Commonly Asked Questions - 2021 DACN NEC

1) I see my name on the candidate list, how can I confirm or withdraw my nomination? We emailed everyone that was nominated and you can respond to that email saying yes I accept or no I decline. Please respond to ALL to ensure we all receive it.

2) Is there anything else candidates need to do prior to the election? Candidates can email a statement if they would like to, but it is not required. 

3) How will the election speeches be handled at the AGM - how much time do candidates have and who will get to speak first? We will call on candidates in alphabetical order. Each candidate will receive 2 mins.

4) Do we want to do a special Zoom the night before for candidates to give their speeches or during the meeting? No

5) Is there early voting? N0 (there will be no early voting, as we will be taking nominations from the floor. Anyone who wishes to vote MUST be present at the meeting).

6) How will voting on the election day be handled? All DACN members will be emailed their democrats abroad ID 10 days before the election with a short explanation on how it will be used to vote on the day of the election. 

7) Will there be any live events in any of our constituent cities? No.

8) Will members nominated from the floor be given a prescribed and limited amount of time to make a statement? Yes, each nominee will receive 2 mins.

9) Will there be an opportunity at the meeting for members to ask questions of any and all candidates or will that all happen at prior scheduled forums only with candidates who filed? We will allow 2 mins for speeches and 2 mins for questions on the actual day of the election.

10) What's required for candidate statements? No more than 300 words

11) How long do people have to accept/decline the nomination? Up until the actual election date. 

12) Where are these candidate statements supposed to be uploaded to? We will upload them to the main Democrats Abroad China page on

13) Am I allowed to campaign in official Democrats Abroad China WeChat groups? No, candidates cannot campaign inside official DACN WeChat groups.