulting nominating process for the next presidential election.

    While the Rules drafting process begins anew after each Presidential election, many norms and traditions carry over, including a rule that lets some states hold their nominating contest early, which in 2024 will be South Carolina, Nevada & New Hampshire, Michigan, and Georgia.

    Democrats Abroad has worked hard at crafting our Delegate Selection Plan, which is the guiding document as we play our part in nominating our Party's 2024 nominees for President and Vice President of the United States.

    You can review a copy of our draft 2024 Delegate Selction Plan which was posted for public comment on our website on March 6, 2023, and submit your by writing to [email protected] through April 5, 2023.

    (Please include the page and line number your feedback refers to in your email. Thank you!)

    NOTICE: This meeting will be recorded, including audio, video, and any materials exchanged or viewed during the session.

    April 22, 2023 at 8:00am
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  • Democrats Abroad Deliver: Celebrating Democrats Abroad's Admission into the Young Democrats of America

    After nearly a year of negotiations, Democrats Abroad has been formally admitted into the Young Democrats of America (YDA) structure for the first time in both organizations’ histories. Founded in 1932, the Young Democrats of America is the largest partisan, youth-led political organization in the United States, giving a voice to young voters and cultivating the Democratic stars of tomorrow.

    At their annual winter meeting held in Buffalo, New York, from December 9-11, the YDA body voted on resolutions, bylaws amendments, officers, and adding a Democrats Abroad chapter, a decision met with overwhelming support. Democrats Abroad was represented by Brent Jamsa of DA Canada at both the YDA Credentials Committee and General Assembly voting sessions. 

    When the gavel fell on Sunday afternoon, thousands of U.S. and dual citizens under 36 who live abroad gained representation in YDA through their membership on Democrats Abroad’s Global Youth Caucus (GYC). “Giving under-36 voters a voice and ownership in Democratic politics is mission critical. We’re excited to engage young voters from every corner of the world even more with YDA at our side,” said 29-year-old DA International Chair Candice Kerestan. YDA President Quentin Wathum-Ocama added that “bringing Democrats Abroad into the YDA fold is a gamechanger, especially considering how crucial votes from abroad can be in winning close elections across the country.” 

    As we take this collaboration to the next level, Democrats Abroad would like to thank YDA President Quentin Wathum-Ocama, YDA Democratic National Committee Member Dunixi Guereca, and Democrats Abroad GYC Chair José Miguel Madrigal, in particular, for their spirit of cooperation and commitment to empowering young voters. 

    Democrats Abroad’s admission to YDA marks the start of a new partnership between stateside and overseas voters under 36, and we’re excited to see it grow in the 2024 cycle and beyond!

    U.S. and dual citizens under 36 living abroad can join Democrats Abroad’s Global Youth Caucus at www.democratsabroad.org/yc

  • December 6 Georgia Runoff Election Information

    Attention Georgia Voters Abroad!

    DA Data Privacy Policy

    There will be a runoff election for the U.S. Senate seat in Georgia between Reverend Raphael Warnock (D) and Herschel Walker (R) on December 6, 2022. The winner will serve a six-year term, so the outcome of this race will have a lasting impact on Democrats’ ability to keep fighting for issues that just can’t wait, from a woman’s right to choose to racial justice to environmental protection!

    The good news: You can vote from abroad in the December 6 runoff election, as long as you were registered to vote in Georgia before November 7, 2022, and submitted a 2022 overseas ballot request (Federal Postcard Application, "FPCA") before November 28, 2022. But you will need to act quickly!

    Your voted runoff ballot must be postmarked by December 6 & received in GA by December 9!

    As we just saw in the November 8 midterm elections, every single vote really does count. 

    Thank you for voting from abroad in the December 6 runoff election!

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  • URGENT Ballot Curing Resources for AZ, CA, CO, NV, OR, and WA Voters

    We urge all voters who voted in the November 8 midterm elections in AZ, CA, CO, NV, OR, or WA to confirm that your ballot arrived and was counted without issue. Control of the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate will be decided by just a handful of votes in these states. Please act now and double check!

