Complete Peace of Mind #DAresists #Medicare4all

When my family and I moved to Germany in 1972, we hesitated to go to the doctor, not convinced that it wouldn't cost us anything. But it didn't take long for us to become believers and appreciate the excellent coverage for everything from a cold or flu to checkups, operations, chronic conditions, including dental care, hospital stay, and prescription medications -- everything covered and at a reasonable cost. I would like to share just one example: When our son was just finishing his university studies, rheumatoid arthritis hit him with a vengence. It soon became clear that he would not be able to successfully persue a career in teaching as he had planned and he dropped out of college to concentrate of getting treatment. He was insured through the university, but as a non-student he needed to look for new health insurance. Although his "precondition" was obvious, whatever insurer he chose was obligated to accept him, That company has already paid out hundreds of thousands of euros for him, including two hip replacements and significant regular medication costs . There has never been any balking on the part of the health care provider whatsoever. Imagine what the situation would have been in America, trying to find a provider with that kind of precondition. But here in Germany he and the rest of the family enjoys complete peace of mind, knowing that whatever health issues come along, and there have been many through the years, we have nothing to worry about. Everything will be taken care of. And we look at what is currently happening in the US Congress regarding health care legislation and can only shake our heads and wonder. Unfathomable! Roy Lynn Pugmire Bremen, Germany