Finding US Citizens Living Outside the US

Ways Democrats Abroad Members have learned about our organization or shared what we do:

  1. American Library
  2. Audience Question at a Public Lecture
  3. Comments in online ex-pat groups
  4. A conversation about traveling and visas
  5. Dating apps
  6. Debate Watch Party
  7. English section of a bookshop/English bookstores
  8. Facebook Groups
  9. Family Member encouraged me
  10. Flyer at ex-pat cafe
  11. International School high school students
  12. International School teachers
  13. Medical students, faculty, and staff
  14. Events/Groups
  15. Online Ad
  16. Overheard accent at locals-only locations 
  17. Study Abroad Programs
  18. Thanksgiving events
  19. Through work
  20. Tote Bag (VFA/DA) carried, approached by a citizen
  21. University faculty and staff
  22. US University Alumni Groups, you can find alumni around you via your university’s alumni services or via LinkedIn
  23. Voter Info Table at a market
  24. Word of mouth/friends