    If there are issues preventing your ballot from being counted, these states allow you to "cure" you ballot. This essentially means fixing issues such as mismatched or missing signatures or dates on the ballot materials you returned (note that the issues that can be "cured" do vary by state). Deadlines and processes to remedy issues vary by state. Details are listed below alphabetically by state. 

    If there are issues with your ballot, please immediately get in touch with your local election office!

    If you have any questions or require help, please write to [email protected].

    We have teams standing by to make sure that your vote gets counted!



    Deadline to fix ballot issue: November 16, 5:00pm US Mountain Time

    Link to look up ballot status online:* https://my.arizona.vote/AbsenteeTracker.aspx 

    Look up contact information for local election office: www.votefromabroad.org/states/az 


    Deadline to fix ballot issue: December 6, 5:00pm US Pacific Time

    Link to look up ballot status online:* https://california.ballottrax.net/voter/ 

    Look up contact information for local election office: www.votefromabroad.org/states/ca  


    Deadline to fix ballot issue: November 16

    Link to look up ballot status online:* https://colorado.ballottrax.net/voter/

    Look up contact information for local election office: www.votefromabroad.org/states/co 

    New! You can also fix ballot issues by text: Txt2Cure FAQs (will likely only work cell phones that have US number)


    Deadline to fix ballot issue: November 14, 5:00pm US Pacific Time

    Link to look up ballot status online:* https://www.nvsos.gov/votersearch/

    Look up contact information for local election office: www.votefromabroad.org/states/nv

    Some Nevada counties have online signature curing resources, see www.nvsos.gov/sos/elections/voters/cure



    Deadline to fix ballot issue: November 22

    Link to look up ballot status online:* https://secure.sos.state.or.us/orestar/vr/showVoterSearch.do

    Look up contact information for local election office: www.votefromabroad.org/states/or


    Deadline to fix ballot issue: November 28

    Link to look up ballot status online:* https://voter.votewa.gov/WhereToVote.aspx

    Look up contact information for local election office: www.votefromabroad.org/states/wa


    *If accessing this page outside of the United States, you may need to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). More on using a VPN here: https://www.votefromabroad.org/faqs/TI1 

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    Statement on November 8 Midterm Elections

    November 9, 2022, 10:00am Washington — U.S. and dual citizens watching election returns around the world are celebrating a historic midterm performance for the Democratic Party, the only party fighting for women’s rights, gun safety, racial and environmental justice, and democracy itself.  Americans both at home and abroad have made it clear that they will not sit back while MAGA Republicans sow division and hate at the expense of our fellow citizens and our democracy.

    “Overseas voters knew just how much was at stake this Novemberand they also knew that their ballots could make the difference in close elections,” says Candice Kerestan, International Chair of Democrats Abroad who cast her Pennsylvania ballot from Munich, Germany. In 2020, the number of overseas ballots returned was well within the margin of victory in two key states: in Georgia, 11,779 votes decided the outcome with 27,252 Georgians returning their ballots from outside the United States; in Arizona, 10,457 votes decided the outcome with 21,661 Arizonans abroad sending their ballots home.

    As ballot counting continues in some states – including in Georgia and Arizona – the votes from abroad will likely play a decisive role. “We knew that many of these races would be tight. That’s why we worked relentlessly all year to get out the overseas vote,” Kerestan continued. In just the last week alone, Democrats Abroad volunteers phonebanked over 45,000 battleground voters around the world. 

    In this vein, we’d like to extend our deepest gratitude to our incredible volunteers, as well as the Democratic National Committee, especially Chair Jaime Harrison, for his vision, persistence, and unwavering support to ensure no stone was left unturned this November.

  • published Overseas Voting Resources For Election Day in News 2022-11-07 16:57:53 -0500

    Overseas Voting Resources For Election Day

    **Press inquiries should be directed to [email protected]**

    Dear Overseas Voter,

    We have compiled a list of overseas voting resources to help you – and any other U.S. or dual citizen you know living abroad to vote in the November 8 midterm elections. There is still time to vote in most states, but the clock is ticking!

