Count-Every-Vote Demonstrations

To protect our votes, Americans abroad need to draw attention to the importance of counting each and every one of them. 

We are asking all members to organize social distanced photo events around the world. Tell your voting story, and help raise awareness of who Americans abroad are as voters. Share your images on your social channels, and share your pics with us at [email protected]. Details below:  

Safety: Please be COVID cautious and follow all local regulations. If you are participating with others, please practice appropriate social distancing.

Organize a stand alone demonstration 

  1. Identify an iconic location near you, or a background that is clearly abroad 
  2. Print or make a sign (here are samples) and organize a selfie or portrait of yourself (or a group, location permitting) with the sign and the iconic location behind you.
  3. Go live on FB or Instagram and tell the story of why voting from abroad and ensuring your ballot counts is important to you
  4. Make sure you share your pictures and videos across your social channels - tag @demsabroad and add hashtags: #CountOurVotes #DAResists 
  5. Email your selfie pic to [email protected] and join our online demonstration

Sample Script 

  • My name is ____ and I live in ____ and vote in ____ . 
  • This year (talk about your voting experience, any challenges that you had, how you tracked your ballot). 
  • I followed the rules, I sent my ballot on time. 
  • I demand that my vote is counted and my voice is heard. 
  • Trump cannot call the election. 
  • We have a legacy of free and fair elections in this nation, and this election should be no different.
  • Count Our Votes! 

Tips for Pics and Video

  • Avoid standing with your back to the sun
  • Look directly at the camera
  • Hold the #CountOurVotes poster or place it on a ledge/wall/table so it’s visible in the image 
  • For videos, set up your camera in front of you and film (a selfie video is ok too)