Vice Chair, DA Spain Voting Representative, DA

I am a literary agent for multicultural writers based in Barcelona, but at times can be reached in London or even back Connecticut where I vote. A graduate of Columbia University with a focus on Islamic studies, I earned a BA in Comparative religion. After arriving in Barcelona I joined up with Democrats Abroad Barcelona and in 2017 became Secretary.  Also since 2017 I am on the organizing team of Women's March Barcelona.  The inhumanity and illegality of the Trump Administration’s "zero tolerance policy" toward immigrants and refugees triggered a new level of activism for me. For close to two years I have been organizing demonstrations, workshops and an active WhatsApp group with leaders in the US, Europe and Spain for a group now called Immigrant Justice Now. We have coordinated with our Barcelona chapter an emergency mobilization list of folks who turn up to respond the Trump’s crisis of the moment. The humanitarian crisis on the border has led to the incarceration of thousands of children in for-profit prisons, illegal and inhumane treatment (including torture) of asylum-seekers, and an unconstitutional State of Emergency in which Trump is diverting tax-payer money and US troops to fund white nationalist projects. This will only be stopped with a change in the White House. I look forward to mobilizing our members and our fellow Americans to bring change in 2020 as we did in 2018. 

I've lived abroad since 2005 when I left NYC to move to Edinburgh, then to London and since 2014 I've been based in Barcelona where I'm an independent literary agent.