    Check each state’s registration, ballot request, and ballot return deadlines for overseas voters at https://www.votefromabroad.org/states/.

    • AL, AZ, CO, DC, DE, HI, IN, KS, MA, ME, MS, MT, NC, ND, NE, NJ, NM, NV, OR, RI, SC, UT, WA, and WV allow ballots to be returned by email and/or online upload.
    • AR, CT, GA, IA, ID, IL, KY, MD, MI, MN, MO, NH, NY, OH, PA, SD, TN, TX, VA, VT, WI, and WY require voted ballots from civilians abroad to be returned by postal mail or express courier (at this point we strongly recommend express courier for all states except OH!).
    • AK, CA, FL, LA, and OK allow voted ballots to be returned by fax. How to email-to-fax here: https://www.votefromabroad.org/faqs/BL7.

    IF your state allows voted ballots to be returned by email, fax, or online upload, please use that option! It’s quick, easy, and secure!

    Details are listed below for each step of the process of voting from abroad. If you need any help, please look at our FAQs, write to [email protected], or

    Join us on Zoom for free, live voter help

    Our teams are working ‘round the clock through the close of polls to make sure every eligible voter abroad can and does vote! Please share this with any other U.S. or dual citizen you know who’s currently outside of the United States.

    And lastly, don’t forget to remind your friends and family in the United States to vote! Domestic voters can find their polling place at www.iwillvote.com.

    Thank YOU!!

    Democrats Abroad

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  • Two Weeks To Go: Return Your Ballot & Help Us Fight For Every Last Overseas Vote

    With just two weeks left until the November 8 midterm elections, it’s all hands on deck!


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  • published We're Hiring! in News 2022-10-26 08:45:17 -0400

    We're Hiring!

    As we look to learn from 2022 and plan for 2024, we are excited to grow our team with the addition of a Financial Compliance Director and an Executive Director.

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  • Democrats Deliver: Student Loan Relief is Here!

    Last week, President Biden delivered on his 2020 campaign promise to provide welcome relief to the estimated 43 million Americans weighed down by the twin burdens of predatory student loan practices and the Covid-19 pandemic. 

    The plan provides for debt cancellation of up to $10,000 for borrowers making under $125,000 a year, with recipients of Pell Grants qualifying for up to $20,000. Nearly 90% of relief dollars will go to individuals earning less than $75,000 a year. In parallel, the ongoing pause on federal loan repayment has been extended through the end of 2022. 

    The effects for individual recipients are expected to be life-changing and the advancement in racial equity significant. In addition to immediate relief, the three-part plan also changes the terms of federal student loans going forward. Among other measures, monthly payments will be capped at 5% of a borrower’s discretionary income (down from 10%), and institutions of higher education will be held to new standards of accountability for rising tuition costs.

    Democrats Abroad is thrilled with this most recent example of Democrats delivering real, material improvement to the lives of the American people. Overseas U.S. citizens who want to find out more about the plan and how they might qualify for debt relief are encouraged to attend our webinar on Thursday, September 15. And don’t forget to request your ballot for November’s midterm elections at www.votefromabroad.org today so that we can keep moving our country forward!

  • Statement Celebrating the Inflation Reduction Act

    Democrats Abroad is grateful to Democratic U.S. Senators for passing the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, a bill that will have a positive impact on our world for generations to come. This legislation – a historic achievement and true cause for celebration – will ensure that big corporations and the wealthiest 1% pay their fair share, lower the cost of Medicare drug prices, and authorize an unprecedented investment of $369 billion in measures to promote renewable energy and mitigate climate change. Not a single Republican U.S. Senator voted for the bill

    With this legislation, Democrats have risen to the moment and brought hope to our planet. The United States, the second largest emitter of greenhouse gases globally, is now on its way to meeting our climate commitments and leading by example.  

