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  • published Democrats Abroad Statement on the US remaining in UPU in News 2019-10-02 12:24:14 -0400

    Democrats Abroad Statement on the US remaining in UPU

    "Democrats Abroad is relieved that the US has agreed to stay in the Universal Postal Union, but we remain vigilant,” said Julia Bryan, Global Chair of Democrats Abroad. “We will closely follow the situation as postal rate changes are announced. Due to the uncertainty of the impact of these price increases, we strongly encourage all US states to provide secure online ballot delivery options for their voters living outside the States."

    The 192 country members of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) have worked together to create a consensus solution designed to keep the US within the Union, and postal mail continuing to flow around the world. The compromise, named Option V for victory, includes phased in self-declared postal rates for larger member countries. United States representatives have stated that they will accept this option, thus maintaining postal service between the US and all other countries within the UPU. The impact on mailing to and from the US is not yet clear, as these rates have not yet been declared and will not be rolled out until the end of June next year. 

    In 2018, 67% of American voters abroad returned their ballots via postal mail, and nearly two in three were civilian voters. Democrats Abroad supported the majority of these voters through its ballot request tool (votefromabroad.org), phone banking outreach, and online help desk. 

    Bryan further stated, “Our voter protection team will continue monitoring voting abroad actions in every US state to ensure that we are ready to sound the alarm and stop GOP leaders when they purge voter rolls, attempt to block Americans from accessing voter information from abroad, or use other means to limit our access to the ballot box.”

    Democrats Abroad encourages all Americans abroad to register and request your ballot early every year, to use electronic delivery options if they're available, and to monitor your ballot status to be sure your vote is counted. Voters with questions or issues to report should reach out to gotv@democratsabroad.org.

    September 25, 2019

    More information on the UPU agreement: http://news.upu.int/no_cache/nd/upu-member-countries-reach-unanimous-agreement-on-postal-remuneration-rates/

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    Dems Abroad Lights for Liberty

    Thank you for joining with Democrats Abroad as we came together in support of the vigils held across the US on July 12. Lights for Liberty aims to shed light on what is happening at the US southern border and across the country: undocumented immigrants and asylum seekers being held in detention centers, facing inhumane conditions and continuing to be separated from their families.

    Looking for other ways to get involved? 


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  • published Happy Fourth! in News 2019-07-04 10:19:22 -0400

    Happy Fourth!

    “Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time.” Barack Obama, 2008.

    Those who fought for change generations ago knew this truth. We know it now. Working for change is our North Star, the reason Democrats Abroad volunteers do the work we do.

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  • published 2020 Democratic Primary in Our Party 2019-04-10 05:12:46 -0400

  • Agradecimiento a todas las personas que han contribuido a completar la Encuesta de Impuestos de No Residentes

    Democrats Abroad desea expresar su agradecimiento a todas las personas que completaron la Encuesta de Impuestos de No Residentes de 2019. La información recopilada se utilizará para abogar por reformas en el Congreso con el objeto de aliviar la carga de las obligaciones impositivas, bancarias y de información relativas a cuentas financieras y de valores, así como de otras leyes que discriminan específicamente a los estadounidenses que viven en el extranjero.

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  • published DNC Chair Tom Perez on Ralph Northam in News 2019-02-02 15:36:23 -0500

    DNC Chair Tom Perez on Ralph Northam

    DNC Chair Tom Perez released the following statement on Governor Ralph Northam:

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  • published Global Black Caucus Statement on NFL Anthem Policy in News 2018-06-01 07:16:29 -0400

    Global Black Caucus Statement on NFL Anthem Policy

    Last Wednesday, the National Football League announced a new policy requiring that, when “The Star-Spangled Banner” is played before games during the upcoming season, “all team and league personnel on the field shall stand and show respect for the flag and the Anthem.” Teams whose players kneel or otherwise fail to “show respect for the flag,” as the league’s statement puts it a second time, will be fined. It is counter-productive to demand respect for the flag while undermining the principles for which it stands.

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  • published Tiny Action: GIVE TO WIN needs your help! in Tiny Actions 2017-11-03 14:41:34 -0400

    Tiny Action: GIVE TO WIN needs your help!

    We are so grateful for advocacy work of our volunteers each week, standing together with Democrats Abroad to make a difference through our tiny actions.

