DA Peru Intro

Welcome to Democrats Abroad Peru!

On behalf of Democrats Abroad Peru (DAPE), we want to thank you for your commitment and your personal efforts toward ensuring our Party´s victory in the 2020 presidential elections! At this volatile and violent time, this election is critical, and we must engage fully with at least two fundamental democratic principles:  getting informed and using our political voice to the best of our ability.

Though at times our distance from the United States may feel like a chasm, we can -- and MUST -- make a difference.  With the global presidential primary (GPP) election just around the corner, we have a new opportunity to cast our votes for the Democratic Party´s  nominee.  In this context, DAPE´s participation will play a key role in helping to decide the best candidate for our Party.  This is no small concern. Democrats Abroad will send 8 delegates to the Democratic National Convention, so your voice matters.

Soon we will be in touch with more details about our GPP activities to help ensure that you get your vote out on time.  For now, check our events page for upcoming activities and opportunities to participate.

Best wishes,

Leda (Chair)  Jessica (Secretary) and Monique (Treasurer)

Join DAPE at their monthly Debate Watch Parties – and other events - throughout the Primary season. Check here and on the Democrats Abroad Peru Facebook page for details and announcements - as well as timely articles and news from DA Global. 

Contact us at Info-Peru@DemocratsAbroad.org to let us know how you'd like to be involved!