    As another summer of devastating climate catastrophes rages around the globe, the Inflation Reduction Act will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by utilizing renewable and clean energy sources to replace fossil fuels, significantly lowering production costs of wind turbines, solar panels, and batteries for electric cars and incentivizing the private sector to employ wind, solar, and geothermally generated energy. The bill also provides tax incentives for private citizens to install solar panels and heat pumps in their homes and to buy electric vehicles. In coordination with President Biden’s Infrastructure Bill, the construction of charging stations will be ramped up across the entire country, including rural areas.  

    The Inflation Reduction Act allocates $27 billion for a “green bank” to invest in public-private partnerships that cut emissions. $8 billion will specifically be directed to disadvantaged communities, to further the cause of environmental justice, and $2 billion has been allocated for further research (e.g. fusion and high-energy physics). Most emissions reductions are anticipated in the power and infrastructure sectors, with carbon capture expected to increase 13-fold. 

    It is hard to overstate the magnitude of this legislative achievement. We must continue this work – to bridge the remaining 10% gap in emissions commitments made by the Biden administration, to address environmental justice issues more broadly, to completely phase out fossil fuels, to block drilling on federal lands and waters, and to continue healthcare and economic reform. There is only one way to do it: by (re-)electing Democratic leaders in November. Please register and request your ballot at www.votefromabroad.org – and make sure your friends and family, at home and abroad, have a plan to vote as well. 

    To keep up to date and active with Democrats Abroad efforts to tackle climate change, please join our Environment and Climate Crisis Council by clicking here. If you are not able to donate your time, please consider donating to Democrats Abroad today. $20.22 will help keep Congress – and the planet – blue. Thank you very much for your continued support of our organization. 

    In solidarity and hope,  

    Dana Freling, Environment & Climate Crisis Council Chair

    Candice Kerestan, International Chair

  • published Write Your Alma Mater Campaign in News 2022-08-11 08:11:19 -0400

    Write Your Alma Mater Campaign

    Democrats Abroad invites YOU to participate in an alumni outreach campaign to help encourage democratic participation by students studying abroad during the Fall 2022 semester. Our goal is to have members reach out to their alma mater(s) and make sure they’re providing accurate and current information about registering to vote to students while they're abroad.

    Here’s How to Get Started

    • Find your alma mater's study abroad office 

    The easiest way to do this is simply search “[name of university] + Study Abroad Office” – there will be a contact person or email listed on the website; this will be your target! 

    • Personalize the email template (see below)

    We encourage participants to personalize the introductory portion of the email template below. It is important that we show the universities that it is personally important to their alumni that students studying abroad exercise their democratic rights. The more personal, the more likely a response!

    • Send the email from a personal email account and wait for a response!

    Should you have any questions that you don’t feel comfortable answering, please forward them to [email protected] and a voter assistance volunteer will help.

    • Let us know what happens next! 

    Please record whatever you hear back at www.democratsabroad.org/almamaterfeedback. If you don’t hear anything after a week has passed, please reach out to the contact again. If you still do not receive a reply, let us know that, too!


    Email Template

    Dear [Contact Name/Study Abroad Office],

    I am [author’s name], an [alumnus/alumna] of [UNIVERSITY/COLLEGE, Class of XXXX], currently living in [CITY, COUNTRY]. From my own experience, I know how difficult it can be for U.S. citizens to vote while living or studying abroad, which is why I work with a group of trained volunteers who help U.S. citizens abroad register to vote and request and submit their absentee ballots.

    As an [alumnus/alumna], I want to do all I can to support current students participating in our democracy wherever they may be in the world. Could you tell me what information, if any, students going abroad receive about voting while outside the country?

    I’ve added a brief informative statement below, in case it is of any use! We are also happy to provide posters in a PDF format that can be printed out for distribution.

    Thank you for your support of our democracy.

    With kind regards,

    [author’s name]


    Useful Information on Voting from Abroad

    Voting while studying abroad can seem like a challenge, but there are several ways to ensure that students are able to exercise their democratic rights by being registered and able to vote in federal, state, and local elections!

    Registering or updating your registration to vote from abroad differs from voting as an in-state absentee voter. Registering to vote from abroad guarantees the right to receive ballots 45 days before elections and via email rather than by post (a requirement in many states). This greatly eases the return process and any potential delays due to the international postal system.

