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For media inquiries, please contact Tim Flannery, Chapter Co-Chair or +1 877-336-2008

Democrats Abroad K-W has a significant membership base that includes Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph, Elmira, Elora and surrounding towns. The Chapter’s mission is to ensure its members are informed about voting, Chapter and country events, and to foster opportunities to volunteer and engage with the Chapter directly and with Democrats Abroad Canada.  The Chapter offers various activities for its members including social gatherings, educational seminars and political events.

Watch this space for upcoming announcements of meetings and events - we have events planned throughout the year and encourage anyone interested in participating to get in touch.

Hundreds of American citizen volunteers across Canada are working to educate all eligible U.S. voters on their right to vote and how to get their ballots to vote in every election. That includes Canadians who were born in the U.S. and those born in Canada to an American parent(s), who therefore have the right to vote. Americans living in Canada CAN deliver the difference in close elections.

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If you have questions or would like to help with Democrats Abroad in K-W, please get in touch with us!

Democratically yours,

Tim Flannery & Adele Dobkowski, Co-Chairs
DemsAbroad - Kitchener/Waterloo

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