    We are a party of volunteers, all living abroad, and we are made strong by each other. But volunteers are only one part of what makes DA tick. The other, not so obvious bit, are the tools that we use for phone banking, answering questions, reporting on news, advocating issues you care about, and finding the millions of Americans in the billion people we live among. Those tools and outreach efforts are not free, nor are they paid for by anyone except us.

    This week, help us GIVE TO WIN. 

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  • published FATCA campaign in Taxation Task Force Blog 2017-09-22 08:32:04 -0400


    Democrats Abroad supports strong policy that discourages and apprehends tax cheats.

    Congress passed FATCA to bring an end to illegal tax avoidance by Americans in the US who use overseas financial accounts to secret untaxed earnings out of the country.

    But Congress did not fully anticipate the impact the regulations would have on overseas Americans and we, therefore, are now burdened with a tax reporting obligation that treats us like suspected tax cheats and money launderers.

    Fortunately for overseas Americans, we can address the unintended adverse consequences of this important piece of anti-tax evasion legislation by reforming the regulations that implement it.

    Democrats Abroad, in collaboration with other organisations of overseas Americans, supports a Safe Harbor for Americans abroad from FATCA reporting, also known as the Same Country Exception, which, when added to the FATCA implementation rules, will preserve the original intent of FATCA to fight illegal tax avoidance by Americans using overseas accounts to hide assessable earnings from the IRS, but will alleviate the useless reporting by overseas-resident citizens and their banks of ordinary accounts used to pay bills and save for the future.

    Update March 2017 - Click here to view the Democrats Abroad FBAR/FATCA Task Force Report:


  • published Tiny Action for the week of September 13 in Tiny Actions 2017-09-13 07:53:35 -0400

    Tiny Action for the Week of September 13

    Climate change isn't a political issue. It's a reality. And while climate change doesn't cause hurricanes, scientists say it makes the impact of these devastating storms much worse.

    This week's Tiny Action: Tell Congress to support the EPA's biggest action ever on climate change – the Clean Power Plan. Template and tools to write directly to your MoC through the League of Conservation Voters, here: http://bit.ly/2h30Omi

    Looking for more ways to stay informed and involved? Check out our recent webinar with Karla Raettig, Executive Director of the Maryland League of Conservation Voters: https://www.facebook.com/DemsAbroad/videos/10155655894173899/

    If you've followed our monthly tiny action updates, you'll notice a few changes. Starting today, instead of receiving multiple actions once a month, we'll be posting ONE action, weekly. As always, our aim is to turn tiny actions into big results, so we hope we can continue to count on your help! Do you have suggestions for our next tiny action? Email us, info at democratsabroad dot org.

  • published Governor O'Malley and Robby Mook Visit Berlin in News 2017-03-21 18:47:39 -0400

    Governor O'Malley and Robby Mook Visit Berlin

    The Berlin Chapter of DA Germany had an exceptional treat this week. Both Former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley and former Hillary Clinton Campaign Manager Robby Mook were in town for an international conference, and agreed to attend a cocktail Q-and-A with local members. The Governor even played the guitar.

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  • Town Hall – Keith Ellison speaks to Democrats Abroad

    Keith Ellison spoke to Democrats Abroad in more than 75 countries during this global town hall. This event was made possible with small donations from donors like you. Please consider donating what you can so that we can continue to provide programs like this for Democrats living outside the U.S.

  • published DA Women Answer the Challenge in News 2017-03-08 01:52:59 -0500

    DA Women Answer the Challenge

    As the world celebrates International Women’s Day by reaffirming the basic human rights of women everywhere, many look to this year’s observances to be especially poignant in an increasingly hostile political environment.

    The Trump administration has put the concerns of American women in the line of fire, with women’s reproductive choices, access to healthcare, paid family leave, equal pay, and protection from sexual harassment all vulnerable and especially threatening for minorities and women of color.

    In the broadest sense, the new administration poses a threat to basic human rights. On a more nuanced scale, President Trump’s public comments have condoned a more permissible culture of misogyny.

    As a result, many American women are answering back not just with just increased awareness of these threats, but also an outpouring of activism. The Women’s March defied expectations for turnout not just in the United States, but in countries around the world, from London to Toronto, to Mexico City to Paris that held sister marches contributing to an overall attendance in the millions. The activity kicked off a resistance movement that is galvanizing women to take up more engaged acts of political involvement.