    Requesting an overseas ballot only takes a few minutes. Voters simply need to fill out the one page Federal Post Card Application (FPCA). We encourage voters to use our platform https://students.votefromabroad.org, a user-friendly English and Spanish language non-partisan service that offers FAQs as well as state-by-state registration guides. The site also offers a photo signature option that allows most voters to submit the form via their phone or computer without having to print it out. Alternatively, students can fill out the FPCA at www.fvap.gov and then print, sign and email or mail a copy of the form to their local election official.

    Volunteers at https://students.votefromabroad.org are encouraged to train as Voting Assistance Officers through the Federal Voting Assistance Program, run by the U.S. government. This is the same training that military officers and members of the Foreign Service undergo, ensuring that our volunteers are well-equipped to assist students studying abroad with their questions or any problems that may arise.

    For questions regarding voting from abroad or about the Vote From Abroad platform, please do not hesitate to contact us at: [email protected].

  • published We Can & We Must Fight Back in News 2022-06-24 12:30:53 -0400

    We Can & We Must Fight Back

    MUNICH–The Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade is an abhorrent and unprecedented assault on our fundamental human rights. Today is a dark day, a hard day in American history. 

    Stripped of protections and freedoms the past 50 years had granted us, we now confront a new, grim reality where our health, marriages, and basic bodily autonomy are on the chopping block. Make no mistake: the radical Republican Party has no intention of stopping with Roe

    We can and we must fight back. We must show up to the polls this November — and make sure that every single American we know has a plan to vote, too.  

    In this moment of despair, let us not forget that the power still resides with us – and that the overwhelming majority of Americans support the freedoms Roe upheld. A net gain of only two more U.S. Senators will allow for abortion rights to be codified at the federal level. The America we want, need, and deserve is within reach, and Democrats Abroad is committed to making it a reality.

    We still have each other — and our resolve to fight for our basic rights. Let’s do this.

  • published Enough Is Enough in News 2022-05-25 15:07:36 -0400

    Enough Is Enough

    Democrats Abroad joins our nation as it grieves the latest round of senseless shootings with innocent lives taken. We extend our deepest sympathy to all those impacted by these tragic events and resolve to fight every day for a country where everyone feels safe. However, it is not enough to be horrified by these events. We must act.

    In the past ten days, the United States has had 17 mass shootings with 43 killed and 79 injured. Two of them – in Buffalo, New York and Uvalde, Texas – made global headlines. In both cases, the 18-year-old suspects were able to acquire assault weapons – legally.

    Democrats Abroad deplores Republican lawmakers’ failure to enact legislation that would protect the people of America. Why do we continue to allow opponents of gun control to stand in the way of legislation that would prevent innocent lives being taken during their daily routines? Americans need to break that cycle – and legislators who will prioritize our children’s lives over money from the gun lobby. It’s time we acknowledge that what we are doing isn’t working.

    Americans around the globe can do more than offering heartache, thoughts and prayers. We owe families more than condolences. Globally, we are more than six million strong, and we must vote to change the laws that allow these attacks to happen. We must elect Democrats who will stand up for the American people, against the gun lobby, and for sensible gun legislation.

    Stand together. Take action. 

    • Call your Congressional Representative and US Senators to demand they take action on guns and gun violence. Look up their contact details here.
    • Commit to asking five Americans living abroad to request their ballot at VoteFromAbroad.org.
    • Show your support on National Gun Violence Awareness Day and Wear Orange Weekend on June 3-5. Find out more at wearorange.org.
    • Like and share our voting information on social media, including on our Democrats Abroad Facebook page and Vote from Abroad Facebook page.
    • Be the margin of victory! Our record of bringing home the overseas vote has proven to make the difference in close races. Consider a donation to support our efforts at democratsabroad.org/donate.

    Press inquiries can be directed to [email protected].

  • published The Path Forward in News 2022-05-03 11:16:35 -0400

    The Path Forward

    The Supreme Court’s draft opinion to overturn Roe v. Wade, leaked late last night by Politico, makes unmistakably clear what the Republican agenda is: an unprecedented assault on women and families in the United States. 

