Cologne-Bonn Press Coordinator

Key Tasks:

Support the DAG Media Contact who is liaison between DA International Communications and DAG Chapter Chairs and Press volunteers. The main tasks for the volunteers at the chapter or precinct level are to:

  • Establish and/or “cleaning up” the DAG Media and Press Contact List at the local level
  • Do research (on line or by phone) to locate potential media or journalists in Germany who could be interested in DA, for example ones who have interviewed the Republican Overseas
  • Assist in writing DAG Press Releases
  • Help with DAG Press Release translation – English to German
  • Give input for the DAG Press page
  • Be trained and available to be a Surrogate Speaker (a core of 5-6 for Germany and not at chapter level).

Time Commitment: about 5 hours per week

Contact Person: Daniela Vancic,