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  • published Poster Inspiration in Stuff to Share 2017-02-03 04:22:43 -0500

    Protest Poster Inspiration

    Looking for poster ideas? Check out the protest posters we find inspiring. Click the post title to see the collection. Have a poster to add to the collection? Send us your ideas at stufftoshare@democratsabroad.org


  • published Our Platform in Our Party 2016-07-14 13:46:59 -0400

    Our Platform

    The 2016 Democrats Abroad Platform

    2016 Democrats Abroad Platform (pdf)

    Democrats Abroad contribution to the Democratic Party Platform

    The 2016 Democratic Party Platform expresses a commitment to finding solutions to the problems FATCA and FBAR reporting cause Americans abroad. This committment was added after Democrats Abroad presented an amendment regarding FATCA and FBAR. The amendment was adopted unanimously by the DNC. 

    These few moments of CSPAN coverage of the amendment understate the many hours and years of work that went into drawing attention to the harm these financial account reporting requirements have caused us.  The work’s not done yet, but the problems are understood and the consensus exists amongst party leaders to solve them

    But FATCA reform is only ONE of the issues on our agenda for change (click here to download our IAAA Posters). Residence-based taxation is also high on our list of advocacy initiatives. So is Medicare portability, tax code recognition of foreign retirement savings plans, equalization of Social Security benefits for Americans abroad, access to Obamacare for Americans living and traveling abroad, simplified residency application procedures for relatives of U.S. citizens, amnesty for Accidental Americans, and so much more.

    While many issues remain to be addressed by US lawmakers and regulators, we believe that FATCA has opened the eyes of many of our Democratic Party colleagues to the serious problems caused by laws and regulations enacted without due consideration of their impact on the overseas community.  We have advocated strongly for a Commission to study these laws and regulations and make recommendations to Congress to remedy their unintended adverse impacts.

    With a Democratic administration and a Democratic legislature promoting a Democratic agenda we will make even more progress over the next four years on effecting the changes necessary to equalize the treatment of Americans abroad.

    We are pleased with the success of the process undertaken to prepare the platform - 

    • From the beginning of April 2016, a team of about 30 area experts and issues advocates updated the 2012 Democrats Abroad Platform, deleting obsolete planks, updating out of date planks and adding new planks.
    • A small but mighty group of editors with long-standing knowledge of Democrats Abroad and excellent editing skills prepared the draft for distribution to our members.
    • The edited draft was thrown open to Democrats Abroad members for comment during the 4th week of April.  Over 3,250 submissions were received.
    • A team of 2 dozen intrepid volunteers - some from the earlier volunteer group and some new volunteers - undertook the mammoth task of reading all those comments and further amending the draft.
    • Susan Vaillant of DA France-Strasbourg and John McQueen of DA Germany-Heidelberg master edited the mega document, which was then distributed to Democrats Abroad leaders a week before the Global Convention in Berlin.
    • In Berlin we succeeded in reviewing much of the platform across a 5 hour period, but that wonderful discussion carried on during 4 global Webex discussions held through the month of June and featuring participation by many dozens of DA leaders across all three regions.  
    • The document attached is the result.  Voting to ratify the final version of the Platform was held over a 48 hour period in which 97% of electors voted in favor of the draft.

    As we have noted many times, the 2016 Democrats Abroad Platform has literally thousands and thousands of Democrats abroad fingerprints on it - a fantastic, grassroots-driven initiative that has built a policy document we can all be proud of.

    The first section of the Platform outlines a wide range of matters that uniquely impact Americans living outside the United States.  A selection of the most urgently needed policy reforms is presented on this poster.  These are the issues that Democrats Abroad will continue advocate for in the months and years to come.

    Previous Democrats Abroad Platforms 





  • Humans of DA - Amy Dutailly

    Amy Dutailly - Co-Chair of the Youth Caucus in France

    story by Jonathon Holler

    Democrats Abroad depends on dedicated volunteers like Amy Dutailly, a seven year resident of Paris, France.  She's helping drive our 2016 outreach as a leader in the International Youth Caucus, and is a co-chair of the Youth Caucus in France.


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