    For more than a generation, the right to reproductive freedom has been the law of the land. When a far-right administration took office in 2016, we knew that this right was in grave danger. Fast forward to 2022, and we now have three more ultra-conservative, anti-choice justices on the Supreme Court. The looming fate of Roe is the direct consequence of the 2016 election.

    That many of us saw this coming does not make the blow less painful or severe. But we can fight back2022 is also a decisive election year. Together, we must put in place both federal and state legislatures that fairly represent the will of the majority. This cannot wait.  

    Let us not forget in this dark moment that we have the power to elect legislators who will respect the law of the land and the will of the people this November. We must wield it. 34 U.S. Senate seats, all 435 U.S. Representative seats, 46 state legislatures, and 36 state governorships are on the ballot. These are the offices that will determine access to abortion and reproductive health care in the absence of Roe.


    What you feel right now: do not forget it. Instead, resolve to turn this moment into collective action. Ways to fight back can be found in this statement from DA's Global Women's Caucus.

    Raise your voice. Vote. And bring other people with you. 

    In Solidarity,

    Ann HesseDA Global Women's Caucus Chair

    Candice KerestanDA International Chair

  • Global Women's Caucus Statement on the Right to an Abortion

    Dear fellow DA members,

    Today’s news concerning the Supreme Court’s expected decision to overturn the landmark Roe v. Wade is absolutely chilling.

    We’re devastated. But, as Democrats Abroad we need to recognize that this is not a threat exclusively against women. It is an attack on all of us.

    This attack on reproductive rights rings a shrill warning bell. We need to be aware that all the hard won legal victories to preserve basic rights and freedoms and to protect marginalized  populations from racism, homophobia, sexual harassment are at risk. The 14th Amendment, the right to privacy, in our doctor’s office, our marriages, our homes, is weakened by this decision. 

    What immediately springs to mind is the prescient warning by Martin Niemöller, World War II freedom fighter: “First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out- Because I was not a socialist. Then they came for the trade unionists...and then they came for me-and there was no one left to speak for me.” 

    We, in the GWC leadership, understand that this issue has always been about more than controlling women. It’s  about authoritarian control of all aspects of society.  

    The admitted goal of these authoritarians is to roll back generations of progress in civil rights for the many and to consolidate power among the few. 

    If you are not a wealthy white cis male, they are coming for you next.

    U.S. citizens living around the world have been eyewitnesses to authoritarian power-grabs like this over many decades.  There are many horrific examples of what a “forced birth” society looks like, especially for poor and marginalized communities.  If  Roe falls, America will join these repressive regimes. 

    We have a six-month window to prevent the nightmare of an anti-democratic authoritarian takeover in November.

    Republicans hold almost all the cards now, thanks to their skillful application of voter suppression, fear and disinformation tactics. However, we have the overwhelming number of Democratic votes abroad and at home. They know that the majority of Americans reject their patriarchal white supremacist doctrine and this Supreme Court opinion

    We have a chance to save our democracy and our freedoms with an overwhelming turnout for the November midterms from Democrats Abroad.

    They are betting that we won’t vote in large enough numbers to upset their plans and have done their best to prevent many from doing so which makes our job even more difficult. But we proved them wrong in 2020 and we can do it again. 

    We can do what we have had to do for far too long and out of absolute necessity to ensure a better future. 

    We can fight back. We can persist. We can:

    Let us keep up this fight together in solidarity.

    In unity,

    Ann Hesse, Chair, GWC with Steering Committee members:

    Connie Borde

    Angela Fobbs

    Naomi Ages

    Stayce Camparo

    Marnie Delaney

    Brooke Scott

    Sheila Malovany-Chevallier

    Salli Swartz

    Carol Moore

    Christina Skovsgaard

    Jamie McAfee

    Shari Temple

  • Democrats Abroad Celebrates Confirmation of Ketanji Brown Jackson

    Today is a momentous day: For the first time in history, a Black woman was confirmed to sit on our nation’s highest court. Throughout her career as a public defender, and most recently during nearly 20 hours of grueling questioning by the Senate Judiciary Committee, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson repeatedly demonstrated her competence, level-headedness, and commitment to doing the right thing. 

    At her confirmation hearings, Judge Jackson thoughtfully and thoroughly answered questions, demonstrating the depth and breadth of her decades of experience across the legal system. She also masterfully explained the law in her answers – underscoring her commitment to transparency in her decision-making and demonstrating her true love of the law.

    Democrats Abroad celebrates this moment and is excited by the lived experiences Judge Jackson will bring to the U.S. Supreme Court. She is a brilliant legal mind who will undoubtedly shape our nation’s future for the better for generations to come.

    On this occasion, we would also like to express our gratitude to President Biden for his leadership and nomination of Justice Jackson. Additionally, we are grateful to all overseas voters who cast a ballot in 2020: Your vote helped make this moment possible! 

    By voting from abroad in 2022’s crucial midterm elections, you can help ensure that Democrats grow their majorities and can continue moving our country forward. Request your ballot today at www.votefromabroad.org

  • started a recurring donation via 2023-02-23 10:36:09 -0500

  • New Year, New Elections! Request Your Ballot NOW for 2022!

    As we enter the new year, Democrats Abroad would like to remind you to (re-)register to vote and request your ballot NOW for 2022 elections at www.votefromabroad.org

    Even if you’ve voted from abroad in the past, we urge all overseas voters to (re-)register and request a ballot at the start of each calendar year. Republicans love to purge voters like you and me from the voter rolls–don’t let this happen to you in such a critical election year!

    34 U.S. Senate seats, all 435 U.S. Representative seats, 46 state legislatures, and 36 state governorships are up for grabs in November 2022. From voting rights to climate protection to access to affordable healthcare and education, too much is at stake to sit this one out!


    Protecting and expanding Democratic majorities across the United States will be an all-hands-on-deck effort. Please help us get out the vote and win critical elections this year by…

    Spreading the Word to Other Americans (including dual citizens!)

    Who else do you know who’s living abroad? Forward them this email and remind them to (re-)register to vote and request their ballot early!


    We’re calling overseas voters from battleground states, starting with Texas on January 15, and we need callers! Attend our phonebanking training on January 11 at 1:30pm Eastern to brush up or learn the ropes. All members welcome! RSVP here.

    Following Us On Social Media

    Like and share our voting information on social media, including from our Democrats Abroad FacebookDemocrats Abroad TwitterVote from Abroad Facebook, and Vote from Abroad Twitter

    Becoming A Sustaining Donor

    Help us realize our extensive outreach plan for reaching and supporting voters abroad – from social media and phonebanking campaigns to live voter assistance and website maintenance – by signing up to make a monthly donation in 2022. As an entirely volunteer-run and donation-funded organiatzion, every bit helps!


    Wednesday, January 5 

    1:00pm Eastern – Meet Shelia Cherfilus-McCormick, the Democratic candidate running in the January 11 special election in Florida's 20th Congressional District

    Thursday, January 6

    1:30pm Eastern – Defending Democracy: In Conversation with Malcolm Nance and Ruth Ben-Ghiat

    Friday, January 7

    1:00pm Eastern – The Re-United States: A Documentary Film Screening and Live Q&A with Filmmakers

    Saturday, January 8

    2:00am Eastern – Voting Rights, Swing States, and Justice Inequality: In Conversation with Black Lives Matter Tokyo

    Tuesday, January 11

    1:30pm Eastern – Phonebanking Training

    Saturday, January 15

    All Day – International Voter Registration Day (be sure to share our social media posts about this with your friends and family!)

    Sunday, January 16

    11:30am Eastern – Why We Can't Wait: A Conversation About Reparations With Human Rights Watch

    We’re excited to have you on board during this critical election year and thank you for already (re-)registering and requesting your ballot at www.votefromabroad.org. May you have a peaceful and healthy 2022!


    Candice Kerestan

    International Chair

    Pennsylvania voter in Germany